About us

Tjthyne.com is the official site of actor TJ Thyne, known for his role as Dr. Jack Hodgins on the FOX show Bones.

Our team is:

TJ Thyne username: tjthyne - Site owner-This is TJ's user on the boards, he owns the website and it is his official site and he does have knowledge about the users and what goes on here on the forum.

Sharon usernames: skftex or tjadmin - TJThyne.com website administrator and forum admin. She is the website designer, in charge of all content on the website, as well as general admin duties for the forums. She takes care of registration issues, password issues, and any other sort of technical problems.

Steph username: ThyneAlone - Forum Moderator - She is in charge of the forums. She approves posts for new users, can ban spammers, can move posts into the appropriate places, and moderates conversations and keeps things civil.

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