Birthday Greetings (even if late)

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Birthday Greetings (even if late)

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So Tj,
Hope you had a lovely birthday in Las Vegas, what ever happens there stays there :mrgreen:
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Re: Birthday Greetings (even if late)

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Hiya all,

yes I am late I know, blame work and PC not wanting to connect to Internet.
So TJ, just for you, a birthday cheer I made up:
Ready, OK!
Today's your day so scream and shout,
I hope that you had so much fun!
So on this day I wish you the best,
'Cause you are way above the rest.
Now all that's left for me to say;
Is "happy birthday" to you TJ.

Hope you all liked it, made it up myself (also have cheer for it, but running late for work).
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