Hi all - new mods

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Re: Hi all - new mods

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Great to have you back, Steph! Hope your trip was nice and not to stressful!

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Re: Hi all - new mods

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Hello out there: seemed appropriate to use the mod thread for an announcement, temporary I hope.

I'm accessing the site through my son's PC. At present we are having massive issues connecting with the Internet. There have been various difficulties, some with installing Sky broadband and some with the wireless card Sky gave us, which I suspect is faulty as it is not connecting to any network at present. We have already rung them 5 or 6 times over the weekend and tried all the troubleshooting they offered. So our machine may be off till we've sorted out the card, or whatever. Do not, therefore, worry if I'm conspicuous by my absence or infrequent appearance in the next few days. I'll be back asap. So if you have ideas for the site as the mods (soon to have admin powers too) and Sharon (ditto) remodel it, post or pm them to us all. We will be in touch!

Steph x
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