Bones 2.19/3.11 Player Under Pressure

Discussion of TJ's most popular venture to date!
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Re: Bones 2.19 Player Under Pressure

Post by ThyneAlone »

It'd better still be up when I get back from work - haven't had a chance to see it yet!
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Re: Bones 2.19 Player Under Pressure

Post by Sinkwriter72 »

So, Steph, did you view it yet? It's cool to watch their facial expressions, especially TJ's -- I hope someday we'll get to see a full version of those scenes, in which we can hear the actual actors' voices.
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Re: Bones 2.19 Player Under Pressure

Post by skftex »

Thanks sofi! That was really cool to watch.

I agree with everyone else, hope we get to hear it in their own voices sometime. I loved the expressions on TJ's face. I think I noticed them more because of the Spanish so I wasn't paying quite as much attention to the words as I sometimes do!

Thanks again Sofi, you are the best! :D
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