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Bones 11.15 The Fight in the Fixer

Posted: Sat May 28, 2016 8:59 pm
by Sinkwriter72
I just typed up a very long commentary about episode 14, so I'll try to keep this one brief. :D

I liked that Karen kept pushing Aubrey to read his father's file. I like her. I think she's quirky and funny, yet they don't push her too far over the top in the process. I liked her trying to analyze him (down to how often he uses food / donuts to deal with his stresses - *GRIN* I can relate, Aubrey, sad to say). And when he admitted he was already seeing someone, she didn't go all psycho on him. She just teased him about not wanting coffee, and eventually told him to get over himself when he thought she might still be into him. LOL.

Can I say that Wells the squintern drives me up a wall? I know he's super smart, but I think he's incredibly arrogant about it to the point of disrespectful to his own boss. I wanted to punch him for some of the stuff he said to Brennan about her daughter.

And I liked the loyalty Hodgins showed to Brennan, when he found out that it was her daughter’s report card. I still don't know why it took so long for them to figure out that the teacher might simply have run out of ink and used two pens. Come on. Brennan knows how to think through all possible scenarios. And beyond that, is there something wrong with simply calling the teacher and double checking? It feels like another situation where they force Booth and Brennan to be dumber than they really are as characters, just to create a "humorous" moment.

I felt bad for Hodgins, how desperately he seemed to want Angela’s forgiveness, how he knew / recognized finally how terribly he’d behaved. But at the same time I appreciated Angela saying that giving her gifts wasn’t necessary because she knew he was going through a really hard time.

And I like her friendship with Cam, talking over the hard stuff still going on between her and Hodgins. (And Cam was really funny, with the necklace, helping to nudge Hodgins back out into the world and joking about how she's going to enjoy wearing the necklace until it finally has to go back to the store.)

But I do wish once again that we’d see more from Hodgins’ personal point of view. We know he feels sorry and feels like crap for being mean to Angela and he's trying very hard to apologize (and apologize, and apologize) to Angela. We know he feels bad about Angela. But we don't get his perspective about HIMSELF and what he's going through beyond Angela.

We see Angela having all these conversations with Cam. Why don’t we see Hodgins having a conversation with anyone? With Booth? With Cam? With Wendall? With Brennan? Or Aubrey? ANYONE? BUELLER??

I know how Angela’s feeling. I want to know how HODGINS is feeling. He’s going through a lot too. I feel like his story isn't really being told. Given how few episodes we have remaining of this program, I feel disappointed because I've read how much work TJ has put into this role and especially this storyline, and how impressed the showrunners have been with him for it. So why don't we get to see more of that on the screen? I feel like they're watering it down and showing us only snippets. I feel like they're wasting what could be a phenomenal TJ performance. We see what he can do with so little, why not give him something meaty and real?