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Bones 11.19 The Head in the Abutment

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:55 pm
by Sinkwriter72
I don't have a lot to say about this one. :D I know that's surprising, because when I get on a roll, talking about a Bones episode, I tend to write a lot. ;)

But with this one, I just didn't feel like the episode had much for me to connect to. I didn't really care much about the case, I'm not a huge sports fan so I don't care about hockey (though it was nice to see Booth in his element, having fun with the hockey team), and I didn't feel like they did enough to emotionally connect me to the victim. It wasn't a bad episode; it was a "just fine" episode, you know?

The parts that I liked best - surprise, surprise - involved Hodgins. I thought his competitiveness with Oliver was pretty funny (though at times childish). I liked Aubrey pretending to yell at them (but Cam being smarter than that) and how Aubrey showed up both Hodgins and Oliver by impressing them with the high level of his own gamer status. And I liked that Hodgins "won," figuring out where the victim's head was, and flying it via homemade drone back to the lab. Actually, the flying of the head across town was pretty gross (and I called that someone in town was going to get traumatized by the sight of it, before the show even got to that scene with the little girl pointing to it in the sky). But I laughed when Hodgins took the head on a "victory lap" around the lab before expertly and very gently landing it on a special stand. (Even as I yelled at the TV screen, "Don't drop it, man! That's EVIDENCE!") Nevertheless, if ever there was a moment for him to call out "King of the Lab!" it was that moment. :dance: He even did a special flourish with his chair during the episode, as he spun around and wheeled out of one of the lab rooms. Nice style there, TJ. (LOL.)

Anyway, it was a fine episode, but nothing that really jazzed me up or made me feel emotionally connected. So there's really not a lot to say.

Just that TJ's still King of the Lab, and that's what counts. :romance-smileyheart: