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Bones 11.21 The Jewel in the Crown

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:31 pm
by Sinkwriter72
Another episode where I don't have a lot to say. :D

It was a fine episode; I liked the twists involving the French woman and how she was the victim but also a criminal, and I liked Aubrey's enthusiasm about getting the opportunity to work on a jewel heist caper/case. I also enjoyed Hodgins' repeated Pink Panther jokes, despite Brennan's inability to recognize what he was imitating.

Booth was a little annoying with his protestations when it seemed he might need to wear glasses. After all these years working with the "squints," why does he STILL have an objection to being anything like them? Or, as Brennan pointed out, what's wrong with looking smart? (I liked that Brennan thought he looked sexy in his glasses, temporary thought they turned out to be.) The idea that Booth still has an issue with looking or seeming in any way "nerdy" frustrates me. Where is his growth of character in recognizing the strengths of his colleagues and that there's value in being smart? Why is that something he would be embarrassed by? It seems like the writers just wanted to be funny, without thinking through where his character should be at this point in his career after 12 years working with the Jeffersonian. His continued disdain for the squints is highly unattractive and feels false to me.

I was amused by Hodgins' potential ghost side storyline. First of all, it was interesting to me when Daisy asked how a guy like Hodgins who believes in all sorts of conspiracy theories doesn't believe in ghosts, Hodgins reminded me that he is a scientist first and foremost, by pointing out he only believes in conspiracies when there is a kernel of science and truth to them. Science and potential scientific evidence is what drives his beliefs. So he doesn't believe in ghosts. (I still think that's suspicious because there are people who try to measure paranormal activity, so there's got to be some tiny measure of science involved - you'd think that would make Hodgins believe in ghosts. But perhaps it's not enough science for Hodgins to believe in.) At any rate, how interesting that his "ghost" turned out to be a phantom of a different kind. Instead of "phantom pains," which some paralyzed patients have claimed to feel, it was more of a phantom movement - Hodgins couldn't feel his muscles moving to accidentally kick a table, causing the strange disturbances around him, but Daisy believes he's getting some muscle spasms and that means he might have a chance to walk again. Interesting theory.

Though I wonder where they're going with it, because I thought his previous doctor insisted that was impossible. As much as I'd like to see Hodgins walk again, I would rather they keep to a realistic approach for his storyline. If the nerves cannot be rejuvenated or repaired, then I would be okay with Hodgins staying in the wheelchair. After all, there are many people who never walk again and they lead fulfilled lives regardless of being in a wheelchair. My cousin is one of those people -- he had a diving accident in his twenties, paralyzing him, and he's been in a wheelchair ever since. But he's gone on to get married, have two kids, and lead a full life. So... I think it would be nice to show that kind of representation by keeping Hodgins in that chair and show that he can still adapt and have a great life.

I guess we'll see what happens! I still have one more episode in this season to watch, and then I'll finally be able to catch up and start in on the new season as it airs. :dance: