Bones 12.02 The Brain in the Bot

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Bones 12.02 The Brain in the Bot

Post by skftex »

Not a lot to say about this one. I think it is was okay, just a standard episode of Bones.

Hodgins shaving his eyebrow off was funny, and I did laugh at the part where he stuck it back on later and he put it on his forehead instead. And when Hodgins and Daisy went out to the woods it was interesting to watch TJ moving that wheelchair through that terrain, it didn't look easy and you could see he was working yet he was moving.

The sex doll robots just boggle the mind and not something I want to think too hard about. Though I did laugh when the guy said if they talked like a woman, or at least like they want women to talk, they'd make millions. :icon-razz:

Brennan throwing herself a "surprise" birthday party was odd, but the party was nice.

I can't think of anything else that struck me with this one. Due to the President's speech I was glad I went ahead and recorded the local news that usually comes on afterwards because it did end up splitting and I'd have missed about 15 minutes of it otherwise.

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Re: Bones 12.02 The Brain in the Bot

Post by stargazer »

This was an average episode for me as well. I liked the funny eyebrow parts with TJ and it was really sweet what Brennan did for Daisy and Angela on her own "surprise" birthday party. I thought she was just being typical Bones by downplaying their achievements because she's a genius and they are clearly not, but I was pleasantly surprised in the end. Obviously, something is wrong with Max because he is definitely acting like his time is short. My guess is cancer, but with this show it could be anything. I'm sure we'll find out soon. :)
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Re: Bones 12.02 The Brain in the Bot

Post by Sinkwriter72 »

I'm one with you, ladies. I too thought this episode was pretty standard. The case was kind of convoluted, jumping from suspect to suspect. In the end, the killer just seemed kind of boring. (Though it was fun to see Max Adler (formerly the awful bully David Karofsky from Glee) as the killer!)

I thought at first the AI robot angle could be creepy / interesting, but in the end it was just a general tool like anything else. It was pretty funny to watch Booth and Brennan interrogate Ami though. :D

I liked the massive terrain map that Hodgins used to recreate the scene of the crime, especially when he managed to harness himself above it to keep working on it. That was pretty clever of him. (And had shades of Mission: Impossible - I would not be adverse to seeing TJ do some spy-style character who hovers in a harness and stops a bad guy.)

I confess I laughed at the eyebrow thing, mainly because all the characters in the lab started laughing and TJ was so funny in his Hodgins indignation, like, "Seriously, guys? Stop laughing! You told me it didn't look that bad!" Heeee. Poor Hodgins.

At first I thought Brennan was being a little too weird, planning her own surprise party, but in the end it actually seemed kind of fun because all the other characters were getting excited and nervous and curious about the party. So it seemed like it was fun for everybody - fun for Brennan to plan, and fun for them to wonder what was going to happen and how they should dress and prepare for the party. And I liked that she provided celebration cakes for Daisy and Angela. That was sweet. Especially because I was mentally preparing myself for Brennan to be disappointed and upset when Daisy got the NFL job, and have to face some sort of "I'm turning 40, now I'm not the smartest or most successful person in the room anymore" personal crisis. I'm glad they didn't go there. Brennan is plenty capable in her own right, and she can (and should) celebrate her friends' achievements with pride and joy.

In general, the episode was fine. But given that they only have 12 episodes for the entire final season, I would have preferred they use the time to do something a little more exciting and/or interesting for the characters.
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