Bones 12.06 The Flaw in the Saw

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Bones 12.06 The Flaw in the Saw

Post by skftex »

Okay well, the case in this one was dumb and I'm not even going to bother talking about it. However, I did like there was some Hodgins stuff.

First off, Hodgins being mean and making Fuentes search for the skull when the techs already had found it at the scene. :smile:

I also liked that Hodgins is trying to find a way to exonerate Zack since he now knows that Zack just confessed to the killing. My favorite part of that scene, with Angela where Hodgins had sent her a photo called crime scene, was once Angela figured out what Hodgins was doing, she immediately said, "How can I help?" Then after they discuss the things Hodgins was thinking, that there was too much blood and Zack would have been neater, they switch back to the current case and work together to find the crime scene.

I also have to say, later in the episode, when Hodgins is once again in Angela's office and he says ran the solid matter from the chain saw through the mass spec, and Angela asks what he finds, Hodgins says "Aphanomyces laevis, Lasiodiplodia theobromae, and Phialocephala virens." :icon-eek: :icon-surprised: And he says it soooooooooooo fast. I've always been impressed with TJ's ability to say these things but I do wonder how much time it took him to remember that and how many times it took to shoot that scene!

And Hodgins and Rodolfo playing with the saws. HA. I noticed Hodgins cuts through his log first, though I have no idea if they really were cutting through a log with a chainsaw or not. Maybe it was mostly done and they just had to finish it.

And the final thing, when Hodgins presents his findings about the microbial signature on the rib of the lobbyist to Cam, to prove it was not Zack that killed him, she actually thinks he would plant evidence. It really bothers me that she would think that as Hodgins has never tried to do that, yes, he removed the photo from the frame in The Man in the Mansion but the photo wasn't evidence, just the frame. And he must have been part of the initial case when they were looking at the lobbyist and after they knew Zack confessed surely they went back over everything and he STILL didn't plant evidence, so Cam has no reason to suspect he'd do so ever! In fact, Cam is more likely to create circumstantial evidence than any of the team, she even tried to do it before, like in The Girl in Suite 2103. I think Hodgins should be even more insulted than he was!

That is all I have to say on this one. Huge arc episode coming next week!
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Re: Bones 12.06 The Flaw in the Saw

Post by stargazer »

Halfway through watching this episode we had a pretty bad storm blow through and I lost my satellite signal. I will definitely be back to post more about it later when I'm able to find the whole episode to watch online. :D
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Re: Bones 12.06 The Flaw in the Saw

Post by Sinkwriter72 »

Alright, one more episode "review" and then I've got to get to bed!

I agree with Sharon - the case in this one was pretty "ehhh." Just okay, another general episode. But like with last episode, I found a lot of humor in it.

I chuckled at Christine's emphatic declaration at Booth: "I'm never riding a bike AGAIN!" Heee. So cute. And LOL at Brennan's "Now that she's had time to self-soothe, I'll go talk to my daughter..."

I also laughed out loud at Brennan's comment to Booth about how grossed out he gets about the bodies and still doesn't want to know the details while he's eating breakfast: "I'd think after 12 years you could handle a little viscera with your oatmeal." Haaaaaa! First of all, classic line. Secondly, no, Brennan, sometimes it's still too gruesome to see or talk about while eating. The F/X people see to that every week. ;)

Hodgins was also pretty funny. For shame! Using your wheelchair status to torture the Jeffersonian staff. (Heee.) Also, you couldn't pay me enough to dig through all that disgusting stuff in that tank. Afterward I would need 10 decontamination showers, at the very least! EWWWW!

No offense to the actress playing the victim's girlfriend, but... I didn't buy that she was in love with Phyllis. Her grief seemed a touch over the top, maybe even a little fake. Obviously we do find out that she did love the woman, and was furious to find out her girlfriend had been cheating on her, but still... she didn't play that interrogation scene well. I didn't believe her.

I'll admit, after that obnoxious kid tried to run away from Booth and Brennan at the logging event (and climbed up that tree super fast, wow!), I laughed pretty hard at Booth and Brennan each taking a turn torturing him when he confessed he wanted the questioning over with so that he could run to the bathroom. (Brennan: "That's because you chugged that 24 ounces of beer so fast... sending signals to your urethra..." And then Booth running the water in front of him. LOL. Mean but funny.)

I was also entertained by Aubrey savoring and analyzing the pancakes, noting the hint of something smoky like bacon and knowing that it had been cooked with butter, rather than something more synthetic. Heeee. Too bad the killer ended up being the guy who made those delectable pancakes. YUM. Usually French toast is my jam, but every once in a while I can say "Yes, please" to pancakes. :dance:

And we have a new "King of the Lab" statement! What was it Hodgins said? Something about "King of the plant graveyard"? Or "King of the plantin' graveyard"? Either way... cute.

I'm glad that Hodgins and his colleague got to play with chainsaws, but those machines still freak me out, so I was cringing a little at them firing them up. I'm always worried someone's going to get hurt. (And lo and behold, someone DID. I'm glad we didn't see it happen. Yeeesh.)

I have to protest the treatment of Brennan as a character in this episode... yet again, she's written as if she doesn't have a clue how to be respectful or empathetic when someone is mourning. I hate when they try to fake humor that way, as if it's funny that Brennan's clueless and says "There, there" to comfort a person grieving the loss of her girlfriend? It's stupid! She's not that clueless. We've seen her be wonderfully empathetic to people who are suffering. Why must they push this "humorous" behavior on her, as if she doesn't know how to act? By this point, she knows full well how to act, and how to comfort. It drives me nuts when the writers or showrunners take the cheap way out with her character, pushing her one way or another just for "humor."

For the scene between Cam and Hodgins... holy crap! I'm with Sharon. That was totally out of line for Cam to say. Hodgins would NEVER do such a thing! Never. He's "pure science" all the way. He would never tamper with evidence, even if it meant helping exonerate Zack. He would just look harder for more information, more proof. He would stay up all night searching for it. But he would never tamper or falsify evidence. For her to accuse of him of that was pretty mean. Poor Hodgins looked SO hurt by that, and I don't blame him one bit. (Nicely played, TJ.)

Final thoughts... I can't believe they didn't let us see David and Emily go for a "swim," falling off the log in that final logrolling scene. Come on! Where's the fun in that? ;)
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Re: Bones 12.06 The Flaw in the Saw

Post by omelette73 »

I was SO mad at this episode, still am, and I agree with you guys, why on earth Cam would say something like that to Hodgins? I mean, Hodgins did something arguable when he stole evidence to frame the Gravedigger back in season 4, but tamper with evidence? Are you serious? That's a huge accusation, and something awful to say to a fellow scientist. It is so unethical that I can't understand how she would even think that he would be capable to do so. Huge "no, no, no".
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