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Bones 12.08 The Grief and the Girl

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:12 pm
by skftex
Mostly all I have to say about this one is how they promo'd this one vs. what actually happened. People were so, so, so angry that they'd bring Sully back and they made it look like he was actually there to cause problems for Booth and Brennan, which got the fangirls hot under the collar. It was funny, because it turns out the whole Sully thing was so basically sweet and wasn't anything to get upset about. Which people should have known. Apparently Brennan and Sully kept somewhat in touch since Brennan knew he had a girlfriend that plays a musical instrument. Anyway, I did think it was interesting that they have Sully say he knew how things were going to turn out with Booth and Brennan so he didn't want to think about her not choosing him. Then at the end of the episode all the fangirls should be happy because they get Booth and Brennan to say I love you. Aww. :roll:

The funeral, I'm sorry but I cannot imagine any scenario where Russ could not make his father's funeral. I don't know what it is that they always make excuses not to have that character show up. The actor isn't available? They don't want to recast? They can't afford another actor? After the way they had the character so loyal to Max back when Max was killing people, it is so very strange that he just can't come to a funeral, as if his schedule is just TOO busy and/or he has to work or something. Even money shouldn't be an issue as Brennan surely could get him there so he can be at a FUNERAL?? No matter how much pride you have you'd think you'd be willing to accept help to attend your own father's funeral.

The case wasn't that interesting to me, as they let it get lost in the search for Vikings and the whole Sully/Brennan/Booth thing. Hodgins again all shaved up. Interesting. He didn't get as excited about the Vikings as I expected.

4 left but no episode for us in the US next week because the State of the Union :scared-eek: is Tuesday. But episode 9 has some Hodgins stuff, so at least we have that in 2 weeks!

Re: Bones 12.08 The Grief and the Girl

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:11 am
by ThyneAlone
Was never convinced by the Sully arc. The possibility of him getting in the way never occurred to me even back then. I found the Hannah sidebar more interesting tbh. I'll be interested to see how they've developed him though.

Re: Bones 12.08 The Grief and the Girl

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:33 pm
by Sinkwriter72
This is the last of the Bones episodes I'm able to see for now, since I don't currently have access to TV in real time. I have to wait a week for the episode to air on the FOX website, in order to access it. So the March 7 episode is one I have to wait to see next week.

I don't have a ton to say about this episode. I didn't believe for one second that Sully would get in the way of Booth and Brennan's relationship, but I did worry that maybe the reason Brennan was pulling away from Booth and pushing him to go to Canada for the case was maybe because deep down a tiny part of her blamed Booth for her father's death. I was glad she and Angela talked and she expressed that that was not actually the case, that the real issue was that she needed to be able to stop worrying about him and everyone else for a little while. That seemed understandable, and I was glad for the conversation she and Booth had when he got back from Canada.

The case itself was pretty mild and didn't hold my interest a ton, but I liked Hodgins' enthusiasm for trying to find the right cliff and landing point, and I liked Clark being so into the Viking aspect - it reminds me that they do more than solve FBI cases at the Jeffersonian. There was a time when the larger part of Brennan's work was anthropology, not forensics. So it was cool to see Clark getting excited and forming an excavation team, and being all "YAY! Vikings!" LOL. This is part of what they do, and why they love it, the discovery of fascinating civilization evidence, etc., so it's cool when the show acknowledges that.

As for Sully... it was nice to see him, and nice to see the easygoing relationship he still has with Brennan. (Side note: for some odd reason I was delighted to see them chatting up in the Jeffersonian lounge area - we don't see that space very often.)

Also, kudos to the writer for a tiny detail - seconds after Clark started grilling Cam about Sully, I said, "That's out of character for Clark, he likes to be very professional, NO gossip," and then a few seconds later Cam expressed the same surprise about his inquiry. Ha! Nicely covered, writer.

Random amusement: I like that they kept the detail that Sully wanted to open his own sandwich shop, and he ended up doing just that, even naming sandwiches after Booth and Brennan. "Tempe Tempeh." Heeee. Cute.

Random surprise moment: it took me a scene but I finally realized that I knew the guy playing the father of the girl who accidentally had a hand it getting the victim killed. It's Greg Evigan, from My Two Dads! Wow. Long time, no see. I see from his resume on IMDB that he's been on a lot since My Two Dads, but not on anything I've watched, so I haven't seen him on TV since the late 80's. It was an amusing surprise to recognize him.

Random complaint: it's been two full episodes since Cam accused Hodgins of tampering with evidence on the Zack case, and I've seen nothing that shows they ever talked it through. It's as if it never happened, even though Hodgins seemed VERY hurt that she made such an accusation. I would have liked at least ONE scene reference to it in one of these episodes; otherwise, it makes no sense to see Hodgins behaving in a relatively genial way with Cam in subsequent scenes. Wouldn't there be some awkwardness, or potentially snide remarks from Hodgins about how he hopes she doesn't think he's tampering with other cases, or just general quiet between them? Where's the follow-through for something that big? A discussion, an apology from Cam, something. It feels like a small bomb that went off and was never addressed ever again. We haven't even heard them mention Zack's case since then, have we? So I think they dropped the ball on this point, and that bothers me because I want things to make sense, and for TJ to get to do all the wonderful things.

Overall, the episode was just fine. Brennan's tribute to Max was lovely and heartfelt. (See, writers, Brennan can do heartfelt - is this the same woman you still claim can't comfort someone else except with a hollow "There, there"? *sigh*) And I'm glad that Booth was able to be at the funeral and that he and Brennan talked in the end. Those were some solid character and relationship moments for the two of them, and I appreciate that a lot.

Re: Bones 12.08 The Grief and the Girl

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:55 pm
by skftex
Sherry, you will see some of the things you complained about talked about in the next episode.

Not that it is really Bones related but Greg Evigan is in my mind always BJ and the Bear. Which I realize shows my age a bit. :eusa-whistle: :smile: