Bones 1.05 A Boy in A Bush

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Bones 1.05 A Boy in A Bush

Post by English Al »

A great episode despite the poor boy :cry:

A great episode for TJ and it brought the character of Jack to life. The scenes about the tux and finding out his wealth are great comedy. We even see Jack and Angie getting closer, slowly but surely.

I find it hilarious that Zack lives above the garrage and hasn't seen the main house, yet doesn't bat an eyelid to that fact. What a great mind.
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Re: Bones 1.05 A Boy in A Bush

Post by jordle »

Definitely one of my favourites of the earlier episodes. We really see a different side to Jack in this ep.

I, too love the part when Zack is explaining where he lives. I love how he's never considered how much Jack is worth - even though he has 12 cars and a boat!!!

It's amazing how much I notice between Jack and Angela now that I know they get together.
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Re: Bones 1.05 A Boy in A Bush

Post by Ellen »

I laughed at that part! Zack hadn't seen the main house because it was blocked by the tennis courts and across from the pool, or something to that extent. :D
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Re: Bones 1.05 A Boy in A Bush

Post by skftex »

I already know this is one of my favorites from season 1.

Book sales must have been really good if they give away cars! Did we ever see Brennan’s car again? I don’t really remember seeing it again.

You mean two-dimensional. One-dimensionality exists only in theory as a mathematical value. :D I’m going start telling people that when they say one-dimensional now! AND I need to figure out what in the world they are talking about as far as the mathematical value thing. ;) Ironic that the cop comes across as very “one-dimensional” in this scene!

Booth knows how to fix video games. Cool.

Hodgins is NOT happy about the party. I like Zack, all he cares about is the kind of food there will be at the party. HAHAHA Hodgins is not happy about the party. I like Zack, no one wants to go, but he doesn't seem to have any problem with it if they have food he likes! Hodgins doesn't care about parking or feet!!! :laughing-rolling: And there is the rubber band for the first time. :romance-smileyheart: By the way, because it hasn’t shown up in a while I asked TJ if he is still wearing it and I got this as a reply:


Funny I asked via e-mail, and he sent that via text so I get this photo and on my small phone I'm wondering at first, what in the world, who is sending me a picture of their hand? HAHAHA My phone sometimes when I receive a text with a photo I can't see right away who the text is from...cracked me up when I figured out it was TJ on the set and answering my question about still wearing it.

Branch Davidian wasn’t in Waco. It was at least 20 miles outside of Waco. Sorry it annoys me when they say that! I think it’d be really hard to work on a small body like that and Zack is understandably upset, and Brennan actually offers something to help him.

I like the scene with Hodgins and Angela, where she snaps the rubber band.

Booth says Angela is one of them, the squints, and she says she was normal prior to doing the job. But really she must have gone to school or something to be a computer expert like she is; she writes programs like mass facial recognition programs. The ability to do that makes you a squint-even before the job! I also like the scene where Brennan talks to Angela thinking she wants to leave the Jeffersonian. “I’m an artist; I used to draw naked guys. Now I draw dead guys.” Can’t she still draw naked guys?

I wish we’d been able to see Hodgins large house with the antique cars and the boat and the tennis courts and huge garage apartment. But no such luck. One of “those” Hodginses makes it sound like there are a lot of them. “Fight coercion in all its forms, you don’t write the book, I don’t go to the banquet. Solidarity.” In case anyone wants to know why I say Solidarity a lot, it is this and also an episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai says "Solidarity sister!" LOL

I don’t understand the prosecutor’s thinking there would be sides in something like this. If Sean had killed Charlie there’d be something extremely disturbing about it, so there is no reason to have that sort of attitude, it doesn’t help anyone especially the children she apparently prosecutes.

Cracks me up when Angela asks Hodgins if Zack is from another planet and Hodgins says “Oh come on, that one’s obvious.” HAHAHAHA TJ does a really good job (I know, not really that surprising) when he is telling Angela he doesn’t want to be anyone’s boss, and to respect it, then the sad face as she walks away. Then he looks shocked when Brennan walks up and asks about Angela. I LOVE the things TJ can convey with just his facial expressions, it is amazing! Yeah! Just let him be Jack Hodgins who works in the lab!! He wants to work with bugs and slime!

Emily Deschanel does a good job in the scene where she talks to Sean and gets him to tell who killed Charlie. It is a side of Brennan we didn’t ever get to see much, even now. Then Booth makes sure that he keeps her word about the boys go back to Margaret.

Zack is wearing a tuxedo that looks like someone wore to a prom in the 1970’s. Booth does something nice for Hodgins by getting Hodgins out of going to the party. Yay! I wonder what was in that bag, it looks like marijuana! I do still wish there were more Hodgins/Booth scenes these days, so very rare.

Brennan knew Booth would back him up because he wants to go to heaven. Interesting, because how does Brennan not being a liar aid Booth at all in getting to heaven? Besides, do Catholics believe they can get to heaven via good deeds? They don’t believe in God’s grace? Not being Catholic I’m not sure about that.
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Re: Bones 1.05 A Boy in A Bush

Post by Sinkwriter72 »

This episode is the one that sealed the deal for me. After I saw it, I said, "I'm in." The previous four episodes were generally entertaining and/or funny, but with this one, I wanted to keep watching this show and what would happen with its characters. I felt emotionally invested in all of them, big time.

"A Boy in a Bush" is a good episode all around. Good case, effective emotional stuff, good character stuff for all the characters from Booth and Brennan to the squints and the secondary case characters. Lots of terrific scenes between characters. Not just between Booth and Brennan, but both leads with the squints. Hodgins with Angela, Brennan with Zack, Brennan with Angela, Booth and Angela with Hodgins... This also showed Brennan relating to the foster kids in a way that was nicely showing, not telling. And the case is gut-wrenching. The writers and actors really went for it all around.

Some comments about various parts of the episode:

Those students who only cared about how much money Brennan made from her book and how she got an agent (clearly so they could do the same) are a bit rude. When Sharon and I did our rewatch of this episode, I said, "That would be like us asking TJ how much money he makes per episode instead of, you know, asking him about the episode itself and the CREATIVE WORK HE DID in it." I mean, are these students really fans of her work, or are they just going to the seminar for monetary reasons? If it's the latter, that's pretty lame, I say.

When Booth tells her the case involves a missing kid, I always hated the way Brennan looked at the picture and said, "Oh. A child." I always felt like she sounded kind of blasé. Or maybe robotic is a better word. I wonder if that was a purposeful choice on Emily's part, because it's Brennan and she's a bit detached, or if she was actually going for Brennan's version of sorrow. ;) Either way, I thought it missed the mark just a little. I didn't believe she was truly invested. Not at that moment, anyway. Later in the episode, when she talks with the foster kid, then you can REALLY tell that she cares very much. I think that's why this part seems so strange to me. Because she shows us this incredible depth of emotion later in the episode, yet this scene she seems like "Oh, a child," as if she's saying, "Oh. It's a rock." :eusa-think:

I love the consistency that Angela is really disturbed by this aspect of the job.
 And I love how Hodgins was so grave. 

TJ played it really nicely. Each character is greatly affected by the case and the fact that it's a murdered young boy. It's very disturbing, and the writers and actors give the case the gravity it deserves.

In retrospect, I always liked that expression on the neighbor kid's face when Booth says, "We always figure it out." It's like the kid figures, "Yeah, right, no one notices what my dad does to me, you'll never notice either." But at this point in the episode we as viewers don't know what look means yet. We might just think he's scoffing at Booth's bravado, like yeah, sure, man... cops always say they'll catch the bad guy, but sometimes they don't. Anyway, it's a nice touch. (And a sad one, in hindsight. That poor kid probably felt all alone, like no one noticed what his dad was doing to him. It's so awful.)

There are some terrific scenes between the leads and other characters throughout this episode. Between Brennan and her team, for example.

I really like the scene between Brennan and Zack. I like that they're finally explaining her cold logic behavior in a way that isn't forced. And I like her talking like this, teaching Zack how to apply it to the work. It's showing instead of telling, having her instruct him in this way, to teach him how to compartmentalize, because working on kids' bodies is harder. Suddenly her behaviors made sense to me. I liked that, when I first saw it. I found it effective, and I liked her better this way. It made a difference in how I saw her as a character, her explaining this approach she takes in order to be able to do her job when it's really emotionally difficult.

I love the scenes between Angela and Brennan, talking about how difficult the case is, how heart-breaking it is to deal with. I thought it was a really nice touch, seeing repeatedly how this kind of job takes its toll on Angela and sometimes she struggles to stay with the Jeffersonian because of it.

It's funny when Booth calls Angela a squint. Heee.
 He's seeing her in a new light: "You're one of them!" And I'm amused that I actually know what Angela means by 640 pixels... oh no, maybe I'm a squint too! ;)

I notice they also hold onto the secret that Booth has a kid. They could have gone a more typical route and used it in this episode to show why this case is upsetting for Booth, because he has a son, but instead they show him being affected and of course we understand why on a general level because we all find it upsetting, but for now, in this episode, we don't know that there's the deeper reason why. They save that information for the Xmas episode. Nice work, writers!

Curiosity question: I wonder if Booth's scar (the one he shows to one of the foster kids) is a real one for David Boreanaz. Where's the appendix? Lower right abdomen, I thought. Is that an appendectomy scar? Or Sharon thought maybe it was from his rough and tumble hockey games. I don't think they've ever showed it again on the series, have they? Does anyone recall?

The final scene between Brennan and the foster kid Sean is an excellent scene for Emily. A terrific Brennan scene. It's just SO sad all around. The kid actor did a great job, too. Really got to me.
 When Brennan talks with him and he admits who did it, I cry every time.

Side note: I love the trust Brennan puts in Booth during that scene, swearing that Booth will find a way for Sean and his brother to get back together with their foster mother Margaret. And I love Booth's "oh man" reaction and his insistence that they find a way to make it happen. It's all very powerful.

Speaking of powerful... sometimes they overdo using the montages and they start to feel a little pointless, but back in the early days they had a point. Like in this one: I love all the details, Zack's hand shaking as he places the jaw bone into the casket, Angela and the sketch, the poor neighbor boy and his mom, Hodgins... all very effective in tying up the final details involving the boy's case.

And in the end, a good Booth/Brennan scene. David is funny here, as Booth, admitting he told Brennan a lie about how to park her new car. His laughing makes me laugh. :D

That was the "A" story... now for the "B" story, involving the wonderful Jack Hodgins. :romance-smileyheart: At last, something juicy and interesting about Hodgins that we didn't know! I love this glimpse into his life. It stirs up so many questions and lays an intriguing foundation for him as a character. GREAT stuff.

After I saw this episode, I wanted to know so much more about him. I like that the writers showed these kinds of details and started to really build stories for each of the squints. They're important too, and I want to know more. In fact, I loved how they built up this mystery about Hodgins throughout the episode, why he was so against going to the banquet. His anger and frustration were intriguing.

I love TJ in this episode so very much. He makes interesting acting choices, he draws you in and makes you want to know what on earth is going on with Hodgins. And once we start to see the information unfolding, a picture starts to form about him that we hadn't imagined. It makes him different. It makes him stand out. It makes you want to know more about what his life was like as a kid, growing up in this extremely wealthy, private family. Did it make him want to rebel? Is that why he's so resistant to corporate power and politics, because it feels like the life his family wanted him to take on but he never wanted to lead? It's so thought-provoking!

I just love his defiance throughout the episode, arguing with Goodman, telling him unequivocally that he is NOT going. "I"m not afraid of parking or feet." LOL! :D

And as Sharon pointed out, it's the first appearance of the green rubber band! Ow. I hope they didn't have to film him snapping it that many times. TJ's poor wrist. :D Not only does he keep snapping it, but so does Angela, later. (Another question for TJ! *GRIN*)

Angela, Zack and Booth... another good scene. It's great to see these team-related scenes, where they interplay with one or both of the two lead characters. And I love that detail, that Zack lives above Hodgins' garage. It's another piece of the puzzle for both Zack and Hodgins as characters. It creates such an open door for questions about who they are as people and what life might be like, the two of them living in such proximity. And I crack up when Booth starts laughing and says, "He's your boss!"

TJ's acting in the scene where he snaps at Angela to respect his not wanting to be anybody's boss is wonderfully subtle. He could play the role over the top, but instead he's so excellent. He's natural.

I admit, I fell in love with Hodgins a bit in this episode. :D I loved his honesty. I love the scene where he confesses his secret to Booth and Angela, explaining why he lives the life that he does, separate from all the chaos of the elite life, and why he loves the work that he does, and why he wants it to stay private. It's a powerful plea, and TJ plays it really well. I truly felt for Hodgins and wanted Angela and Booth to help him. I was so glad that in the end they did.

Some favorite quotes:

Booth's line when he offers up an idea and Zack expresses how impressed he is: "I'd say thanks, you know, if you didn't make it sound like some kind of miracle." LOL, Booth.

Oh oh oh! This is the episode with Goodman's speech about Angela!! I love it.
 In describing her job, he speaks it like poetry. It's a terrific moment for Goodman and Angela. Really sweet.

And my favorite funny scene of the episode, which has two of my favorite lines:

HODGINS: I recognize that look.
HODGINS: You’re writing another book. When you write, you get this stunned look on your face like you stuck a fork in a toaster.

Yay, the fork in the toaster line! :dance:

And then this one...

BRENNAN: They gave me a car.
HODGINS: Nice. Who?
BRENNAN: My publisher. Now I feel like I have to earn it by writing another book.
HODGINS: Fight coercion in all its forms. You don’t write the book, I don’t go to the banquet. Solidarity.

Heee. I still quote "solidarity" and think of TJ because of the way he said it in this episode. It's just so funny. Truly my favorite funny part.

Definitely a standout episode, all around. So many good scenes, and it's not like more recent seasons where things are so Booth and Brennan oriented that they sometimes forget to have meaningful scenes between the leads with other characters. As I said above, I love the stuff with Jack, Angela and Booth, or Brennan and Angela, or Hodgins and Angela, or Brennan and Zack... so well-rounded and emotionally effective.

It feels like a true team episode, too. Everyone is deeply involved in the case, and even though there's also that side story with Hodgins, the entire episode is connected very well from start to finish, with both the main story and the secondary stuff. It's very well done.

We'll have to rate our favorites when we reach the end of season 1. This one's definitely up there for me. But there are many more good ones to go, so I'll reserve my "final Season 1 Favorites list" for another day! :dance:

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