Hodgins and Zack's best experiments.

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Hodgins and Zack's best experiments.

Post by Ellen »

I thought this would be fun to writ about. :D
I like one in season 2 where Zack said he calculated that the explosion wouldn't go through the wall they were standing behind, then it goes off and Hodgins and Zack are lying on the ground with the window smashes and smoke everywhere. :D
Has to be my fave!
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Re: Hodgins and Zack's best experiments.

Post by begolden »

Great thread!

For mine, I'll go with the classics: frozen pig in the woodchipper. Flying pig chips and Angela's expression--priceless.
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Re: Hodgins and Zack's best experiments.

Post by Nelbel »

My favorite was the wood chipper too. I also liked when they inflated that head in Boneless Bride. Many people thought that was gross. :D I've always wondered if Zack would have known that the turkey that hit Angela would bounce. :D
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Re: Hodgins and Zack's best experiments.

Post by TJ4ever »

Yeah, the pig in the wood chipper was the first thing that came to my mind, too! Great!
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Re: Hodgins and Zack's best experiments.

Post by brooke34 »

The scene I'm thinking of isn't really an experiment, more of a reenactment, but it was the bit in "The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House" where Jack and Zack were demonstrating how the chef was murdered. The whole thing was funny, but the part where Jack grabbed Zack by the arm, yanked him down onto the floor and started dragging him around, excitedly hypothesizing all the while, just killed me. Especially Zack saying wearily, "I don't think this is really necessary..." I loved that.
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Re: Hodgins and Zack's best experiments.

Post by River Tempest »

Yeah I've gotta go with the frozen pig, Goodman was not amuzed. lol :lol:

And of corse the whole sudden explosion was great, the way we go to Angela and Cam and suddenly boom lol it was like watching Pippin and Merry play with gandalf's fireworks :lol:

I liked the racing beetals, when Jack complains his one has a strained groin. lol

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Re: Hodgins and Zack's best experiments.

Post by kayleigh_marie »

I agree. I enjoyed the pig in the woodchipper.
And I thought it was hilarious, watching the episode with the frozen turkey, because all I could think before they dropped it was, 'it's going to bounce!'
And wondered why Jack didn't know that.
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Re: Hodgins and Zack's best experiments.

Post by Iloveboneslots »

Yeah I love the pig one,
and the one were they make a huge explosion in the lab
and then you see cam and angela jump, and run in
ahaha good times...gooood times.
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