Bones 4.07 The He In The She

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Re: Bones 4.07 The He In The She

Post by Ellen »

I totally agree with you, Simone! :D
I hope they do end up together again...because if they are going to get back together, i think it will be really interesting to watch them gain each other's trust back again, and re-realize, if you will, how much they care for one another.

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Re: Bones 4.07 The He In The She

Post by TJ4ever »

That would be really great to watch! :D
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Re: Bones 4.07 The He In The She

Post by ThyneAlone »

I've just been watching a rerun of this on Fox TV. How odd, looking back with the perspective of 10 years later! When we talked about this originally the focus was all on Vincent as the new intern, accents, the way Angela and Hodgins respond to one another. And a little bit about the positive theme of redemption through transformation, the surface persona being merely the dust jacket beneath which we need to look, and Brennan's tenet of 'swim with a buddy'', which might be interpreted beyond the literal as emphasising the importance of friendship and unity.

In this new era of sensitivity and awareness I can't help feeling we would concentrate more on the issue of transgender. Some of the material here might be considered offensive these days; the humour playing around confusion of pronouns, the reference to a 'real woman' (which Sweets of course does pounce on as a dubious nomenclature), the disgust at Brennan's matter-of-fact description of the surgical process...and then there are the religious standpoints ripe for discussion (is this a sin against God who created us all in his likeness ie an abomination, or is it something that can be loved and welcomed according to the inclusive teachings of the New Testament?).

Very interesting to view the changes in public perception which have emerged over a decade!
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Re: Bones 4.07 The He In The She

Post by Daniela »

Oh wow, that´s so true! The view on gende topics have changed so much in the past 10 years. Some of the things they say in the episode wouldn´t be possible anymore today with some people calling it inappropiate. I have to confess that I haven´t thought about it back in the day as well. The development of our society and how we step by step see things differently is clearly visible.
BTW Germany has just classified a third gender "divers" (diversity) a few weeks ago, which is official now. Maybe in another 10 years people wonder why it hasn´t been classiefied like that in the show.
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