Bones 4.17 The Salt in the Wounds

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Re: Bones 4.17 The Salt in the Wounds

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ThyneAlone wrote:Yes, that Steven Moffat 2-parter 'The Empty Child' and 'The Doctor Dances' - classic S1 NuWho. It did make the very word 'mummy' scary. Actually I think that is the sign of good classic horror. Taking a security blanket and poisoning it.

Yep, those are the episodes! :D Great story, verrrrry creepy. And you're right about them taking something seemingly innocent (like a child looking for his mother) and making it bizarre and sinister and spooky.

And hey, those episodes also had a character named Jack! ;) (Both colorful and unusual in their own ways, though I think Captain Jack is definitely in a category all his own. I love that guy.)

ThyneAlone wrote:Another one of those episodes where I cry at the end because of the parent/child references - I do that in Bones episodes where a child is involved, but only where it seems realistic. The kids in the boarding school who murdered their schoolmate and the creepy little girl who killed her 'manny' didn't move me, they were so cold.

*nods* That's definitely something I feel has been missing from episodes lately, the sympathy factor when it comes to the team working on cases. No one's really been connecting with the victims (or the killers) anymore; the kids who killed people haven't been sympathetic characters (you provided excellent examples of that above) and didn't really seem to have even a modicum of remorse (which was disturbing, and also kind of lazy writing, in my opinion); and as a viewer it's been tough to connect to the stories when a lot of it is treated as overly silly comedy instead of with the sensitivity and true drama it warrants.

So while I felt this episode started out doing the same (too much comedy, or comedy in the wrong places) and I didn't like the way they wrote the teenaged girls, I did appreciate the way the episode wrapped up in the end.

ThyneAlone wrote:I want to thank you for reading and commenting so thoroughly. And I love that you understand all my random references, from the Bible to BtVS and beyond. If you hadn't noticed, :roll: lol, I do tend to relate my reviews to my other literary and artistic experiences.

Absolutely, anytime, Steph! I love reading your commentaries, and I have never thought you were being pretentious. :think: Come to think of it, that's been a fear I have had about my own posts. Why do we do that to ourselves? Assume that because we like to discuss and analyze and delve deeply into a subject, that there's something wrong with us? Or that we might offend someone? For what, having a brain and enjoying using it in this manner? *shakes head* It's so silly, isn't it?

Anyway, your posts always make me think about the happenings of the episode in a deeper way, oftentimes causing me to see it in ways I hadn't even thought about before, which is very cool. And hey, as long as I'm familiar with those random references, I can appreciate them -- they amuse me, as well as allow me to understand the points you're making because you're providing an analogy that makes sense to me. I love that! If it helps lead me to an interesting 'light bulb' type moment, I'm all for it! :clap:

Speaking of which, great Jack the Ripper reference. It's definitely a wrong message to present.

ThyneAlone wrote:I'll be interested to see what direction this episode points Jack and Angela. It could go either way at the moment. Is that earring Jack's hope or his memento?
Interesting question. Hope, or goodbye memento? Hmmmm. I suspect only TJ can answer that question, at this point. :mrgreen:
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Re: Bones 4.17 The Salt in the Wounds

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Sinkwriter72 wrote:Speaking of which, great Jack the Ripper reference. It's definitely a wrong message to present.
Yet another Jack! :lol: though maybe not a role model one!! :? :wink:
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