Bones 4.23 The Girl in the Mask

Discussion of TJ's most popular venture to date!
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Bones 4.23 The Girl in the Mask

Post by skftex »

Well no one started this one so I thought I would. I am kind of so-so about this episode. I did like that the victim mattered again, like they did back in the first few seasons. But I hope that they will make the victim matter all the time, not just when it is someone Booth knows.

Best line "I rarely get motive from bird vomit." No clue how TJ could say that and then look at Tamara Taylor's face and not fall down laughing. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: The Girl in the Mask 4.23

Post by Sinkwriter72 »

Sharon, I think that Hodgins 'motive' line was my favorite of the entire episode. Hilarious.

I agree with you as well about the victim issue. I was so pleased to see some compassion for the victim and the family of the victim, but as I watched, I wondered if the writers only did it that way because Booth happened to know the brother of the deceased. I hope that's not the case, because the episodes really do have more impact when Booth, Brennan and the team treat the victim with respect. As I mentioned in the Cinderella thread, I like 'morgue humor,' it can be very funny, but 'potato chip' comments do not amuse me at all, nor do they even feel in character (especially when Booth usually finds the death of young people to be upsetting, given that he himself has a child).

More thoughts on this episode, as I'm able. :D Thanks for starting the thread!
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Re: The Girl in the Mask 4.23

Post by ThyneAlone »

I didn't start this one, as I often do, because I can't really get my thoughts together about it, they're so bitty. Too bogged down in school stuff, I suspect. :roll:

An effective contrast to the previous one (of which, as most know, I wasn't too enamoured), touching a different culture, a different etiquette, but essentially studying the essential nature of love, which is the same all over the world. All very laudable, but somehow it didn't inspire me, despite its great one-liners in which TJ and Tamara are becoming so expert. I'm not certain why. Sure, it furthered Brennan's arc and her gradual recognition of the value of a real connection with others as she continually learns from those around her; and it had a nice comic twist in the androgynous scientist whom Angela identified in classic fashion (of course, it was an actress - an absolutely beautiful one - and I thought it was interesting they chose to make her a man in the end. Sharon speculated to me as to why Angela should care one way or another, but I suspect to break the rules and flout convention Angela likes to know what those rules are, which lines she is crossing and how far. Not to mention that most of the men she has been associated with or desired are very masculine types. Cam was quite clearly wondering whether she 'ought' to be attracted to this person, or not!). I think, again, I'm missing development elsewhere, the team was sidelined again. You both make a good point about the victim. To be honest, I had looked forward to the 'Double Death' in anticipation that because the victim had been an acquaintance of sorts, there would be greater empathy, but no..instead the body was made an object of fun. And that reminds me, the widow and her lover making out in a quiet corner recalled a scene that was actually part of a comedy - JD and Jaime at her husband's funeral in 'Scrubs'. It worried me a bit that that scene flashed into my mind for a moment.

I'm drifting away from the ep I'm supposed to be discussing! Let me see - it was good continuity that Brennan once again displayed her familiarity with Oriental language and custom. Though I don't know why she can't always be as diplomatic as she was with Booth's friend to move him away from the body. And, if I may be nitpicky, one thing that didn't ring true from the continuity of her character was her bewilderment about a 'happy ending' massage. I mean, she was instantly at home with pony play, in fact all kinds of role play, for goodness' sake. However, it was great to see Booth operating again as a reliable, efficient and sympathetic friend, and a nicely familiar touch to hear Hodgins and Angela (and Cam - of course, it was Zack last time with the courier) talking about an attractive newcomer to the lab.

So - average to good, I felt, not shining, but a decent workaday episode, with a further drawing together of the different BB codes of life.
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Re: Bones 4.23 The Girl in the Mask

Post by Lorenith »

I think this was a good episode, not really one of the more memorable ones though. (bird vomit made me giggle though heh).

I don't feel like there's anything for me to really dissect on this one.

My guy friend thought it was insufficient to positively ID someone on a adolescent jaw fracture. I should start saving our conversations during bones to show, he nit picks like crazy.
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