Bones 4.24 The Beaver in the Otter

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Bones 4.24 The Beaver in the Otter

Post by Lorenith »

Posting since it's not here yet :D

I liked this episode, it had a nice balance of interactions for various characters. Nobody really did anything that really stuck out to me as out of character.

There were some funny moments, and some disturbing moments. I'm really starting to like this current intern too, last time he sort of irritated me, but this time not so much. I'd call him by name, but I can't remember the names of any of the interns without going out and looking for them. :(

One of the better episodes of the season I think.

Oh and I like the end, how Brennan was like I don't want my frontal lobe to be a shriveled up raisin and stuff. It was cute, and I like how Booth still paid even though he made Brennan think he didn't. (Although that very well has the potential to bite him in the ass if it ever comes up in a bad light rather then a fun light lol).
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Re: 4.30 The Beaver in the Otter

Post by ThyneAlone »

Holiday weekend and everyone disappears, Lore! Or is it that everyone is still on tenterhooks awaiting next week's Stewie hallucinations and baby decision? Well, I'm as guilty as anyone, but I have had a difficult and stressful week with lots of oral exams. Determinedly I managed to watch this ep twice online nevertheless. Now, I do recall our students at uni being pretty barmy and irresponsible, but (as far as I know) no real frat culture. Yeah yeah, my son is sharing a house divided up into several flats with his male bosom buddies (though he himself is civilised, sharing his flat with a girl friend who is definitely not a girlfriend) and yeah, they go out in a gang together and practise student things like competitive throwing/dressing up etc. - and I would be the first to confess that my particular crowd at uni were responsible for some of the most complex and amazing pranks imaginable - but theirs is, and ours was a 'gang' mentality rather than that strange cult loyalty with ritual, mentors, subliminal rankings and mascots. I guess I'm trying to say I find that aspect of US student life difficult to comprehend. It puzzled me in Buffy and it puzzles me still!

However, I do see the point being made overall here - that growing up does involve being 'naughty' in order to learn by experience and gain independence. This, of course, is what Booth has finally learned that Jared needs, after years of having clucked after him like some demented mother hen, presumably because he sees himself as taking the role that is rightfully his neglectful father's. It is sweet of him to allow Brennan to experience the sensation of being badly behaved without suffering any of the consequences, though it does make him seem vaguely stuffy and upright - you can't really visualise him doing anything like it as a youth, although he has his history of compulsive gambling behind him, however conventional he now appears (and I'd like to see more backstory to it!). Interesting to see that young Bouvier was also involved in gambling, big time.

It struck a slightly sour chord that Hodgins, even in an offhand jokey way, would be suspicious of a Muslim just for being a Muslim, but I guess his paranoid conspiracy theorist tendencies would indeed focus on the terrorist aspect. He did have an admiring little smile, though, when the intern guy gave as good as he got (I'm starting to like him too, he has genuine integrity and a nice, gentle sense of humour), and the sharing in one of Hodgins' ludicrous experiments does indicate that they have begun to bond.

I'm quite enjoying having Angela being significant at the computer again, as it has been less the case recently. She does appear a less marginal member of the team now, and, with so many potential causes of death, it was excellent that she managed to pin down the 'blackmailed older woman' scenario. And by the way...nice montage of Brennan lovingly examining the bones until they 'spoke to her'. They haven't had anything quite like that since the time she pieced that skull together, letting various cups of coffee cool down in the progress. There was proper respect there for a body that had been lamentably ill-used, and I liked that return to her original feelings about the victims.

A lot to like in this one, including some nice one-liner comedy. I'm becoming a little irritated by the BB tete-a-tetes at the end, but am resigned to them, as so late in the day the writers have few alternatives whereby to indicate Brennan's emotional development.

I feel that the title was stretching credulity to breaking point! Beaver In The Otter - I mean, really. No wonder Bones had that line speculating as to whether they'd strayed into a zoo, what with beavers, otters and cougars. Beaver in itself has some unsavoury connotations in my experience, but we'll let that lie.

On the whole, I liked this episode. Not to the point of jumping up and down frantically, but it kept true to character mostly, maintained a good mix of mystery and comedy (did like Sweets' encounter with the frat boys, that was fun, and Brennan's face when everyone dropped their sheets!) and gave us a good look at the lab and the squints. After such a mauling of a victim, however, I am not particularly looking forward to finding a decomposing body in a cask or wine next week!

PS I've just recalled that our university engineering department had a mascot - a real (I won't say 'live') skeleton that someone had stolen from the medics at some stage in the distant past. They called him 'Kelly'!

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Re: Bones 4.24 The Beaver in the Otter

Post by Lorenith »

I'd like to try to give some insight into the weird culture shown in this episode.

The frat culture may or may not have been played up to the stereotype. It certainly was not as much as some shows and movies have. Of course there is unfortunately a little bit of truth to all stereotypes (the thing that makes it bad is assuming everyone follows said stereotype).

As far as the pep rally in the beginning. I can say without a doubt that it is not a very accurate representation of them, considering how things played out. If anyone is curious I'll write something up otherwise I won't bore you all with the details. :P

While I was taken aback by Hodgins having a problem with Muslims, I don't think it was necessarily a bad thing within the show especially since he was put in his place pretty swiftly! He sometimes strikes me as a bit of a Mary Sue, so I can appreciate it when a not so pleasant part of his personality may come forth. It is indeed a nice throwback (I'd been wondering if his paranoid conspiracy theories would ever come back even a little) and I'm glad they did it without him regressing to the annoying and screechy little git he was in season 1 lol.
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