Bones 5.02 The Bond in the Boot

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Bones 5.02 The Bond in the Boot

Post by Jude40 »

Hi Everyone

Ok, the first thing I have to say on this, without being too gross, is I'm really glad I didn't eat before I watched 'cos whatever I'd eaten wouldn't have stayed eaten for very long, only as far as the first scene actually, that was really heavy stuff for 'Bones'. Then just when my stomach stopped turning over they discovered the body in the boot; it was like 'Bones' does CSI. I'm not saying I hated the violence etc, in fact it was done well, very well in fact, hence the reaction.

I got a bit confused with the case but I suspect that was a combination of recovering from the gore etc (the scene with the eyes just topped the whole thing off I am really squemish about anything to do with eyes) and being a bit tired, but I did think the case was more interesting than some of late, although it felt a bit rushed.

I loved the Wendell story, Michael Grant Terry is brill just 'ah bless'. I love the interaction with the rest of the team particularly Hodgins and Booth, the scene using the ice hockey analogy was actually probably my favourite.

I thought Brennan was really annoying in this one again, a bit too annoying at times, just asking for a slap; I find the character a bit irritatting when her arrogance goes over the top.

I liked the final scene it was kinda sweet and hot at the same time if that's possible, although I stand by what I've said in the past, except more so now they've taken the B&B relationship a step on they can't go on with the whole dance for longer than just this season I reckon then they have to go for it.

One more thing, my speculation almost came true, I said that it would be interesting if there were cut backs if Hodgins company lost money in the current finanacial climate and this wasn't quite that but he did say they had frozen their expenditure, so close-ish.

Anyway, despite the whole queasyness inducing aspect of this one and the irritation with Brennan I really liked it, roll on next epi.

Catch you later

Jude x
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Re: Bones 5.2 The Bond in the Boot

Post by JennyLea »

Hi Guys!!

I really enjoyed this episode. I felt that it was well done. The opening scene was "borrowed" from an episode of CSI, but for some reason it didn't really bother me. I liked the Wendell story and actually found that it fit right in. The Band B soap opera is killing me. I lost interest in soaps 10 years ago. Thank goodness the case actually seemed to stand out in this episode.

I love that the "old", pre-Zack apprentice, seems to be back this year and even Sweets is not thrown so "in your face" at us so far.

The B&B scene at the end was touching as was the resolution of the Wendell Story.

Well that's my two bits.

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Re: Bones 5.2 The Bond in the Boot

Post by jade.stormcloud »

First... "pre-Zack apprentice?" I'm not sure what you mean by that.

To the episode...
I liked it. It was nice that the case took front seat in this one. The premiere was so B&B-heavy that I was a little worried that the whole show was going to be more ship-centric from now on. This episode showed that they still have a good balance for now.

I found the bodies hilarious. The cats, the face, the eyes. I was laughing my butt off. They're just trying so hard to MAKE them gross that it cracks me up. Why are the cats looking at us like that? Nom nom nom. LOL

Wendell is actually one of my least favorite interns. I find him incredibly bland & dull & I would not have been upset to see him go. Despite that, it's sweet the way the squints came together to support one of their own.

I LOVED the sink scene. Very sweet. So much potential & so much left unspoken.

Are they toning down Brennan's necklaces? They seem less funky & clunky.
Hodgins seemed oddly unamused during the "everyone poops" scene. Was TJ having a bad day?
What was Cam wearing? It looked like bondage gear.
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Re: Bones 5.02 The Bond in the Boot

Post by ThyneAlone »

Well, I quite liked this. You note nothing has grabbed me by the throat yet, but I'm cautiously optimistic that I don't hate anything yet either. I wasn't enamoured of the plot (apart from it giving Jack a few conspiracy lines) because it confused me considerably. Who'd killed who for what motive? was my continual ponder. Still, some lovely light funny moments and quite a subtle moment under the sink.

Having now got to the point of watching before I eat anything, I was quite appreciative of the skin sliding off the dead face and the 'eye' scene. It's just so well done and so gross.

I am not a Wendell fan either, Jade, I know exactly what you mean and I too would not have missed him hugely; he is bland. In the S4 finale I pretty much accepted everyone's alter egos but his. I just couldn't see him as a tough security guy. At all. He can't help looking like he stepped out of a boy band, I know, but it does make him hard to take seriously, poor guy.

Still looking for more Jack and if possible more Angela, but I'm quite glad the first 2 this season have been a bit plot-heavy, it gets us back into the flow of things. More about this when I've seen it again.
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Re: Bones 5.02 The Bond in the Boot

Post by Jude40 »

I am so glad someone else was a bit confused by the plot I was thinking it was just me. I think I may watch again over the weekend and really concentrate, I'm gonna try and ignore the goryness of it all, I reckon I can cope with severed hands and flesh eating cats but I'm gonna avoid the eye thing (they really do freak me out I can't even take eyelashes out of other peoples' eyes).

I like Wendell, I think 'cos he is normal/bland and doesn't have any quirks 'cos sometimes too much quirkiness equals irritation, for me anyway. He's really sweet too, like I said ah bless, a bit of nice is good amongst the gore,mayhem and madness.

I totally agree more Angela and Jack is always good, well more of all the cast actually, oh and I just wanted to say at this point it would be cool to see Ryan O'Neal back after all the sh** he's had in his life recently, I love the character of Max he's such a lovable rogue.

Anyway like I said roll on next epi early days but I'm liking this season so far.

Jude x
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