Bones 5.05 A Night At The Bones Museum

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Bones 5.05 A Night At The Bones Museum

Post by ThyneAlone »

I've only seen this the once so probably haven't caught the finer nuances, but I did enjoy it. It was good that we were handling a thoroughly modern murder (blood dripping from the mummy case, yeurggh!) in tandem with a very, very 'cold case' in which someone was cleared of murder hundreds of years later. This of course is Brennan's delight as an anthropologist and it's good to see her get really excited about something even though, as was pointed out to her, the more recent killing was a more urgent job!

I've always liked Jeffersonian-based eps because they are so visually pleasurable. The colours and light and the angles from which things are shot all fascinate me, and the museum was very lovely. Even more stunning when they were all dressed up as well. In addition, there was a nice back-reference when Sweets toppled Daisy in amongst the artefacts - remember Jack and Angela in the Egyptian room? <<sigh>> ..happy days..

Daisy is becoming more independent, more obviously bright and quite a lot more bearable. This often happens with characters who are introduced as mere caricatures - the actor is promising and is given depth when it's clear he or she will be appearing on a regular basis. I was very much with her here - Lance was an idiot, the way he was stalking her to check up on her, and giving her all that insulting advice about her behaviour. Bones is still a paean to the intelligent, independent woman, and this I find very reassuring.

More to come when I get a chance to view it again!
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Re: Bones 5.05 A Night At The Bones Museum

Post by jade.stormcloud »

It's interesting, but I find it easier to post when I have something to argue about. :) However, I quite liked this one.

I LOVED Brennan's enthusiasm for ancient remains. So adorable. That she rivaled Daisy's boundless excitement was priceless. I've always said that I never wanted Daisy back in the lab, but I think they did well with this one. She was pretty amusing, both in her attempts to sedate herself & in her moment of bouncing shared geekitude with Bones. I could've done without the extended Sweets/Daisy romp, though. I was ready for them to pan away long before they did. However, I did appreciate the homage to the Hodgins/Angela affair. It also reminded me of how Daisy had mentioned finding a quiet place in "The Lab" for her & Sweets to canoodle during the finale.

That ending was a killer. So close. So very close. That's the first time that I actually saw the intent-to-kiss in B&B's numerous too-close scenes. There's been teasing, flirting, challenging, affection, but this is the first time I actually thought they were really going to cross that distance. Darn those interrupting squints!
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Re: Bones 5.05 A Night At The Bones Museum

Post by Jude40 »

Hi all

Well its a thumbs up all round then 'cos I have major love for this epi although I could really do without the preoccupation with eye damage (that's just me though). I have always been fascinated by mummies and all the surrounding Egyptology since the annual summer visits to Liverpool museum with my mum, aunt and cousin, as a child. Its got a certain mysticism about it, so that mixed with the modern crime element made this epi very entertaining.

I too loved the Brennan/Daisy interactions, funny and quite cute (for want of a better word). I agree with Steph that Sweets was behaving in an annoying manner but he was doing it with the best on intententions (Sweets by name sweet by nature).

I am a fan of Emily anyway but she was brill in this, she's really good at the comedic scenes and I swear I'm suprised the cameras didn't melt in the egg scene and the final scene although that was down to DB as well of course (incidentally Booth/DB in a tux I swear nothing would have interrupted me if I was in Brennan's shoes, the mummy could have got up and started walking around and it wouldn't have stopped me).

Actually I quite liked Andrew as well, compared to the men that usually pop into Brennan's life, he was good looking, seemed caring and amusing and had a very good job (not bad). I think DB did a really good job with Booth's reaction when he knew Brennan had been talking about him, ah bless!

To sum up, just fab. I can't wait for the 'The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken', I suspect there won't be many actual birds on set though (not in Booth's scenes anyway) I heard that DB had refused to go on set if there were due to his phobia. I think the fall out between Angela and Brennan may be in that one too.

Anyway, catch you later.

Jude x
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Re: Bones 5.05 A Night At The Bones Museum

Post by Eli »


I like this episode a lot. For me this episode is the best among season 5, 4 and 3. I not so fond of Zack so I like PitH a lot. Both are top 2 of the episode from these seasons.

May be the attraction are with the mystery of the mummy and the fresh new body was found with suspected weapon used is the artifact from the 2 different century (sort of). The way they solved the mystery and changed the history for Anok was interesting. Especially it was figured out by Hodgins and Angela. If in episode The Girl in the Mask, they seems force to give a look at each others during the scenes at the Diner. The scene before Daisy came to interrupt look natural.

Still did not like Daisy, I always fired her each time she in the rotation. The way she mentioned that bones is an organic and not particulate to Hodgins and Angela was so irritating. The way she jumped in the car make me wonder how Sweets can like her. And the status of them as a horny couple replacing Hodgins and Angela make me urrgg.

I like if the episode is focusing more on the other team members than the Booth and Brennan. It will always give higher point from me.
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Re: Bones 5.05 A Night At The Bones Museum

Post by jade.stormcloud »

Some new impressions (reposted from the BY). Just my opinions.

Upon re-watching the latest ep, I've come to a few revelations. One: the ADD is an A-S-S. His personality just seemed off to me before, because I thought he was a pretty good guy, but there was all this weirdness between him & the others. I totally got him this time. He's a jerk. Everything he did, he did to irk Seeley. I never realized before because he covered it so well, but all of his actions were conscious jabs at Booth.

I think he knew, like everyone else, that Booth has feelings for Brennan. That's why he made sure that Booth knew he asked her out, & why he looked disbelieving when Booth said there was nothing between them. It also explains why Booth showed no trace of jealousy. He knew from the get-go what Hacker was all about & he was completely schooling his expressions so that Hacker couldn't get any more ammo against him.

When Hacker came back to Booth the second time, he wasn't really worried because of interest in Brennan, he was trying to rub it in, "I'm dating her, possibly because I'm more successful than you. I'm your boss & I can use her against you." Booth tried to punch a hole in that theory, stating that no matter Hacker's rank, Bones couldn't be used by him.

On their date, the moment Brennan let something slip about Booth, Hacker was ready to pounce on that. He wanted to keep her talking about Booth because he was hoping for more ammo to use against him. He wasted no time rubbing it in to Booth that he had access to personal information about him. That was why Booth was so upset. It wasn't just that Bones was telling things, it was that she was letting things slip to someone who could & would use them to hurt Booth.

Now that I know Hacker's a sleaze & his "hail fellow, well met" facade is just a smile to distract you from the knife in your back, the character totally makes sense. As do Booth's reactions around him & what I once saw as an over-reaction to Brennan's indiscretion.

Another little revelation came to me while watching the ending again & again (& again). I love the look on Brennan's face when she's talking to Booth & they're moving in for that almost-kiss. Love it! Her expression is all soft & glowing, intimate, intense, shy & affectionate all at the same time. And I thought, "that's what it's supposed to look like when she's interested in someone, not all nutzo like earlier with Hacker." Bingo, baby. That's why her reaction was so very wrong earlier. They wanted the maximum contrast between silly, trying-too-hard, shallow flirtation, and this very real attraction & affection that is between her & Booth. Some people think there's something wrong that Brennan can still consider dating or sleeping with other men, but in her own way, she's as committed as Booth. There's no way she could ever look at another man the same way she looks at him. Ever. She's a goner, whether she knows it or not.

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