Bones 5.07 The Dwarf in the Dirt

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Bones 5.07 The Dwarf in the Dirt

Post by Jude40 »

Hi all

I've been holding off commenting on this seeing if anyone else was going to post first 'cos I seem to have a different view to most of the reviews I've seen elsewhere on line, this one didn't really float my boat I have to say. I usually love every episode with Stephen Fry in and he was still good as was the episode but I didn't find it particularly memorable, in fact I only watched it a couple of days ago and I'm already struggling to remember it.

The one thing I do remember is that the whole B&B thing is about as subtle as being hit on the head with a brick, Booth loves Brennan no s**t! Hasn't that kinda been the case for a long, long, long time now. So I'm taking it that we're now gonna spend the rest of the season waiting for Brennan to realise she loves Booth, for the love of god can we either go there or just get them both a love/sex interest elsewhere and get on with the programme as a whole (altough I know that's not the common viewpoint). I'm not against the B&B relationship, or actually with it developing gradually if it was subtle but its really not, I admit I did like the last scene though with the lyrics of the song seeming to acknowledge that Brennan was the one for Booth, that was subtle and Sweet.

Which brings me to Sweets, if he has written a book saying B&B are in love then why has he been telling Booth that he isn't in love . Is it because he's attempting to keep their relationship professional as he's employed by the FBI and if so why is he so concerned about them recognising it (am I missing something).

I didn't hate this episode and I admit that I'm liking Brennan this season, her people skills do seem to be improving but without detracting from her character. I think this is probably my least favourite so far though mainly because I feel like screaming at those involved 'We know B&B love each other, we know she struggles with this because of her past, we know that he doesn't want to hurt her or get hurt, we know all this and we don't need it shouted at us through a megaphone"

I wasn't blown away by the storyline, a bit bland and uneventful really, not bad just not brilliant but Stephen Fry did make it a bit more of a worth watching epi. I'm gonna watch again when it airs on Sky on Thursday and maybe I'll appreciate it more second time around.

Anyway, catch you later.

Jude x
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Re: Bones 5.07 The Dwarf in the Dirt

Post by jade.stormcloud »

I'd just like to apologize up front for the long post.

I'm actually with you on this one, Jude. I left this episode a bit annoyed.

For one thing, they did seem to be beating us over the head a bit with the issue of Booth's problems being indicative of his turmoil in regards to Bones was reiterated ad nauseum.

"That sounds desperately phallic. Is this maybe a sexual problem?"
"Guys are like that, you know. On the outside it looks like they don't care, but on the inside they're chewing themselves up like cancer." (followed by Booth glancing at Brennan)
"You know men... something goes wrong in the heart department, it always shows itself in a other way." (followed by Booth glancing at Brennan)
"So Booth not shooting straight is simply what... a manifestation of his phallic frustration?"
"He quite literally can't bring his weapon to bear."
"When a man can't have the woman that he loves, he gets a bit crazy."
"When it comes to a man & his gun, a woman is the natural cure."

I think we get it.

Much of the following is a repeat of what I posted on the BY.

I did not love this ep. There were good points definitely. I was enjoying it, for the most part, in the beginning.

I loved Gordon-Gordon getting all ticked about being called a fry cook. I also cracked up at the end when he described the food he gave them as looking like "sperm on corn smut." I was laughing my butt off about that. I had just taken a drink of water, too, & I nearly snorted it. There's no way you could get me to try anything that was described that way. It still cracks me up every time I hear that line, or even think of it.

It was cute that Brennan is so observant of Booth, but I don't like the fact that Bones seems to be trying to completely change her personality. It doesn't seem funny or endearing to me, just awkward & embarrassing. I miss the confident, competent, kick-butt Brennan. I don't want her to become just "Booth's love interest" or be used only as a clown, someone to laugh at. I want her to stay a strong, quirky, admirable woman in her own right.

I am confused about what they want us to believe about when Booth fell for Bones. Sweets wrote in his book that they were in love. This was supposedly before the coma dream, right? He had the manuscript finished before than. Then, they said that he fell in love during his dream. Did he love her before or was it caused by the dream? ARG! The writers need to make up their minds as to what's going on. Frankly, if he only fell in love with her during the dream, I wouldn't support them getting together, because the Brennan from his dream is not the Brennan from reality (& I don't want her to be).

I loved Brennan's expression & manner when she said she'd do anything to help Booth. So sweet. I want more of that. More connections, human emotions, bonding...

I HATED when Gordon-Gordon said to have patience. Patience?! PATIENCE?!?! This was the point when I snapped. Hope & patience only goes so far you know. We KNOW that we have to wait, stop telling me that. Constantly POINTING OUT that we have to keep wait-wait-waiting just makes it worse. Don't tell me to be patient. I want to be impatient. Saying "Be patient" is just like saying "Don't hold your breath; it's gonna be a while." It interferes with my slim hope that something could actually happen next week.

I did like the ending. Just the looks between them can say so much. Again, more of that... emotional connections, and not just between B&B.

Another thing, does anyone else see Angela's line to GG as a statement from the writers/creators? "You know, you're really going to have to learn to enjoy things the way that they are." In other words, quit your griping & take what you get.

Normally, what we get is pretty good, & while this week's ep had some good stuff, sadly the stuff I didn't like dropped it into the "below average" category for me.
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Re: Bones 5.07 The Dwarf in the Dirt

Post by ThyneAlone »

I'm afraid work is still completely and utterly on top of me or I would have posted when I saw this Friday night. I too found it slightly underwhelming. Maybe not to the point of your annoyance, Jade, but I deffo see what you mean!

The story was a slight one, like the victim himself (and I was pleasantly surprised by the rein held on the silly jokes about stature); I am not a good guesser but I divined the identity of this killer pretty rapidly. Though I don't like wrestling at the best of times, and 'dwarf' wrestling seems to have an odd freak show feel to it, the slapstick scene where Booth was in the ring was quite well done.

I liked the Gidget character, with her easy humour and strong libido, and of course I was thrilled to have Stephen Fry back. Though he packs decidedly less authority as a chef IMHO. And as I am really fond of Vincent Nigel-Murray, it was great to see him back as well.

Ooh, so Booth is in love with Dr Brennan? This is new! Not. I can't figure out the stuff about Sweets' book either. I mean, that book goes way back. He concluded the pair were in love? And was actually thinking about publishing? At a time when neither partner would have owned up to any feelings at all? Way to get sued, Lance.

All the wringing of hands about the shooting irritated me. Actually most of the things Booth has had 'wrong' with him since his op get on my nerves. He isn't behaving vastly differently and yet we have to believe that he is losing all the skills on which his sense of self-worth resides. Can they please make up their minds whether he is being affected by his freshly-recognised feelings for Brennan or by post-operative medical problems?

As a viewer with a preference for team shows I can tell you I am not too keen on the desultory scraps TJ is getting at the moment. Even if he is getting to climb in and out of holes, scripts are not exactly challenging for him recently, though always well acted, as we expect. Hmm.
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Re: Bones 5.07 The Dwarf in the Dirt

Post by jade.stormcloud »

I'd have to agree with you about TJ getting scraps. I hope they throw him a good meaty storyline soon.
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Re: Bones 5.07 The Dwarf in the Dirt

Post by Sinkwriter72 »

*waves hello* I've been away for a while, so I hope you won't all fall over in exhaustion when you see my long post. :shifty: I couldn't help myself. :D I've had thoughts and opinions regarding all the episodes of this season so far (as I'm sure we all do, in various ways, heh), but this was the first time I had the time and energy to write it down and come back here to post it. Regardless of my own 'stuff' going on that has kept me from participating here the way I've wanted to, I've definitely been enjoying reading everyone else's posts. Good thoughts, all of you! :clap:

As for me? I struggled, watching this episode.

On the one hand, there were some good moments -- let's face it, how can you not have good moments when you have Stephen Fry in the episode? His chef exploits were amusing (though, as Steph said above, I miss the authority he had as a psychologist -- instead he becomes a player in part of a silly joke or a forced story bit, rather than carrying the intellectual weight and sense he used to have). I do appreciate him mentoring Sweets.

I was amused as well by the moment where Booth wishes on the coin. It reminded me of his playful enthusiasm for pirates back in season 1.

Another part I loved: that line near the end ("She's not in love with me; I would know if she were") was a really terrific Booth moment. Nicely played by David Boreanaz: not too much, not all overwrought, simply matter-of-fact.

And we got to see some Brennan-enjoying-herself-in-the-lab moments again, which is always great to see. Plus, aside from the slightly over-the-top booing, I liked that line Brennan had, "Look at his femur!" as the way she figured out that the wrestler was an imposter. That was pretty funny (and very Brennan).


(You knew that was coming, right?)

While I can appreciate when the cases further illustrate what's happening in Booth and Brennan's relationship (there have been excellent episodes throughout the series that accomplish this beautifully), I have trouble when it feels like the entire episode is orchestrated in order to make points about Booth and Brennan and how much they love each other.

When it's done well, it doesn't feel obvious. But when it's done like this episode, it feels like there's not much else going on but many unsubtle points about their romantic relationship. When it seems like almost every bit of the episode is focused on Booth/Brennan as a romantic topic, that gets very wearying. Like Steph and Jade said, the rest of the cast is being thrown scraps of material. Their talents are being wasted.

Case in point with this episode: the suspects and case interview subjects happen to say just the right things that magically relate to Booth and Brennan's 'clueless about each other' situation. Then the squints also contribute to the episode in that way (rather than having stories and focuses of their own) -- Angela had a pointed conversation with Gordon Gordon about Booth and Brennan being in love. Then Gordon Gordon and Sweets have a conversation about Booth and his 'phallic' issues with not being able to shoot straight anymore (*eye roll*), and that problem is magically resolved by Brennan being there at his gun qualifications review.

Side note: However, I will admit that I found Brennan's thumbs-up to be a sweet, non-cheesy moment.

Then, Gordon Gordon and Sweets also talk about Sweets' book, and how it says Brennan and Booth are in love with each other. And then Booth has many conversations with either Gordon or Sweets about his shooting problem and about Brennan not being in love with him.

I did appreciate that this time Booth didn't automatically deny being in love with Brennan. When Gordon called Booth on it, stating outright that Booth is in love with Brennan, Booth didn't answer, but he didn't deny it; instead, he talked about his issues (how they're too different) and he had that marvelous line about "She doesn't love me; I would know if she did."

That part was terrific, but I struggle to enjoy those brief moments when it feels like the entire episode is pushing and pushing the Booth/Brennan romance without allowing for much else in regard to story, for Booth or Brennan or any of the squints. There was not much but the Booth/Brennan romance being dissected by almost every character in some way. (Not Hodgins and Cam or this week's intern, thankfully. At least they stayed focused on the work. LOL.)

I guess I'm having trouble appreciating an episode like this where things finally get nudged forward (especially for Booth in this case). The reason I'm having trouble is because almost all of season 4 was pushing and pushing and pushing the Booth/Brennan agenda, at the expense of almost everything and everyone else, and it's happening again this season. As a result, when they do have interesting moments for Booth and Brennan as partners, I can no longer enjoy those moments because I have grown so SICK of Booth/Brennan being pushed on me in every damn episode.

That's really sad because I used to enjoy their exchanges a lot. It's a sad state when the writers have pushed their cluelessness and their "what do you mean, why do you say that, we're not dating" behaviors to the point of oversaturation. I'd like to see the show return to a more balanced state. I'd like to see an episode where their romantic inclinations fall back into the subtle range and occur from the case events naturally. I'd also like to see an episode where it's straight-out case-related, or -- heaven forfend -- focused on something and someone other than Booth/Brennan. Can we finally see some thorough backstory regarding Hodgins? Or have some stories for any of the squints that actually have intelligent follow-through from episode to episode, instead of having it tossed in as an afterthought whenever Hart thinks, "Oh, yeah, I suppose we should remind the audience that Angela's celibate, or mention Cam's adopted daughter, or give Hodgins something to do in some way?"

Case in point: last week Angela got involved with Wendall -- did she show any sort of awkwardness around Hodgins in this episode? No. Why not? Why was there nothing, not even a hint of something, some weirdness felt on her part or noticed on his part in this episode? Why don't the writers include that, even if it's only one scene or a momentary exchange or bit of dialogue, just to show some consistency and follow-through?

I think I'd enjoy the Booth/Brennan moments a lot more if they actually did occur naturally as part of the cases like they used to. Now it's too forced and obvious, and it's become too much, too often. Because of that, I can't fully enjoy or cheer them on. Instead, I find myself eye-rolling and heaving heavy sighs. That is not a good reaction to have. I wish Hart would ease up on this and allow it to happen instead of forcing the issue in every episode.

I do think that Season 5 seems to be better than Season 4. (Though everything is relative, heh.) Sometimes there are even moments when I'm reminded of the early seasons. Only in moments, or scenes, but that's something, I suppose.

But the problem for me is, it feels almost too late at this point. They spent so much of Season 4 pushing an over-the-top version of Booth/Brennan to the point of "Enough already!" that even when this season presents good moments, I eye-roll because I'm so sick of the idea of Booth/Brennan now, you know? So I think my mind was already clouded, watching this episode. Maybe if they hadn't been pushing Booth/Brennan SO much last season, I wouldn't be so bothered by an episode like this where almost every scene addresses Booth/Brennan in some way. I think I'm reaching Booth/Brennan burn-out.

When the case itself becomes orchestrated just so a suspect can say a few lines about 'the heart' which is obviously, pointedly about Booth/Brennan... it no longer becomes a subtle, romantic moment between Booth and Brennan. Instead, it becomes this expected thing that has no real heart in it. The only heart I heard was in Booth's line about how he doesn't think she's in love with him. (Yes, I know there was a line Brennan says about how there's nothing she wouldn't do for Booth, but as much as I like Emily Deschanel, I wasn't feeling that line. That one felt orchestrated. Could have been the way she said it, could have been the writing of the line itself, could have been because it came in a conversation that felt forced, or all of the above, I don't know. But no matter what, it wasn't a part that worked for me.)

I don't think I'd feel that way about this show (or this episode) if they hadn't been pushing the Booth/Brennan stuff SO MUCH in such an anvil-like way for the past season and a half. If they hadn't done that, I think this episode would have been a good one. (Well, if they hadn't had almost every scene focused on discussing some aspect of Booth and Brennan and their feelings for one another instead of balancing it better with other things.) At the very least this episode would have finally moved things forward in a good way (with that Booth line and the scene it came from). But I find it very, very difficult to appreciate that small bit of movement when the rest of the season's handling has been so unfocused and forced and anvil-heavy. One or two scenes does not make up for the fact that they haven't had focused stories with consistency and intelligent follow-through for any of the rest of the characters or for Booth and Brennan as individuals, not for quite some time. As much as I like David and Emily, when it's "All Booth/Brennan, All The Time," it becomes exhausting and annoying, not romantic or sexy or heart-warming. It becomes "Enough already," instead of "More of this, please!" That's not good.

One final note of frustration with this particular episode: I don't like the continued weakening of Brennan's character. Already this season they had her completely overpowered by a guy who was totally out of shape and way behind her (so how did he catch up?), which felt orchestrated so that she could be all defenseless and injured, and Booth could come and save her. This led to the weepy Brennan moment where Booth holds her and tells her, "It's all right, baby; I've got you." *head desk* I know some people loved that he used that term of endearment, but it felt totally out of character for the two of them, to me. It took me right out of the moment. It just didn't feel like the Booth and Brennan that I knew. Even when these characters are at their most vulnerable, in amazing episodes like "Two Bodies in the Lab" or "Blonde in the Game," they usually manage to maintain their individuality and core strengths. Why do they continue to alter Brennan's character so much? Do they think this is the only way Brennan can be with Booth, if she becomes weaker and more vulnerable physically and emotionally than he is? So he can 'save' her? I don't see it. This is the same Brennan who shot a guy in the leg during the pilot episode, and ruthlessly shot a woman in the NECK during season 3? This is the woman who kicked the asses of a gang leader, a corrupt FBI agent, and countless obnoxious running suspects?

My point is, in this week's episode, Gordon tells Booth to take Brennan along with him on his gun qualification review because he won't fail the test if she's there, because he'll be reminded that he needs to be able to protect her. As 'romantic' as I suppose that sentiment is, and as true as that is in general regard to what Booth needs to do when he's out in the field with Brennan (he is the trained FBI agent, so yes, he should be on guard to protect anyone from the Jeffersonian whom he brings out into the field with him), I still hated that line because it reminded me once again that they are weakening her character and treating her like some delicate flower these days. Where is the kick-ass Brennan of old? Why does she need to rely on him to protect her? I can understand why Booth needs to be the protector; that seems to fit his character profile. But I don't like that they're writing her character as if it's true, that she needs to be protected, that she's weak and dainty. It may not be the writers' intent, but it's coming off that way, the more they treat her like this in episodes.

They're changing her quite a bit, in my opinion. It's not just the baby issue, or the vegetarian issue, but also her entire overall demeanor. She's deferring to Booth and Sweets, she's all scared and wimpy when she should be her normal bad-ass self, she's even dressing differently.

Let me take a moment to address the appearance issue. That's something that has really bugged me this season -- when out in the field with Booth, she's all glammed up, which does not fit in with the Brennan we know. Where are her chunky necklaces from different cultures? Why is she dressed like she's going to a party? She's made up all pretty, which is nice, but it doesn't fit her character. I know she doesn't always have to be in a ponytail and a lab coat like she is when she's working at the Jeffersonian, but even when she's out in the field, she's always been distinctive. Her clothing, her jewelry, her awesome boots... everything she wore looked unique. That style suited her and made her stand out. This past season she's lost that individuality -- she's in flirty-looking dresses and heels (!) and tiny necklaces and earrings; she looks like she's going to a luncheon or a cocktail party, not working for the FBI or going out in the field. The only time she still looks like Brennan is when she's in the lab, and that's when they allow her to be in a lab coat and her pulled-back hairstyle. Sometimes she's walking around in her pretty outfits while in the lab, and I just shake my head and wonder where Brennan has gone.

Of course, some Booth/Brennan fans seem to use the favorite excuse: "people change all the time; Brennan can change her mind." But even the Bones writers have contradicted that statement. In the episode "Two Bodies in a Lab," while visiting Booth in the hospital Hodgins posits a theory, which Booth refutes with these words: "I'm just thinking people don't really change. We like to believe they do but they don't."

In this week's episode, Booth tells Gordon that they would never work together because they're too different. It was a good scene, the same one in which he had that line about how he'd know if she were in love with him. Gordon tells Booth that sometimes we can't control who we love, that sometimes we feel things for people even though they seem impossibly different. That seems all lovely, like the writers are saying, see, these two people are so different, but they "work" together because they love each other and they complement each other and they'll find a way to make it work.

But the truth is, they're slowly but surely changing Brennan, and I do think it's because they think that will somehow make the two characters easier to pair together. Unfortunately, the writers seem to be compromising her as a character in order for Booth to love her, and that pisses me off. Either they're compatible or they're not, but don't change the female character's strengths just so she can fit with the guy. That sends a TERRIBLE message to women (and girls), that they need to do all the compromising and changing, and that if a guy doesn't like them, it's because the girl isn't doing enough to be what he needs or wants her to be. Like a woman can't be a strong, intelligent, opinionated person who can stand on her own and take care of herself and be herself and have a man in her life. That is incorrect.

Personally, I'd prefer to see Booth tell Brennan that even though their contradictions are challenging, he wouldn't want her to change because he admires her for her strengths. He shouldn't want her to weaken or lose her strengths. I'd love to hear him say that even though the coma dream was nice, he'd rather have a relationship with the real Brennan, not that figment of his imagination.

Okay, I swear I'm done. Your thoughts, opinions, concerns, favorite moments, etc.? Let's discuss.

And if I may take a moment to say so, thank you all for being so lovely and for continuing to make this such a wonderful place to come for thought-provoking discussion and creative inspiration and positive connection. You are lovely, and I've missed you!
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