Bones 5.09 The Gamer in the Grease

Discussion of TJ's most popular venture to date!
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Bones 5.09 The Gamer in the Grease

Post by Jude40 »

Hi Everyone

As per Sharon's request I thought I'd give you my views on this epi; I've had a look at what you said in the chat box Steph and I agree that the corpse was gross especially when it moulted although that was funny too when Bones wasn't needed one minute then was. I related to the argument at the beginning too over what is a sport and what isn't, the number of times I've been involved in that argument and I don't really think you're ever gonna get a definitive answer on that one its very subjective.

Anyway, the rest of the epi...I think that autism was dealt with well in general although its obviously a far more wide ranging and complicated subject than can be dealt with thoroughly in this type of programme. It was interesting to see that Brennan seemed to relate to the boy, I reckon she sometimes displays traits that could be associated with autism.

It was cool to see the games although I have never been really into those sort of things and when I have played I've been as bad as Brennan was at the end. I liked the ending it was subtle, showing the growing understanding that Brennan has of Booth, sweet and amusing.

I actually liked the whole episode which was a bit of a miracle as I was watching on a laptop that kept buffering every few seconds, really annoying. The queueing thing was funny I haven't done it for years but I remember the 'Star Wars' and 'Grease' queues, actually my friend and I queue jumped the second time I went to the 'Grease' queue I didn't get in the first time, oh and I've queued for Wimbledon a couple of times too. As to the sex in a queue question Steph I'm not sure of the answer but from a personal point of view I'd rather be in the tent with a couple of the men from the cast (you know who they are) then seeing the film in question (I'm not mentioning the title they publicised it enough in the programme). On that point I'm not sure I like such blatant advertising in my programmes but I get that money talks.

Very important bit now... TJ shirtless... I needed ice! I have to say he seems to have developed a bit since 'Man in the Fallout Shelter' or maybe that's just my imagination. Maybe I should watch both epis back to back just for research purposes obviously!

Again I sympathised with the murderer, that's the last two epis now, I'm a bit concerned! Who am I kidding I can't even kill a spider so there is absolutely no chance that any humans are in danger! Seriously though it was just all very sad but then murder and justice are like that sometimes.

I liked the tattoo being dealt with reckon it shows Jack very much still has a thing for Angela 'cos its hideous and he would so have got it removed if not. I'm not big on tattooes I have to say although I did once go out briefly with a guy who had his whole back tattoed, mind you he also had several ear piercings and a shaved head but that's a whole other story...

All in all this was a good episode, more of the whole cast, B&B more subtle, quite a sad story but with some fun to balance it out, I'm defo watching Thursday when its on Sky though so I can watch it uninterrupted.

Oh completely unrelated and before the Xmas spirit takes me over completely back to sport. For those of you in the US we are so gonna kick your butt in the World Cup (football/soccer you stay toMAYto we say toMARto etc)!!!!. I know what I've said in the past about being Brtish as opposed to English but that kinda goes out the window when the football world cup comes around, although when the Republic of Ireland play I do support them too and if they play England I'm a bit conflicted. Spain are my second choice this time around 'cos Torres and Reina are the men, okay enough this is a Bones forum after all and Steph will slap my wrists lol.

Anyway catch you later

Jude x
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Re: Bones 5.09 The Gamer in the Grease

Post by jade.stormcloud »

Well, I tend to laugh at the gross corpses. The fact that they constantly try to outdo themselves on the ick factor just leads me to laugh at their over-the-top attempts at gag-inducing ookiness. I, also, liked that it very suddenly came into Bones' field of expertise. "Bones, bones."

The best thing about this episode was how much wonderful Hodgins time we got. I like seeing him be geeky, & I loved his speed-talking through the information & trying to hide their running around from Cam. We also got to see him man-handling the metal pipes & showing off his tattoo to everyone. I've been waiting for them to address it. I love Angela's reaction to seeing her face on Hodgins arm, & the fact that he was so blase' about it. I was surprised that Cam didn't comment or react to it, though. We also got Hodgins helping Sweets out with the advice at the end. That was nice.

I was disappointed in Sweets cheating on Daisy & a little disappointed in Hodgins saying he'd have had a roll with the girl if she'd come on to him. Not really disapoointed in Fisher, because I never had any real respect for him to begin with. :P

I didn't really care much for the games or the movie. I don't have any great desire to see "Avatar," & the show hasn't influenced me one way or the other. I did go online & play the sample version of the game, though. I think I made it to level 6 on my second try. First try, I died pretty quickly, because I didn't know what the controls were, yet. I kept trying to use the arrow keys. :D
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