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Re: Bones 5.12 - The Proof in the Pudding

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:12 am
by hanneDK
yay, Sherry.. thank you for the link.. :clap: can't wait to read it..
I have just been there but because I'm at work I can't read it.. :cry: so therefore I printed it - all 14 pages!! :o

Will read on my way home from work on the train and maybe I have some thoughts to yours, you'll never know..

Re: Bones 5.12 - The Proof in the Pudding

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:21 am
by Sinkwriter72
Maybe if you print it out in a smaller font, it'll seem shorter. :lol: What can I say? This episode was thought-provoking for me. Especially in regard to the Jack/Angela relationship, and the challenges raised for Booth.

I will most definitely look forward to hearing what you have to say, Hanne. Thank you for reading it!

Re: Bones 5.12 - The Proof in the Pudding

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:01 am
by hanneDK
So that what I did wrong when printing it out. :lol:
still struggling through your reviews/thoughts, Sherry.. so pleaaase be patient with me.. :pray:

But what I have read so far.. love it.. have to read it twice because when I wanted to make notes while reading it I was on the train and had no pen on me.. *note to myself, always have a pen in your bag*.. :lol: :doh:
Hopefully I'll be able to get back to you with my thoughts to yours..

Re: Bones 5.12 - The Proof in the Pudding

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 10:32 pm
by Sinkwriter72
Hey, no worries whatsoever. It took me almost two full weeks to write the thing; I certainly don't expect you to read it and comment about your thoughts in less than a day! :D Whenever you have time, I will relish hearing what you have to say.

Re: Bones 5.12 - The Proof in the Pudding

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:56 am
by Ellen
I really liked this episode, and I actually thought what Hodgins said to Angela was kind of sweet, although I will admit that I was waiting for him to add something about the possibility that she still loves him too. Other than that, I enjoyed the episode. I think my favourite bit was when Hodgins followed Sweets and Booth into the janitors closet and came out with the mop and stuff because he knew he'd been seen. I thought that was very clever.

In terms of where the relationship between Angela and Hodgins is going now, I don't know much, and if you want a little spoiler about something that happens with them, the video attached is an interview with TJ in which he gives a one word spoiler. It doesn't sound like much, lol, but it's not much of a mystery. Anyway, I thought I'd give you the choice to watch rather than just type it in, so here it is. ... ngela.html

Ps, it's good to be back here, it's been too long.

Re: Bones 5.12 - The Proof in the Pudding

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:14 pm
by AmyLynn
I liked the proposal, I thought it was sweet. Kind of a declaration of unconditional love. The two characters so belong together!

Re: Bones 5.12 - The Proof in the Pudding

Posted: Sat May 08, 2010 3:37 pm
by boo
Somehow I missed this episode, so I just saw it. I really liked this one. It's one of my favorites from this season. I love it when they are all locked up together in the lab, the lab scenes are my favorite anyway.

Hodgins was really in his element, vibrating with excitement. :lol: So cute. I have mixed feelings about the whole, I'm your guy thing. I do think they are playing him as something of a wimp. I know he's caring and supportive and understands Angela is a free spirit, but geesh .. the man has to have some cajones. I just hate that they always have him pandering to her, and it's never the other way around. Even in the wedding episode, "Please don't change your mind." Bleh .. it makes me want to cry for him.

Booth was funny in this one as his typical macho 'don't mess with my peeps, especially my main squint-squeeze,' self. But where did he get all those sets of handcuffs?? :lol:

One of my favorite parts of this episode was Brennan's decision to play things as she did for Booth's sake. I love it when they make her human. I loved the underlying affection they showed for each other in this episode. Nobody came out and said, "Hey, I'd die for you or I'd lie for you," but the implication that they each respectively would, was clear. I'm not normally a B & B shipper, but episodes like this make me feel there is hope for them.

Overall, one of my very favorite for the season, this along with Night at the Bones Museum and the new jail/wedding one are my personal faves.