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Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:51 pm
by jade.stormcloud
Okay, I guess I'll start 'er up. Sorry, this is a long one. I'll just start off by saying that I really liked this ep a lot. I've watched it twice already. The maggots at the beginning had me going "ew... ew... ew" along with the lol. Their attempts at making us sick always seem to make me laugh rather than gag. I quite enjoy the joke.

Other than that, though, I found myself not really drawn in by the opening sequence. I was worried that it was just going to be an hour of people making Brennan feel like a freak, & possibly a revisit of the "Headless Witch" type of ghost story murder. While we did have to put up with a lot of insults to Brennan, calling her creepy (et tu, Cam?), referring to her as Morticia, & describing her as not normal, Brennan's patented disregard for people's feelings certainly resulted in her giving as good as she got. Meanwhile, the case itself turned out to be less spooky ghost story & more creepy real life obsession. I loved the murder weapon, btw, it was very unique (and since I figured it out about 2 seconds before Brennan did, I believe that makes me Queen of the Lab). :)

On a side note, those people were driving me crazy. The cop was obnoxious & they all seemed to have their hormones in overdrive, except for the victim's husband. I actually felt for him when he was so stressed, trying to figure out where his wife was.

I groaned at Sweets referring to the custodian as being like "Freddy." A little too on the nose in my opinion. The guy is quite creepy enough to remind of us of his claim to fame role without needing to state it flat out. However, I loved Tempe's interactions with him. The way she looked at the creepy janitor (who brought her dead things to dissect) as a sort of friend & mentor was so adorably Brennan. "I've got a dead rabbit you could cut up." "That's so sweet." LOL. Love her. BTW, creepy custodian, the smiley ones give me the willies, too. :D

I found it odd that they decided to play married. I would have figured it'd be much more awkward since last week, but I guess since they've been ignoring the elephant for 6 years, they can still do so even after it trumpets. Still, I'm glad it wasn't completely dropped; I'm excited about the fact that we're getting some new interactions in their relationship. I like that Booth was trying to protect himself, trying to draw lines so that he & Brennan don't just keep falling back into their surrogate relationship when he wants more & she's not willing to allow it to grow into something real. I know how difficult that sort of situation can be, & I'm glad that he's letting her know that things really have changed. I'm also glad she realized why he was balking at the dance, & although she kept pushing it a bit, at least she didn't just tell him he was being stupid or irrational. While last week's B&B drama just stressed me out & made me annoyed & frustrated, this week actually managed to tug on my heartstrings a little bit. When Bones started tearing up during the "prom" scene & then Booth pulled her in close, I got a tiny bit teary myself. Poor screwed-up B&B.

On to another couple (or is it triple?). I was surprised when Hodgins brought up the pregnancy scare to Wendell. I can't imagine why he would have assumed that Angela would tell Wendell about it. What would she say? "Oh, btw, I'm not pregnant. I know you never thought I was, but I took a test to make sure, & I'm not. So, nothing to worry about. Forget I even brought it up." Anyway... I found Wendell's reaction annoying. I hate the phrase "do the right thing." That's a terrible reason to get married or raise children. Both of those things should be about love, not obligation. Luckily, Angela realized the very same thing. Yay! So, bye bye, boy toy! He always seemed too young for her, in my opinion. I know their ages aren't that far apart, but he has a quality to him that just seems too young. Wendell really is a nice guy, though. I love that he tried to encourage Angela & Hodgins back together. I thought this whole part of the story was played out really well, & I liked Hodgins' assertion that they were both "better for having known you."

I really liked the ending of this episode. That was a great toast by Bones, & I just love the whole BONES family. The ending seems to reassert that it's about more than just B&B. It's all of them that make this show what it is. & I love 'em.

Some random stuff:

"We have intercourse every chance we get." I laughed so hard at that comment. Ah, Brennan.

I loved when they stepped into the gym & everyone had knives & saws & axes. Just hilarious.

Bones trying to dance was pretty darn funny. Of course, Booth wasn't any better.

I loved Booth calling Brennan "Wednesday," because that was a nickname of mine when I was in high school. :D

On a final note, I find it so difficult to watch Hodgins without thinking, "I want one of those." :romance-inlove: Anyone else have that problem?

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:04 am
by llamalah
jade.stormcloud wrote:On a final note, I find it so difficult to watch Hodgins without thinking, "I want one of those." Anyone else have that problem?
AHHH. *raises hand*


I liked this episode too. I was getting a little frustrated with all the tweeting prior to my watching it with the rabid!fans writing how booth had moved on too quickly... and I was like HUH? then I watched it and was entertained because he is QUITE clearly lying to Sweets when he says he has a date for next week. I loved when Sweets says "really booth? really" even when the connection has been cut off! mawahahahaaa.

Then: I sighed when I saw Booths face as he pulled Bren close when she comments about missing prom. She looks all happy and at ease (and totally loving being in his arms btw) and He looks sad and then he looks like he is reciting the saints.

- When he takes her hand, its very awkward looking.
- Loved Hodgins face when he realises his mistake re: wendell being a baby daddy... and his face when he apologises to Ange about it! haa
jade.stormcloud wrote:Wendell really is a nice guy, though. I love that he tried to encourage Angela & Hodgins back together.
Me too. I loved that he wanted Hodgins to know that he had treated her right.. and also when he said "I knew she was on loan" awww.

Poor wendell..
as an aside... wendell.. If they had to choose one squintern to be there full time, I think he should be it! Cos he seems to fit best with the whole team. yep.

okay moving on.

I actually paid attention to the case this week (until BotBL) and Brens school peers are crazy. No like.. really crazy.

What was up with Sweets and the girl comments?? and no mention of the engagement.. like congrats? or yelling at him for thinking of other girls.. anywhoo.. it was funny watching his face though.

Loved the Holy Spirit comment - that was a common one at my high school (christian school) said by teachers.

Cocky belt buckle was missing this week :?

My thoughts are all over the place. sorrry. :lol:

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:45 am
by JennyLea
I too loved this episode. I loved how awkward Booth and Brennan were undercover as a married couple and I liked Booth's line "I just don't want any misunderstanding. We opened up a door that neither of us wants to walk through". I liked the leaving space for the Holy Spirit and then the pulling her in close when she was vulnerable, obviously at a great expense to him. I also loved Booth's line to Brennan at the end "It's not that they don't like you. It's that they just don't understand you."

One of the lines that had me killing myself laughing was when the Sheriff, all dressed up in her red dress, said "look at them, they're a flipping love story and I am feeding cats."

Mr. Buxley totally freaked me out. I loved that the episode had that Creep factor.

Now for the other characters...

I liked that Sweets was still tore up over Booth and Brennans relationship. Him talking to the snowy computer screen was priceless.

I loved the little interaction between Hodgins and Cam when Hodgins said "You get really bossy when you don't have flesh to play with" and she replied "That's what I am, the boss".

I liked the competition between Wendell and Hodgins during the "Show and Tell" segment and Cam's comment "I run a Kindergarten".

Now to my favourite character developements of the episode. I liked how Wendell brought up the whole pregnancy thing off hand and hodgins unthinkingly commented on it. His apology to Angela was hilarious.

I actually liked Angela's talk with Wendell and her not liking his perfectly acceptable answer. Then her conversation with Brennan basically confirmed it. I love that Hodgins is the standard that Angela is comparing other people to. I even like Angela and Wendell breaking up and her realizing that she might have a problem i.e. her leaving a string of good hearted men behind. I will admit to loving Angela and Hodgins together.This episode gave me hope of them getting back together. I also liked how Hodgins offered her the support she needed but didn't jump right in and press his suit. This gives me hope that she might initiate them getting back together. I liked Wendell's line "I've always
felt like she was on loan."

I did have a problem with the resolution of the case. When Brennan asked Buxley who made the stars and she automatically decided that the blond,I can't remember her name even after watching it several times, was the killer it set me off. She only knew that the Blond made the stars. Anyone could have gone in there while they were drying and killed the victim. In the end though when the blond was spouting off about it, it made me feel better about it because I could fill in the blanks in my mind and pretend that they simply questioned her and she decided to confess.

I loved the ending. I loved the whole group together reminiscing and laughing together. I loved that Brennen commented that that was what friendship looks like.

Overall I liked this whole episode. It was my favourite episode in a long time.


Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:18 pm
by jade.stormcloud
Okay, just got done with my third viewing of this ep. :D

I had to watch yet again to look for things some poeple had mentioned on the forums: the wedding rings they were wearing while undercover, the missing Cocky belt buckle, the FBI shirt (I don't pay much attention to Booth's clothing), & whether Booth & Wendell were in their own space at the end.

Ok, there's the FBI shirt. Yeah, just doesn't do anything for me. (However, I do keep geting a bit fixated on that sliver of abdomen that shows when Hodgins is putting on his jacket in the "better for having known you" scene. Did it just get warmer in here?)

Some people didn't think Brennan was wearing a wedding ring, & some thought she was wearing it still at the end during the toast. So, I watched B&B's hands as much as I could, & I noticed as they walked into Mr. Buxley's office that they were both wearing the wedding rings on their left hands. (Brennan is of course still wearing her mother's ring on her right hand, too.) You can also see that Bones is wearing them both during the shop room scene right after Andy leaves, & while she's taking Booth's picture with the star. It didn't look like either of them were wearing the wedding rings at the end. The only one I could see was Brennan's ring from her mother.

As for the Cocky belt buckle. No spotting of the buckle thus far. It doesn't look like he's wearing it with his jeans, but he has his shirt untucked most of the time, so it's hard to tell. No Cocky with the suit, either. I wonder what that means. Is he just not feeling cocky anymore? Does it depress him because it reminds him of her? Does he think "What's the point in showing off anymore?" It's interesting to speculate.

Booth & Wendell didn't seem to look particularly standoffish to me at the end.

Another thing I noticed, though: Bones had a pet snake in high school. So, in re the "snake phobia" that they seem to go back & forth on, I'm going to go with: Brennan has no problem with snakes (as evidenced by her having one as a pet & playing with one in "Man in the Morgue"), but she was just freaked out by the quantity of snakes in "Mummy in the Maze" & was just startled by Booth sneaking up & whisper-yelling in her ear in "Doctor in the Den."

Another fun thing for me. It seems that Bones' school colors were the same as mine.

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:45 pm
by kayleigh_marie
Okay. I'll try to keep this quick, as it seemed the episode only lasted a half hour.
The opening scene made me lol quite a bit.
Other than the cliche, "Let's make out because Katy Perry said so," deal, I loved it.
*hey let's make out!*
*no touching or anything, just like the song*
:clap: :lol:

Okay. Moving on.
I loved that Mr. Englund joined the cast. I happen to love his acting.
I shared in the groan at the "Freddy" comment. And a light chuckle.
The relationship Tempe had with .... oh, dear. I forgot his name. With the janitor, was lovely. I'm glad she had someone to spend time and bond with when she was a teen.
However... unique.

The cop made me want to die. All I can think is that she discovered her hormones after she lost all the high school weight. Other than that, a time machine is involved. She was way too old to be as immature and ruled by her hormones as she was.

I'd figured Temperance was a "freak" in school, so the comments and looks were not a shock, but it was a bit much.

As soon as the janitor lowered the stars, I knew they were the weapon.
Though I do admit, I did agree with booth on the pie cutter. lol
I've seen David's dance moves, and hate to say it, but he's not faking. He's a rather ... bad dancer. Well, in all I've seen him in, at least.

Them pretending to be married was cute, though I think the elephant may have grown. And the uncertainty on the dance floor finally showed the discomfort between them.

I'm glad Angela is finally beginning to come to her senses. I like Wendell, but not for Angela. And she's perfect with Hodgins. I can't wait for next week, so they can have the awkward conversation. :pray:

Side note*
The site crashed earlier, was anyone else on?

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:27 pm
by llamalah
jade.stormcloud wrote:(However, I do keep geting a bit fixated on that sliver of abdomen that shows when Hodgins is putting on his jacket in the "better for having known you" scene. Did it just get warmer in here?)

I mean..

yes.. what a lovely scene. :whistle:

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:06 am
by AmyLynn
Ok, I absolutely LOVED the Freddy reference!! Maybe my sense of humor is different but I thought it was 'spot on' for humor.

I really liked this episode. Each sub-plot worked well. I liked the conclusions that Angela came to- though Wendell was a good guy and would have done his duty-she didn't want to feel as though it should have been looked upon as 'a duty'. (Of course I'm also biased to the fact that Hodgins and her belong breaking up with Wendal didn't break my The fact that the two males (Wendell and Hodgins) are friends and can discuss the Angela issues says a lot.

I loved when Booth and Bones danced together. The ease at which they fit together was sweet. I love the litle simple moments that show how good they would be together. (Romantic at

While I loved all the sub plots, I really found myself more invested in them than in the main plot and finding out who killed the For some reason I really didn't care...I just wanted to experience what the characters were facing with each other and where their particular stories were going.

The ending was awesome! It was so cozy and comfortable. Interaction between friends, no pressure, just enjoying each other!!

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:43 am
by ThyneAlone
Well, everyone's said it all, as I come here rather late! But I really like this one. As I have said elsewhere, I love stories that give us background. I like seeing Brennan’s development from school age to nowadays, and making that connection in my head. 'Time Capsule' delighted me in that it not only pushed my grossout buttons (yes; funny, Jade! Though my husband never thinks so, but then if he will eat during the programme..), gave out a good lab team vibe and recorded schoolday emotions and obsessions with which as a teacher I am really familiar, but encapsulated an era I lived through. Nostalgia rules, though not as well as it did in the past

This episode ticked all those boxes too (interesting maggot visual just as we were reacting to the girl on girl experiment!), and neatly referenced slasher movies in the process. It’s always nice to see the team working well together at a physical distance from one another. It means the writers can’t over-focus on Brennan when they’re in the lab, they have to show interaction on the other squint fronts, which lends the show balance and at last, in this case, removes the contrived device that the relationship between Angela and Wendell has always been. I seem to have been waiting for movement in that arc for ages.

Well, Tempe had some bizarre schoolmates, that’s for sure, I’m quite surprised she didn’t fit in. Though I do think some of the comments and the name calling were a bit OTT. Usually some kind of veil of social respectability descends to prevent such behaviours once adolescence is over and the larvae emerge into adult society – even though the feelings behind them remain. It’s strange, but in my experience true, that some of those old school friend traumas and attitudes do seem to hang on. The killer was clearly mentally disturbed under that Stepford wife exterior, but one wonders why this hadn’t been picked up earlier, given that she and the victim had cold-bloodedly and with malice aforethought murdered one of their peers in their teens. Knowing what they’d shared (very ‘I Know What You Did..’), Evelyn must have been absolutely terrified when her partner in crime demanded her ‘turn’.

Although Robert Englund did well, Mr Huxley was rather too clichéd for me, too Freddy. I think it could have been done more subtly with similar effect, him being the sort of Lurch mentor to Bones’ Wednesday Addams. The music that accompanied him was driving me insane, excuse me, I’ve already taken the hint! However, all the shots (and sounds!) of cutting implements everywhere worked better as the hilarious spoof which was intended. Even though, like everyone else, I had the star thing down well before anybody mentioned it onscreen.

I enjoyed that there were continuity references to last week’s awkwardness, that even though the married couple guise that they have adopted once or twice previously fell onto them a little too naturally, there was still embarrassment at the dancing, along with the mention of opening a door they weren’t intending to go through. Sometimes the characters don’t seem to react at all to a previous plot point, they just proceed as usual, this being so true of Hodgins and Angela that their development in and out of couplehood has been weirdly fractured. Speaking of which, nobody ought to treat Angela as a duty unless they are really planning to break up with her! I couldn’t quite get why Wendell thought that Angela should have told him about her pregnancy scare, it was after all a fairly short-lived one and still at the ‘check again, it may be a mistake’ stage (and then again, given the nature of their relationship, which has seemed mainly a friendly one and not a deep commitment, even if she had been pregnant, she might have chosen not to involve him to any great degree). Unless he thought, more realistically, that she should have told him rather than Hodgins. He wouldn’t have known it was an accident that Jack found out.

I do hope people aren’t going to start telling Hodgins and Angela that they ‘belong together’ as Wendell does here and as everyone seems to tell Brennan and Booth all the time. Nevertheless a most enjoyable ep, I’ll be rewatching that one. I don’t always. I think there are some episodes on my S3 DVD that I have never revisited!

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:56 am
by Jude40
Hi all

Well I seriously loved this epi, I'm loving all the nostalgia lately and I'm actually going to a reunion of my old office soon although I'm guessing no-one will be murdered!

I didn't think that people at Brennan's school were all that weird its just that most of the few you saw in the story were but when you're building up to who could be a murderer I reckon that could happen. I'm thinking that in most school years there are people who are eccentric I won't go into details but there defo were in mine.

Anyway I digress I loved Robert Englund and the Freddie references, not subtle at all and not intended to be just a giggle. The one bad thing about his appearance was that I had that damn rhyme going round in my head all day 'One, two, Freddie's coming for you...' Took me back to going to the cinema to see it though, Mr Depp's first major film. I love Freddie Kreuger he was spooky yea but funny too in a very black way and Mr Englund just brought that all back.

I too loved the dance and Booth resorting to religion again to resist temptation except this time he called the holy spirit in and not the saints. I felt like crying for Brennan talking about the prom she didn't get to.

I do have some questions about Andy Fleuger, did he look like someone who was ever the varsity lacrosse captain? Has he had a complete change of personality and if not would Brennan really fancy a very weird looking perv and if she did fancy him then why was she now saying it was the other way round. This one is more to do with TBinTC, were the smurfs still big in the US in the 90s as I thought they were more of an 80s things but surely Brennan was high school age in the 90s.

I actually guessed the murderer as soon as I knew who the victim was although not quite the whole motive. That women was very Stepford Wives.

I loved Emily's comedic skills in this one, that intercourse comment was hysterical as was her dancing!

I wasn't very impressed with Michael Grant Terry he didn't really express much emotion at all considering his character had just been dumped. Although I'm glad that happened 'cos Hodgela are on the way back good and proper and that means more TJ who btw was brill in this as ever.

Finally its absolutely odds on certain that B&B will be together romantically at some point, not sure where or when but its gonna happen and I'm actually quite liking what the writers are doing with the relationship at the moment the drawing things out is not as irritating as I thought it would be.

Anyway, that was really long, oops forgot the best bit...

The ending was one of the best ever its great when they all act as a family and it was brill to see Brennan just chillin' for once, it seemed like there was a lot of Emily in that scene. It seemed to be saying that no matter what, friendship is always there.

Anyway thats defo all now

Catch you later

Jude x

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:03 pm
by hanneDK
:clap: Finally I got to see it.. better late than ever.. :D Kat, I'm refering to your comments yesterday lol

I loved it.. I was really afraid that it would be an hour of totally awkwardness between B/B - I was happy that it was nothing at all besides that little bit before they start the slowdance (what a great song to dance to - one of my fav songs - sorry side track).

Now we know how Bones was in High School - that strange one who hanged out with the janitor, called Creepy and Mortia...
Speaking of the janitor - wow, so creepy played by Robert Englund.. Could never get through any of his movies - just because of him.. scared the S*** out of me.. :o :o
Was it just me or was he just a tad protective of Bones?!
Hodgins was wrong about how he would react/do if he found out (can't remember in what epi he mentioned it).. Wendell wanted to do the right thing - were as Hodgins want to do it out of want for her and "the baby". Angela saw the light - finally..
The way Angela broke it off with Wendell was nice.. don't know why but it didn't sound corny - dumping him because of his "sense of duty".. because we know "duty" is not Angela.. too free spirited. And they both knew who was the right one for her? :think:

Wendell and Hodgins talk about Angela, how she made them better men.. aww.. the love they both have for her.. there were an unspoken understanding between them. In some why Wendell sounded okay if the were a second chance for Hodgins and Angela.

As for the story/high school reunion.. dude! Love triangle between Julie, Evelyn and Brad.. that they shared him - the pagt.. what strange reason to kill Sara, just because she had been with Brad - she got in the way.. and Julie to kill Evelyn because she didn't want to "hand over" Brad.. FOr me Julie was the creepy one..

Wow can't believe I've been babbling so much for once.. I might return with some more thoughts..

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:17 pm
by Akarana
I watched this epi after it aired in Canada and didn't want to post here afterwards, so I wouldn't spoil anyone and then forgot about it... anyway I hope I won't forget anything important now.

First, I overall liked the episode. Mainly for two reasons: Creepy High school Brennan and Cam.

That Freddy guy was really creepy and I can totally see why everyone would be freaked out by him. And to be honest: Up to this episode I always thought that Brennan's lacking social skills were the only reason why she had trouble in school. However after seen this epi: Boy, she was a freak! Getting dead animals from the creepy guy.... Yuck! I guess if she had been in my school she would have scared me.
Her spazzy dancing was too funny and I found the case interesting.

And then there was Cam. She was back to her hilarious one-liners again. I was laughing so hard at the "I am the boss" and the "I run a kindergarten" comments. She really is my favorite, I can't help it, I love her.

The only thing that made me growl in frustration was the Angela/Wendell/Hodgins thing.
No, actually I don't mind the Wendell Angela thing. If they are together or not... I really don't care. They both know it's not super serious, Wendell made that clear during their talk at the Founding Fathers. So I'm ok with that. I get why they broke up, fine by me. No one really got hurt, they had some fun and that's that.

What I really don't get is why the writers give us that "I'm a better person because I've been with Angela" crap. Is that supposed to make me feel better about her? Root for her and Hodgins again after every thing she's done. Just because Hodgins is a lovesick fool doesn't mean I have amnesia.
So she realizes now, slowly, what she had with Hodgins. Ok, fine. But what about that whole Roxy thing that came directly after Hodgins?!
I still hear her say "I wish I could tell you that I can't fall in love with men, because it would make you feel better, but... I can."
So now, after she was devastated over the break up from Roxy (while the one from Hodgins didn't really seem to affect her) she now finds out what a great guy he is?!
This whole story line is making me so frustrated I wanna scream.
For me there are two options: 1.Angela was never really in love with Hodgins, she ended it, moved on and didn't care what he was going through. Not her fault, because she had moved on.
2. Angela was with him but then turned into a cold hearted ... whatever, stomp on his heart, didn't care about it, and now that she had her fun while he suffered, she decides she needs him back.
With option 1 I could live and even like her again. But then they should NOT get back together.
Option 2 makes me angry, considering Angela is now supposed to be the perfect woman, up on some throne and she most likely will be kind enough to grant Hodgins the mercy of her attention again.
If they choose option 2, then she should suffer before she gets him back. She has to realized that not every time she snaps with her fingers he will come running back. That's just not right!
And he shouldn't be such an idiot and do exactly that.
He's a better person because he's been with her... sure. ok. But she obviously will never become a better person if he lets her do whatever she wants and then takes her back.

Ok, rant over, I guess. Needed to vent a bit.

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:49 pm
by jade.stormcloud
Jude40 wrote: I do have some questions about Andy Fleuger, did he look like someone who was ever the varsity lacrosse captain? Has he had a complete change of personality and if not would Brennan really fancy a very weird looking perv and if she did fancy him then why was she now saying it was the other way round. This one is more to do with TBinTC, were the smurfs still big in the US in the 90s as I thought they were more of an 80s things but surely Brennan was high school age in the 90s.
I wondered the same thing about Andy. He just doesn't seem the same as she discribed him.

As for the Smurfs, the show ran from 1981-1989, originally, although there were reruns for long after (probably still even today, somewhere). :P So, Brennan would have been 5-13 years old when they originally ran. Even though new episodes were no long coming out while she was in high school (1990-1994), she could still have had a soft spot for them.

Cartoons I remember from my middle school/high school days- Mysterious Cities of Gold (this one was in reruns - it originally aired in the early 80's), Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales...

Another connection for me & Brennan, we both graduated the same year. :) Same graduation year, same school colors, same nickname...It's like we were separated at birth! Except for that fact that she's a wildly successful millionaire, & I'm sort of permanently between careers. LOL

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:03 am
by SmackyKennedy
On a final note, I find it so difficult to watch Hodgins without thinking, "I want one of those." :romance-inlove: Anyone else have that problem?
Yes, I have that problem too. Especially when he gave Angela the "I'm your guy" speech. I don't know if it's TJ or the character exactly but I always want to just give him a big hug when I see him. Also, after seeing the last episode I really miss his hair. He looks good either way, but I do love that mess of curls! My kid's hair is like that and I refuse to cut it while I still have control over it.

Hodgins was truly adorable when he was apologizing to Angela after spilling the beans to Wendell. I did immediately catch the "abdomen" showing too--I think because I was busy looking for the rubber band. :roll: Very nice TJ scenes throughout, he makes it look effortless.

Anyway...I really liked this episode and have managed to watch it a couple of times, basically just agreeing with a lot of what has already been said....

I thought some of it was over the top as far as her classmates' comments and even her comments. "We have intercourse every chance we get." Haha. And the scene with Mr. Buxley and the ribs was a bit much for me. He was very creepy though. (I only managed 1 of the Freddy movies, yikes!) I thought the hormonal cop was very funny, the actress did a great job!

Ah, felt bad for Bones about the "prom I never had" line. Never went to mine either, so I can relate. Seal too :( So sweet how Booth relaxed and just held her :romance-heart: I'm glad I didn't make my high school reunion, pretty sure it would have been just as awkward all around, bad dancing and all.

The opening scene was hysterical and so was the scary movie music when they were examining the skull. The scene with all her classmates holding knives and saws was very nicely done too. :chores-chopwood:

I've never liked Wendell much, not because he was with Angela, but he just bores me. The other interns seems to have more quirkiness to them. I did find him myself liking him in this episode though. I am happy they broke up to make way for Angela and Hodgins, but as mentioned below, I hope Angela initiates it. I'd kinda like to see a love interest for him to make her jealous first. Soap opera, yes, but I'd like to see him have a little fun too.

Sweets had some good moments in this episode too, "really Booth?" and the pink shirt. Nice happy ending too. I liked Brennan's comment about friendship, rare for her and it looked like Cam was surprised to hear it. It's nice knowing the cast was probably really was cracking each other up too :romance-grouphug:

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:25 am
by hanneDK
jade.stormcloud wrote:

On a final note, I find it so difficult to watch Hodgins without thinking, "I want one of those." :romance-inlove: Anyone else have that problem?
jade.stormcloud wrote:(However, I do keep geting a bit fixated on that sliver of abdomen that shows when Hodgins is putting on his jacket in the "better for having known you" scene. Did it just get warmer in here?)
Two exellent point we got here.. :-)
Are there more of those - because I WANT one! :romance-inlove:

I also noticed that sliver of the addomen - it got really hot! Had a little bit difficulties to concentrate after that.. :whistle:
Which isen't me, I never get such thoughts.. :angelic-innocent: hey who am I kidding.. :-) Want more of that..

Think I will watch it again for the 3rd time now..

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 7:48 am
by boo
I thought this episode was very poorly written and directed and well below average. However, I always still get "something" out of a Bones and this was no exception. I absolutely loved Brennan's hilarious "dancing" and her comment that her classmates had never appreciated it. So funny. And of course, my favorite bits were with Hodgins. The way he high-tailed it out of his office as Wendell was removing his gloves (or whatever) and made a beeline for Angela to apologize for opening his little fat trap. Lol. That was sooo cute. I could just grab him and eat him up!! And all the stuff where Wendell says Angela was on loan ... awww ... (aside from the icky reminder that she's been around the block a thousand times or two, lol.)

I want to say that TJ has made Jack Hodgins so real for me. Very few actors have played a part so thoroughly, so completely, that they actually "co-created" the part and made that person more than just the work of fiction the writer originally created. At least, for me. I don't know how Hart originally envisioned JH. I assumed he intended for him to be the stereotypical lab geek .. (whatever that is, lol) but somehow I credit TJ with fleshing out the Hodgins character so well that Hart and tptb actually took the time to develop him in to a fully dimensional person with a fascinating back story and gave him the self confidence that (sadly) many geeks lack, which allowed him to be a passionate and sexual being in addition to the brilliant doctor with 3 phd's. I love every thing, every ... thing about this character, Jack Hodgins. And I thank Hart for creating the character in the first place, and I credit TJ for bringing him to "life" and again credit Hart for noticing that and fleshing him out even more, and giving us this great and fun and witty and sexy and mega intelligent person of Jack Hodgins. Oh my .. I do love him so much. *sigh*

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 8:13 am
by ThyneAlone
Can I just say ditto here?
Yes I think I can.
Thanks boo.

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 2:01 pm
by boo
Haha, you're welcome ThyneAlone. I'm not accustomed to people agreeing with me in general, so it's nice to know someone who agrees with me at least on one subject. :dance:

I hope it's not too naughty to add that Jack/TJ - TJ/Jack are such pleasant material for my fantasies. :romance-cloud9: The man just does it for me. *drool* :whistle:

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 4:28 pm
by jade.stormcloud
Well, I'd totally have to agree with you, too, boo, when it comes to Hodgins! He's very nearly the perfect guy (if only he were real... & living next door to me :mrgreen: )!

And TJ himself is so talented, & sweet, & boundlessly enthusiastic... & cute... I'm sorry, my mind wandered off a bit. :P Seriously, though, I'd love to meet him irl & get to know what he's really like.

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Fri May 07, 2010 1:05 pm
by boo
I know, I've thought the same thing, jade. But then I've thought .. I would want him to be like Jack, because I love Jack so much. And what if he were completely different? It's hard to imagine I wouldn't still want him though. :lol:

Re: Bones 5.17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Posted: Fri May 07, 2010 2:15 pm
by jade.stormcloud
I imagine that he'd be quite different from Jack in many ways, but I also imagine there'd be some similarities. No bugs, slime & conspiracies, but he seems to have the same sort of enthusiasm for his career, & life in general, as Hodgins does. Also, they both seem to share a certain sweet sentimentality. However, that's just the impression I get. While I love Hodgins to pieces, I think I'm actually pretty good at differentiating between the actor & the part, & it's what I've seen of TJ that makes me wish I could just hang out with him & get to know him better. If that makes any sense. lol.

The same is actually true of Emily. I love Bones to pieces, as well, but it's the things I know about Emily, such as her animal rights activism & the fact that she's vegan, that make me think I might enjoy hanging out with her, too. She'd know all the best restaurants that I could actually eat at, for one thing! :D

Well, I think we've managed to veer away a bit from the main topic of this thread, now. :P