Bones 5.22 The Beginning in the End

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Re: Bones 5.22 The Beginning in the End

Post by TJ4ever »

I don't have so much thoughts about this episode as you all. First it's been a while since I saw it and second I cannot say it so well in English!

I remember that I liked watching this episode. But I also have to say that I was a bit disappointed about the B&B goodbye! I expected more! Maybe even a little kiss, which they need to discuss when they are back??? But well, guess we have to be patient! :? :( I must say I still cannot wait to see them together! I really want to see them together!

Can't wait to watch season 6! Really looking forward to it!

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Re: Bones 5.22 The Beginning in the End

Post by jusbcuzz »

I will admit that this is the only episode i actually yelled at the tv. :lol: I like seeing the characters on their own such as Hodgins, Sweets and the car. Had nothing to do with work. Get to see a different side of those we think we know. Gives them another dimension. I hope we get to see more of that sort of stuff.
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Re: Bones 5.22 The Beginning in the End

Post by Sinkwriter72 »

I like seeing Brennan's renewed passion for anthropology. I really do feel that's something that's been missing about her character, and it makes sense for her to feel a pull to return to it.

Interesting, too, is that Cam points out that Brennan's main focus lately has been on crime. That made me reflect back to when Goodman was the boss. He seemed more interested in the ancient bones and museum-type findings, and only loaned out Brennan to the FBI in the interest of inter-company politics. I know Cam's primarily a cop but I wonder why we've never really seen her show more interest in the non-crime-related Jeffersonian work. Does she prefer crime lab stuff, or do the writers forget that the Jeffersonian team as a whole used to focus more on other pursuits before Booth came along?

HODGINS: We did, however, find 36 waffle irons. No syrup, though, so... what's the point?

LOL. I love his little asides, and Tj plays them with just the right amount of comic timing. :mrgreen:

Loved the little Sweets-Hodgins exchange while they sorted through the piles of garbage in the apartment. Hodgins has no squeamish factor. I, however, would be cringing and doing a little dance, wanting to get out of there, given all the 'bats, rats, mice, squirrels and fleas,' according to Hodgins… EWWWWWW.

I'd forgotten how annoying I find the whole Angela's father appearing and disappearing game. It's just not necessary to me. I dig Billy Gibbons and ZZ Top ("Cheap Sunglasses" is probably one of my favorite ZZ Top songs, FYI), but I think this unreal stuff involving Angela's dad removes groundedness from the episodes involved, because it's not realistic at all that a man would kidnap his daughter's ex-boyfriend, give him a tattoo of his daughter and dump him in the desert, leaving him there. Or make him steal a car and sic dogs on him. It's so ludicrous. And while that might make for a funny, slapsticky sort of scene in some kind of over-the-top comedy, it's just not right for a show like Bones. This show is about murder and (more extensively) about relationships. Goofy stuff like what they keep doing with Angela's dad pulls the show right out of reality and into some weird fantasy bullshit. In my view, it cheapens the show's writing, forcing it into some wacky style rather than allowing for true moments of connection (or dissonance) involving Angela's father and Hodgins. It's really frustrating.

I've said this in another episode thread, but I can't help saying it again, as I watch Brennan walk across the street on her way to meet Booth: it bugs me that they keep putting Brennan in dresses and heels throughout this season. It's like they're altering her as a character. Cam is the glam gal; she's the dresses and heels character. Brennan doesn't dress like that, especially when working. It would be illogical, given that she has to slog through mud and slime and gross body parts. What happened to our 'eco warrior,' as Zack once dubbed her in the pilot? Why is Brennan dressed like she's going to a 1950's cocktail party? It's just ridiculous. Maybe it's nitpicky, but truly… it's not who she is. If they were to show that as part of an issue she's having, make it a point in some storyline, then it would have purpose, but to dress her up like this, with no point, just seems like the network is trying to use her to draw viewers. And honestly? I thought Brennan was far sexier when she dressed in jeans and tank tops and badass boots and her funky cultural jewelry. Because she was HERSELF like that. This new look just goes to remind me that the writers are changing Brennan, and not in an authentic way.

Okay, moving on…

I find Daisy kind of grating (can't help it, sorry), but I do like that she's so enthusiastic about her work. She's always been that way, and it's a nice reminder to Brennan about the exciting nature of their work, of finding something that no one else can see or understand, and uncovering information that could change the way the world looks at an individual, a particular culture of people, or time period, or way of life. It's neat, as well, that she looks up to Brennan so much, and wants her to come on the dig, presumably to continue to learn from her. I like that a lot.

And I like the analogy of treating the apartment full of crap as if it were an archeological dig, with the entire team working to find important and pertinent information amidst the dirt and mess and pointless stuff.

I'm a little surprised that Angela wasn't more 'go for it' when Brennan talked about going to Moluku. Maybe that shows how much Angela has changed, how she now feels a little more comfortable planting roots and not wandering so much like she used to. For her not to immediately tell Brennan to go on the dig and have a good time was unusual. Though I did think that the 'you and Booth on opposite ends of the world isn't going to work' was a little too pointed in forcing the subject of Booth/Brennan. Throughout the episode, everyone keeps talking about them like that, when we already know. It's beating us over the head with that message too many times. It's not necessary -- we can see and hear from Brennan's worries that she's conflicted about going on the trip and leaving her partnership with Booth.

Hodgins has Booth on speed dial. I don't know why, but that tickles me. :D

HODGINS: "I am so turned on by [Angela's] brain. I'd like to see her brain totally naked."
ME: Oh, Hodgins. That is... oddly sweet, in a bizarre way.

I'm not even going to dignify the whole Sweets-Hodgins steal-a-car caper with a comment. I already pointed out my issues with the way they write Angela's father. It makes the show seem completely ludicrous and unreal. Enough said.

(Tj is always funny, though. He sells whatever he's given, and I give him major props for that.)

I like the exchange between Cam and Brennan. They've had such a challenging relationship; back when Cam first joined the Jeffersonian she was ready to fire Brennan. So it's lovely that Cam can now stand before Brennan and let her know that while there are other forensic anthropologists out there in the world, no one can do the job like Brennan does.

Hodgins speaking French? Hot.

Hodgins whisking Angela off to Paris for a year? Really romantic. (Cruel to Cam and the people who hired them at the Jeffersonian, who are already losing Brennan and Daisy with little to no notice, but still… really romantic.)

Even sweeter? That chart Hodgins made for Brennan of all the insects and reptiles and creatures on her trip that could sting or bite her, and what to do if they do. I really love that. I find it so funny and delightful.

I kind of wish they'd hugged each other (Brennan and Hodgins). They did before, once upon a time. After all, Brennan hugged Cam goodbye, and she didn't almost die with Cam.

I don't have much to say about the decisions Booth and Brennan made. I already talked about it a little bit in my Boy With The Answer 'review.' I think they were good (yet really difficult) decisions. I think it was good for the both of them to step back from the work they'd done for the FBI for a while, especially Brennan. I would hope that such a choice would end up being a rewarding one in the long run and bring insights that neither had realized they needed.

We'll see, I guess! I'm on to watch season 6. At long last.
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Re: Bones 5.22 The Beginning in the End

Post by jade.stormcloud »

I agree about the clothes. Definitely liked the eco-warrior look much better. I think it's possible that Emily has more control over Brennan's wardrobe now. The stuff Brennan wears seems to look more & more like the stuff Emily wears, and less & less like the casual, practical stuff she used to favor.
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Re: Bones 5.22 The Beginning in the End

Post by SmackyKennedy »

So agree with you both on the clothes too!! I used to love Brennan's look and wanted most of her wardrobe, particularly the jewelry. It seemed more fitting with the character. Now I'm more of a fan of Angela's look. Cam always looks fabulous too, but I would have no reason to dress like that every day. :)
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