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Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:44 am
by ThyneAlone
Phew! Cos I like those two. :)

Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:03 pm
by jade.stormcloud
Clark will be back as well.

Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:13 pm
by AmyLynn
Ok, so it wasn't one of the best premieres I've seen, but I guess it was ok. I don't like the fact that they already have Angela pregnant, (though I knew that was going to happen.) I agree with a lot of what was already said, especially the announcement of pregnancy. The Brennen/Booth thing I kind of look at it with that old saying, 'I love the one I'm with when I'm not with the one I love.' It's easy for him to have feelings for someone else when Brennen isn't right there and he's seeing her on a daily basis, but no matter how you want to turn your feelings off for someone it just doesn't happen like that. It'll be interesting I think.
Jack definitely needs more story line..I was REALLY dissapointed with how little we saw of him. I love the B&B thing, it was my initial attraction to Bones, but I think it needs to be balenced better.
I am definitely hoping that Sweets DOES NOT give Daisey back the ring, their break-up is a high lite for me, and I have to say, I'm not big on facial hair, but I kind of liked that look on Sweets!!
All in all I'm for giving it a chance, even with the couple changes I don't particularly like...I hope it does get better though.

Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:18 am
by English Al
I wasnt sure what to make of the episode, so I kinda just went along with it. Good to see them all come back together, but it was a shame we didn't see Hodgy and Angela in Paris, or at least returning home somehow. I guess the show is called Bones though.

We need to get Mr Nigel-Murray back though.

Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:31 am
by Ellen
Loved this episode. :lol: Hodgins was so happy. I love Happy Hodgins. :)
Favourite quote has to be- "Ok, we'll talk about this when you get your brain back."-Angela.

Also, when Hodgins says, "I have an announcement to make," and Angela goes, "yes he does; we're going home."

Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:30 pm
by Jude40
Hi all

I am majorly shocked that I am saying this but I liked this epi which I've only just watched. I don't know whether it's a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder but it was so cool to just put the comfy pair of slippers back on and wallow.

I didn't like the start with Booth and Brennan still away it felt contrived and just really unlikely plus Daisy stripping off was just silly; I did like Brennan kicking ass though.

Once everyone was back together I really enjoyed it. The new improved Lance is pretty cool and I actually found it quite cute him and Daisy 'not' being together. I loved the scene with Brennan and Angela when Angela mentioned the pregnancy, Brennan's reaction was just so like her. Which leads me to the fact that Brennan was way more believeable in this, awkward withouit being annoying.

I loved the scene with Jack and Angela discussing the pregnancy, Hodgins was just so adorable. It kinda felt right that we didn't see the really private intitial discussion between Jack and Angela just the afterglow.

my absolute fave scene though was the one with Brennan and Caroline, finally I saw what HH has been saying has been happening for a while Brennan getting a situation and reacting in an emotional manner, just lovely for want of a better word and Caroline's reaction was absolutely priceless. I love Patricia Belcher she is just class personified.

All in all roll on next epi (well next for me I know the season is actually well advanced now). I think Warehouse 13 is still up there as my new fave but it is really good to see Bones again and catch up with all the old crew.

Catch you later


Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:11 am
by ThyneAlone
You make some good points there Jude, especially the mention of the Caroline/Brennan scene, I liked that too, but no - even on second viewing I don't find it entirely convincing and neither did my other half. Angela telling Brennan about the pregnancy before she did Hodgins was inappropriate, I thought (though it could be argued that she wanted to be entirely sure before saying anything), and I did feel strongly that I wanted to see the daddy's initial reaction - after all, we have seen their intimate moments before!

I think you might find Lance regresses to slightly anodyne next week, but then I didn't like the removal of the face fungus and the bohemian attitude simultaneously.

Hey, I thought W13 was on at the same time as Bones. Oh duh - recording works, doesn't it? Or maybe it was a repeat. Actually I have now watched an ep on your recommendation - it was the Eureka crossover - and I have to say I am quite impressed. Tho the SFX review was a bit lukewarm. Looks promising though.

Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:12 am
by Jude40
Steph, I can see both points of view regarding Hodgins and Angela with the pregnancy; I think I was just amazed that I liked the epi overall 'cos I'd convinced myself that I wouldn't.

I'm glad you took a chance and watched a Warehouse epi, it sounds like it was '13.1' you watched with the computers taking over; I cried at that epi it was the thought of someone living for over thirty years with only part of their brain functioning and missing out on so much. I'm such a wuss!

If you get chance watch 'Age Before Beauty' online, THE most lovely scene between a male and female character ever, just sizzling chemistry wise (in a platonic way). I was talking to my mate yeaterday and apparently she is a Warehouse fan and adores Eddie Mc so of course I was milking it; 'well I've had dinner with Eddie', 'well I've had my photo taken with Eddie'. Apparently she really hates me now go figure!

I'ts kinda nice to have Bones AND Warehouse to watch and of course Lie to Me is back too (although I missed last weeks epi).

Anyway I'm back into the swing of things with Bones now so I'll carry on reviewing as I watch the epis.

Catch you later

Jude x

Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 5:16 am
by Ellen
I love the points you made, Jude. I definitely agree with you that it was good that we didn't see Angela telling Hodgins about the baby. I thought the scene of the happy aftermath was really adorable and so for me it totally worked.

The scene between Carloline and Brennan was really funny. :)

Also being in the UK, I am behind on episodes too. The second episode airs tonight and I am very excited to see it. So I suppose I'll catch you guys over in that topic tomorrow! :) x

Re: Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:09 pm
by Sinkwriter72
Okay, I've rewatched this episode, and I still stand behind the comments I made about it earlier in this thread, back when the episode first aired.

But I've jotted down a few other thoughts, for the record. :shifty:

Sad case. I always struggle to watch when the cases involve children. It's brutal and so, so sad. But I was glad the cases got resolved semi-happily -- with the missing boy found safe and sound and returned to his mother, and the poor woman whose child died is likely not going to be charged because it was a horrible accident. That was a relief.

It also offered up an interesting theme for the entire episode, how family is important and affects people's lives in different ways. The missing kid was kidnapped by his own father, who was trying to use the child to get back at his ex-wife. The poor family who lost their child were only trying to grieve and put the child to rest in a humane and loving manner. Booth almost loses a child in a stand-off in Afganistan, and -- shaken by that experience -- is reminded of his own son, and how much he wants to be home with him, helping to shape his life. Angela and Hodgins make a choice to return to DC, partially because it's where they want to have their child.The entire team comes back together as a well-oiled unit and as a special but odd sort of family. And they return to help Cam, because she is their family and they all look out for each other like family. I like that theme a lot.

I kind of got a kick out of Booth showing Caroline his phone picture of Hannah, his hot new girlfriend. They were talking like two buddies. It was hilarious and cute.

I liked the banter between Booth and Brennan throughout this episode, especially in the car. The exchange about Booth being a tiger, or a fast-moving flea, was pretty funny. And they brought the joke back again later, which was nice follow-through.

I love Hodgins' reaction to the baby news. Tj's expressions were so joyous and sweet, and the way he just kept reiterating that they were going to have a baby and that he was going to be a dad was adorable.

I just still really wish we could have seen that initial moment when he finds out. I think Tj would have played the hell out of it. It bums me a bit because I feel like we get crumbs for Angela and Hodgins and their relationship these days. The early days, we got such gorgeous moments that played throughout the course of the relationship. We didn't miss anything. But now… we get the two of them AFTER they've already decided to get married, we don't get to see them in Paris or enjoying a life as husband and wife for a while first, and now we miss the moment when Angela first finds out she's pregnant (which I have to believe had to have blown her mind and possibly freaked her out, even if just for a little while, given her past difficulties with possible pregnancy and with commitment), and we don't get to see her tell her husband. It's just not as fulfilling as it could be, is my point.

With that scene between Brennan and Caroline at the end, when Caroline sees Brennan smiling at her and she's all, "What are YOU looking at?" ... LOL. I have renewed my love for Caroline. Her attitude, her sass, her underlying softness. She's a fun character, and Patricia Belcher plays her so awesomely. Yay for Caroline.

I don't understand how that entire Jeffersonian facility shut down just because Brennan, Angela and Hodgins left it. There were tons of people working there, and not all of them working with Brennan, Angela or Hodgins. I'm sure they worked on artifacts and museum stuff, like people who worked for Goodman. So… why was that entire lab shut down and locked up? It doesn't make sense to me. It feels forced just so they could be dramatic and bring the team back together and then make a pointed comment about Booth and Brennan and the 'elephant' -- er, mastodon -- in the room. *eyeroll* Unsubtle. They could have skipped that over-obviousness and brought the team back together while still having the Jeffersonian space already occupied. In fact, it might be humorous if they all came back and had to fight for some space, to get their offices and workspaces back. Jack's an only child -- I'm thinking he doesn't like to share a desk. LOL.

Overall, it was an okay episode, but I think it could have been more poignant if they hadn't leaned so hard on pointing out too much about Booth and Brennan. For an episode about everyone coming together to help Cam, it should have been more of a team focus all around, as a family. Not as couples (Angela & Hodgins, Booth & Brennan, Daisy & Sweets). Especially if you're going to ignore one of the prime couples and not give them proper story or screen time (*cough* Angela & Hodgins *cough*).