Bones 6.14 The Bikini in the Soup

Discussion of TJ's most popular venture to date!
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Bones 6.14 The Bikini in the Soup

Post by skftex »

Starting this one because I just have to rant about something (it'll be a short rant). Hodgins doesn't know how to be romantic and needs help to come up with something for Angela? HODGINS????? That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. :shock: :angry-banghead: :angry-banghead:

Other than that, I liked Booth and Brennan in this one, they seemed a lot more like earlier seasons, really comfortable and funny.

I missed the beginning, so I didn't get to see body being found, so I'll have to go back and watch that part.

Oops, forgot this photo I saw on Facebook today that was one of the behind the scenes from this episode. I saw it and said "OH NO!!! TJ IS MISSING A HAND!" the arm you can see all of, it looks like his hand is missing doesn't it? Looks just like his sleeve is there and stops and nothing is coming out of it...then I realized he is wearing black gloves. LOL


Okay people...DISCUSS! ;)
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Re: Bones 6.14 The Bikini in the Soup

Post by Akarana »

I said I'd discuss from now on, so here I am (again)

First let me say that I liked the episode a lot. It was funny and awkward and romantic. However another episode where I didn't really pay too much attention to the case.

From the first moment on it amused me that especially Hodgins was so psyched that Cam didn't want a murder because she was going on a date. It seems like he is kind of scared of her and then again not really.

Of course I loved this episode because of Cam. Her insistence that it wasn't murder (at first) made me laugh and once she realized that it actually was murder and she set the countdown: SO good! Reminds me of what Booth once said "That intimidation thing is kind of cute".
I also loved it that while she did all but say that she was anxious to have fun that night in the hotel room, she was so squirmish about Clark and his stories. He implied nothing else than she did.

What I enjoyed in a mean kind of way was when Cam FINALLY pointed out that she's not much older than Brennan. Brennan's inappropriate comments about Cam's age/childlessness and being single have annoyed me for a while and that she finally put her in place by pointing out that they're in the same boat, or that she actually has a boyfriend now while Brennan doesn't, made me go "Ha!".

And I truly love her scenes with Paul. I still wish they'd chosen someone a bit burlier and less puppy-ish, but somehow they work together and their scenes are really sweet. He's just as awkward as she is and him overdoing the flower-thing just proves that.

Ok, enough with Cam, I think you all know by now that she's my favorite.

Let's continue with Hodgins. And Angela. I think this was the first episode since the end of last season where I liked the Hodgela scenes. They were sweet and cute and even romantic in the end, but not as "overdone" as the scenes before. I didn't feel the need to fast forward and/or mute.
I have to agree though, it is strange that someone who spelled "be my love" in fish(bacteria) needs help to come up with a truly romantic gift. The name of the new fungus sounded familiar though, didn't he already want to name something after Angela and then couldn't? I think I remember something like that.
However his search for the perfect gift and nagging his coworkers about it made for some funny scenes and Cam and Hodgins throwing lines back and forth always cracks me up.
(Btw, did anyone notice the kind-of-out-of-character move of TJ? We all know he and Tamara are friends and somewhat doubt he thought twice about taking/touching her hand for a moment to stop "Cam" from leaving the room. However considering the boss-subordinate-coworker relationship Cam and Hodgins have it was a bit too intimate for the Cam/Hodgins relationship, in my opinion. It made me smile though, because I thought "Aw, TJ and TT are such good friends.")

Booth and Brennan are working better again now that Hanna's gone. Or do I just think that because I didn't like the Hanna/Brennan scenes?
Brennan/Emily is just so adorably awkward sometimes and I missed being able to enjoy it. It's just the way she says stuff with that goofy grin, while Brennan surely doesn't want to be goofy. Really nice.

The ending of the episode was reallly sweet, although I could have done without the Clark scene. Awkward, awkward, awkward. Especially the bit about the bow and the arrow.... TMI

Overall a solid episode from beginning to end. I liked it. No the best episode in... something, but a good one.
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Re: Bones 6.14 The Bikini in the Soup

Post by ~*Ali*~ »

Over all I liked the ep

I agree with Sharon about Jack. I mean the guy took her to Paris for a year of cause he knows romance. I thought when Jack ask Cam for advice the second time she was indercating to the orchid.

I enjoyed the storyline with Cam. I’m really happy for her and Paul.

I also didn’t pay to much attention to the case as I was more into the romance part of the story.

I thought the Clark scene was fun.

Also apart from the body in gamer in the grease that would have to be one of the grossest bodies they have come up with.

Ali :)

I also hope next ep Im more engaged in the case as I enjoy the science side of the show.
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Re: Bones 6.14 The Bikini in the Soup

Post by ThyneAlone »

Well, clearly even the case showed that this, in the week of Valentine's Day, was love-centred: and I like themed Bones, a theme kind of holds the thing together for me. Of course I agree with everyone else that Hodgins, romantic at heart, should not have been running round his colleagues, desperately seeking a way to communicate his love! It’s totally out of character. It should be pretty obvious by now, as the others had to make clear, that Angela doesn’t go for Things. She likes beauty, wackiness, off-the-wall impulsiveness. That’s why neither of her 2 actual marriages were traditional ones. What succeeded for her? Paris. The Christmas picture he made for her Secret Santa in ‘The Man In The Fallout Shelter’. The message in the fish bacteria in ‘Glowing Bones’. The swing date in ‘The Girl With The Curl’. What failed? Well – the engagement ring, for a start. I suspect the expensive perfume wouldn’t have done the job either, had Hodgins not had to use it to escape from his underground near-tomb. She’s never had the inclination to live in his ancestral home (and I think she was a wee bit thrown when he bought a house for her). I can’t believe he got her the emerald necklace in the first place, has he not seen the kind of jewellery and clothes she wears? And a tear vase? I mean, why would tears and death make for a good Valentine’s keepsake? So here we see a clueless Hodgins who doesn’t appear to have learned the lessons of previous seasons – presumably being played for laughs. If I were TJ, and I’d been building this character for years, I’d have been a bit miffed, short-changed even. And why didn’t Angela get something for Jack btw?

But newlywed love is not the only type we see. Cam and Paul are very sweet together, although Cam does still feel rather ‘in charge’ of it all (I think this is in the process of changing and becoming a more equal partnership). I too cheered when Cam produced a quick retort to Brennan’s increasingly irritating comments about her age – well done (interesting that Brennan is still being bombarded with offers nevertheless)! Despite Cam’s recent vow to balance her private and professional lives, I also feel it was somewhat unprofessional to push her staff to breaking point and risk serious errors just because she had a date she didn’t want to cancel; it speaks of adolescent priorities! Clark and Nora were major light relief but it was good to see people getting genuine fun out of a relationship, albeit in an unorthodox way.

The whole wedding situation was ironically at odds with the very idea of love, intentionally so, of course. We had the ex who resented his wife for getting him into the business in the first place, the lack of any affection between the overbearing father and his virago of a daughter – no sign of the poor sap she was marrying, unsurprisingly – the materialism and selfishness taking over beyond any expressions of love…etc. I’m not sure I like the gay stereotyping of the partner who turned out not to be gay, but that’s a completely separate discussion! And wasn’t the interrogation room pantomime a rather unsubtle entrapment?

And then there was Booth, suddenly confronting love as a bit of a battleground, and certainly not needing Angela’s unusually crass attempts to match him up with Brennan for Valentine’s Day. Trust Brennan to come up with the ideal gift for him!

I liked it. And the corpse was a good, gross one. Nevertheless, rather a light and fluffy ep. Candy floss Bones. Needs a bit more depth IMHO. More meat on the bones maybe? :lol:
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Re: Bones 6.14 The Bikini in the Soup

Post by llamalah »

Happy Valentines Day Massacre.


I watched the ep very late last night so right now I can't remember a lot!
But I promised Sharon I would post (and post often :-) now that I have internets so here goes:

In terms of quality of the ep, I think it was lacking something that the past have had.. but amusing none the less with the 'its not a murder' and 'love wins'. Oh and Brennan answering her phone every few minutes to turn down a man.. and yes.. be offended that they think you dont have plans already - I would be! (except that I never have plans and depending who asked I would say yes.. .. although i have said no before and mostly for the reason Bren stated.)

and the small shout out to Kathy Rieches ('no I cant go to montreal)

and the 'not gay' wedding planner assistant who was played by Peter Paige who played Emmett on Queer as Folk.. and so I just kept seeing him as 'Emmett' with a different name.

and I agree with everyone else.. Hodgins is the most romantic out of everyone on the show. He kept her wedding ring in his wallet for, what, 3 years? I suspect that maybe the were playing it like his 'king of romance' status made him flustered. He strikes me as a perfectionist.. and thinking your not good at what you really are goes with the territory.
and Im also sure that the valentines celebrations in their house would have started when the sun rose!

I need to watch it again to think of some more things to say.. and Ive run out of time anyway.

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