Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

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Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by Akarana »

I hope I didn't miss the actual topic for this episode. I checked, but couldn't find it.

Anyway, here's my review for this weeks episode:

As much as I didn't like last weeks episode, as much I liked this weeks.
Somehow the way all characters acted was more the way they used to be like in season 3 or 4 and I liked that.

Booth and Brennan weren't awkward anymore. They teased each other, laughed, joked, ganged up against Sweets and then had these moments of deep talks in between.
Sure, their feelings are out in the open now and they kind of agreed to become a couple around a certain date (who else thinks that Booth totally peeked to know Brennan's date and then sweep her off her feet that day?!) and that wasn't the case a few seasons back, but still the interaction between them felt more relaxed than the whole season so far.

I'm not sure how I feel about the possible genetic (Lol- thanks Sharon! the funny thing is that the words are exactly the same in German. Don't know where my brain was at this morning ;)) defect of the Hodgela kid. On one hand I think it's good to have things such as this addressed and see how a couple deals with it, on the other I wish to see one show where the pregnancy is just totally normal, without bigger troubles and goes kind of smooth. Sure, there might be minor bumps, but a genetic defect is a bit... heavy. Couldn't she just get pregnancy diabetes or something? So, I'm not sure how I feel about the issue itself, I like however how they dealt with it, and that comes from me, the possible biggest critic of the Hodgela couple.
I really liked it that Hodgins was trying to stay calm and calm Angela that way while he was freaking out about it himself. Also, I found it nice that he stepped up and told her they needed to talk when she just pretended everything was fine.
And then of course when he got the news and blamed himself. I think his tears were justified and understandable and even though we didn't hear what Angela told him it was good to see her being there for him then. In the end they switched roles again.... nice dynamic. (That's what I'm talking about!)
Additionally I particularly liked the moment when he starts making plans for a blind child. It might be shocking and not what they want for their kid, (understandably) but it's not the end of the world. It's not a disease that has the kid suffering or even kills it slowly. I liked it when he realized that blindness just means that they'd have to adjust their plans a bit.

Wendell as intern of the week was much appreciated because Hodgins needed a friend and they all needed someone to fit in and take charge and not annoy them in any way (as all the other interns do).

Hodgins/TJ had quite a few great scenes this episode. The whole LCA thing and the emotional roller coaster that comes with it, as well as the funny experiment scenes. Must be fun to hang in that safety thingy and swing around the lab after Hodgins "fell" off the banister. (at least the part that wasn't done by the stunt double).

Cam, although she didn't play any important role (again) was back to being mighty bossy and that always amuses me to no end. What I like about her so much and what makes her my favorite is that she's bossy and tough on one side and soft, insecure and a total romantic wuss on the other. It's always fun to see when those two sides clash.
This episode she was the boss, lecturing Hodgins and all.... can't wait to see her other side again.

Good episode, I really liked it!
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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by llamalah »

I've watched it twice now.. first time by myself - I prefer it so I can hear everything.. and then with a group of friends..

I laughed and cried and grinned stupidly at the end.

DB always gets to direct the best episodes. Seriously.
(on a side note: MGG from criminal minds - plays spencer - also directed their episode this week.. also fantastic.. It makes me happy when actor/directors bring it!)

Anyways.. onward...

TJ and Michaela both blew me away this week - unsurprisingly really - I probably watched the episode a few hours after the west coast airing and I had a fair amount of stuff on my twitfeed about B&B but none about Hodgela (at that stage) so I had no idea going into the episode what was to happen.
I felt their pain.. angst..cried a bit for them. Ive been there with families when they have found out stuff like this before and it is heartbreaking. I think they nailed it. Including the guilt of it. I love that hodgins made the leap to acceptance in such a healthy way.
One of the boys I look after has a recessive genetic disorder, he is 8. His parents have still not really dealt emotionally with it, still in that 'woh is me phase'. I've worked with other children in the past, same story, except their parents have and the difference in the kids is amazing. In terms of how they accept their own limitations etc.

Moving right along, the experiments and hi-jinx in the lab was fun. Potato flinging, blue dye flying, sitckytape xray machines :dance:

Having Wendell there was awesome.
One of my friends pondered during the scene when he is watching from outside the room while Hodgins tells Ange about the results if he was not over her yet. I could see that, but I just dont think so.
He looked visibly upset by what they were going through and honestly cared for them. Though, I think sometimes, in my mind the whole wendell/ange thing didnt really happen - aside from being the catalyst that got hodgela back together... just cos Wendell and Hodgins are such good and close friends, it just seems odd that there is that history there.


B&B ... FINALLY ... some mutual admittance at the same time and in the same place.. and Akarana, you're right, he totally peeks at whatever date she wrote. I also agree that whatever she wrote will be the date he makes a move on. :clap:

Poor Sweets.. Im glad he pushes.. they need it.

I have no idea how they managed to not laugh during one take of the pea throwing scene.. as the peas continue to fall down the elevator shaft.. haahaa

The story about the seats was so sad. I love that he shared that with her. I love that she used 'make love' instead of sex or coitis or whatever non emotional attaching words she normally would use.

Overall: Awesome ep..
Not happy about having to wait 3 weeks for the next episode.

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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by skftex »

I loved this episode!

Of course, part of the reason I loved it was they gave TJ something to do, something that shows how great an actor he is. The scene with Wendell, he's crying and the look on his face when Angela comes in just killed me.

He got to fly through the air too! Though I suppose that was partially a stunt actor, it was funny. Really glad he had a harness! Then he was so mad at Wendell for making him crush up his poor beetles! LOL

The Booth and Brennan stuff, I actually felt sorry for Sweets when Booth threw the peas. And I rarely feel anything but annoyance for Sweets so I guess that was something. Only thing is, why didn't Brennan suggest breaking the chairs right away? Before she knew the reason behind Booth wanting them? She's too smart to not have thought of that in a second (I know, we wouldn't have had all that serious talking going on then LOL) I actually also liked the scene at the end, with the writing down dates, and yes, I do think Booth peeked. Or he tried. LOL The thing is, do you think after that sort of talk, either of them will be dating anyone else anymore? You'd hope not, because that'd just be cruel wouldn't it?

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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by jade.stormcloud »

Sorry, this is very negative, so feel free to not read.

I guess I didn't like this as much as most people. There was so much comic relief in this episode, & predictable comic relief, at that. I KNEW that the elevator would get stuck. I KNEW that something would go wrong with the light & Hodgins would fall. I guess I just found all this swinging & splashing people with dye & falling on top of each other to be so unfunnily predictable. Seriously, how many times have we seen Hodgins' shenanigans result in someone getting splattered with something, be it dye, watermelon guts, or ambrosia salad? How many times have they shown B&B in some totally innocent, yet awkward-looking physical contact with each other when someone walks in? Perhaps I should appreciate it as a running gag, but I'd kinda like to see less of the same old slapstick & more intelligent humor.

While I appreciated the emotional content with the Hodgins & Angela storyline & thought that TJ handled it beautifully, I do get tired of the fact that showrunners always seem to want to try to infuse some "drama" into pregnancies. Whether it's because of initial infertility, miscarriages, birth defects, etc., a normal, healthy pregnancy on TV seems rare. Also, I was surprised by the fact that Hodgins never mentioned the successful gene trials that have occurred with LCA. They could have mentioned that even if their child is born with the disease, it doesn't mean there is no hope.

And finally, still so, so tired of the B&B stuff. First, they start talking about having sex together, & then in the next breath, say a relationship would never work between them. But then, in the end, they decide they're just going to wait some random length of time so that they'll be "ready" & that'll magically make it work? Bah, humbug.
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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by SmackyKennedy »

Well, I liked this episode a lot too. I've watched it twice already.

First, the "negative": Jade is right in saying a normal healthy pregnancy is rare, so it's very likely there will be some complication along the way. I'm curious how they knew to test for LCA in the 1st place? I am almost certain it's not commonly done. I type lab results for a living and I've never heard of it. There are so many other more common things to be worried about like CP, Down syndrome, Autism, etc... This may sound awful, but I kind of hope something IS wrong in the end because I think they can really do some TV magic with it. It would be nice to see a TV couple deal with a child with special needs, instead of the overdone crazy pregnancy and labor and then out pops a normal, healthy child. Life unfortunately does not work that way. Plus we know how good TJ and Michaela are; they need more chances to show their stuff instead of just the comic relief all the time.

My kids and I share the same genetic disorder and we've been lucky it's been so mild for us. I went into pregnancy knowing they had a 50% chance of getting it, and if they did there was no telling how severe their case would be...and then my oldest with a lot of this, the worry, etc, really hit home with me.

That aside TJ and Michaela were just awesome. I'm not a crier but he got me, especially when Ang walked in the lab and he looked at her with the tears :( Just beautifully done. And I love that they accepted it, whatever happens, at the end of the episode. So many parents don't.

David is a great director, especially with this episode that presented so many challenges with the elevator, blizzard, candles. It all came together beautifully.

Wendell is now my favorite squintern. I've said I like them all for various reasons, but I really think now that Wendell just fits in the best with everyone. They can kill any of the others off now. :twisted:

I agree Booth totally peeked at her paper, and I hope he attempts to sweep her off her feet on that date. :D Akarana said they weren't awkward anymore and I agree. Up until the last few episodes it's seemed very forced to me.

Anyway, overall I really loved it and will probably watch it again soon, like tonight. :)
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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by ThyneAlone »

Note to Jade - I didn't find what you said really negative. In fact I thought it was very considered and fair. I, personally, liked it; but that is for two chief reasons. One, anything TJ gets a lot to do with is frankly lifted well above the level of ordinary, and two, I love seeing the gang trapped or limited in some way and thrown back on their own resources and sheer pooled intelligence. Like in 'Man In The Fallout Shelter' or 'Aliens In A Spaceship'. I mean, what's not to love about a lab dazzling with candles and full of potatoes?

You are quite right that slapstick comic relief does seem to have taken over a bit (though I do think that reached its nadir with 'The Man In The Outhouse') and has become a little predictable, but the experiments Hodgins does are so imbued with puppyish enthusiasm that I can pretty much forgive it in the lab. Not so with BB - I'm also tired of the endless ways they find to fit those bodies together! Not but what the old lift cliché did offer opportunities for self-revelations (and continuity - nice to see Booth's back is still bothering him) that probably would not have taken place otherwise even under pressure from Sweets.

Of course the Hodgins/Angela moments eclipsed everything else, superbly played by both, even though again it was predictable there should be some angst in a show pregnancy. The emotions were palpable and even drew some nice moments from Wendell, whom frankly - sorry, can't agree with the favourite intern thing - I have always found rather wooden previously. It was very effective that he and we were left outside as the couple became immersed in their sadness together, and interesting that at this point Angela actually looked the stronger. It reminded me of those moments at the end of ‘Aliens’ and ‘Man In The Mansion’ where she was comforting Hodgins during his other guilt trips, and not the other way round.

It bothers me still that the victims are getting somewhat lost in character interplay. Did we really care about that poor abused girl? I don't think I had the time to.
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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by Swedey »

*Here comes a swedish guilt trip for not posting something in so long* :oops:

Been looking throw what you others have written about this episode and the opinions seem to be a bit mixed. I got to say I join the side of: wow one of the best episodes this season so far!

What I´ve missed so much and that I felt we got to see in this episode were the characters at their “high points” in interacting with each other, which I feel haven´t been there as much really since throw season three and four. Lifting my hat of for David Boreanaz in directing this one as he really captured all the characters interacting with each other at their best, which also makes Bones such an amazing show.

What he especially captured the best I got to say, and which also made this episode so interesting was the B&B and Hodgela moments. It was so good as others mentioned before, to finally see where Brennan and Booth where standing in this mess since Hannah left and also Bones regretting not giving Booth a chance when he declared his feelings for her in season five.
I think there’s just been so much tension around them since that and being able to see Booth actually letting his guard down of being hurt and facing it with Brennan also shows how much his character has changed throw the seasons. Same thing with Brennan when she also in this episode mentions that she is more stable/ secure then she used to be. Which I think in the elevator conversation you can really see when they disagree and she can still listen and respect his point of view, which in first seasons was basically impossible for her.

Altough I do kinda feel this elevator scene had a little bit of minus points too as it felt very much like a quick solution just to be able to put Booth and Brennan in a situation where they would actually face what Sweets wanted them to talk about instead of running from it as they usually do .
It´s also very similar to The Hodgela prison scene from season five.

As usual TJ delivered the best scenes and emotions to me. It´s just something with his and Angela’s chemistry since the beginning that kept amaze me how they throw the seasons kept moving their relationship to new levels, throw different aspects. In this episode it’s also very interesting to see how Wendell interacts with Hodgins, in the sense that his really concerned and carrying.

The best scene in the whole episode, I think you all know that I am going say the Wendell/Hodgins/phone call/ Angela scene. Just the way his trying to keep focus on the case even if Wendell’s asking him questions, not to break down in front of him and succeeding so badly, is just nerve tingling and amazing acting to me in a sense that I can hardly describe it with words. Because I think TJ as an actor have a very unique skill to be able to make situations like this one facing that your child might be born blind, and the true panic and despair that comes with that, is so finger tip real in his acting that it´s scary. Mostly those feelings only come out their true way when you have experienced something similar or the exact situation.

I think it’s a bit sad that we don´t get to hear what Angela and Hodgins actually were saying to each other as Wendell watched them throw the glass window. Because it’s one of those moments where Hodgins character, like B&B’s, is so interesting to see the development throw the seasons. That Hodgins has changed so much to a more open and vulnerable man then he was before he meet Angela. That he dares break down to her and show the truest parts of himself, his fears, strong emotions ect. It also makes such nice thing to see, as rarely it is the man that get comforted or being the weak one .

In between these main scenes there are also a lot of David’s great sense of humour and how he capture the different characters parts so well in the whole plot. I did like the scene with Hodgins hanging from the roof and the potatoes the best. Hodgins potato jokes were just outstanding hilarious, really cheesy yes, but so Hodgins. Also his and Wendell’s relationship with the experiments during this episode brought back a lot of old cheerful memories of the dynamic between Zack and Hodgins and “King of the lab”. Especially when Hodgins managed to squirt that blue yucky stuff all over Wendell’s face, it was like having Eric Milligan back on the show in a different form.

And poor Sweets getting dressed up by that old woman in a knitted cardigan and woollen hat. He looked like Mr Darcy in Bridget Jones diary at that Christmas party hahaha.

Best lines of the episode was delivered by Booth :
When Sweets is handing him the frozen peas:

“Sweets am not making dinner here! I need something for the pain”
Number one best:
“Sweets, stop shrinking around the bush and say what you wanna say!”

The candle scenes in the end was also very nice in a symbolic way .First with Hodgela blowing them out over the discussion that they could handle anything and then Booth and Brennan with their dates.
I do really hope the writers put in some romantic gesture from Booth later in the season to sweep Brennan of her feet on that date/one of the dates. I know, am a cheesy romantic one;)

So over all in my opinion one of the best episode of this season so far:)

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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by kayleigh_marie »

I LOVED this episode. Second favorite of the series.
I think I just really like when TJ gets to show his emotions...
Alright. Back to the epi.

You all know I'm a huge Bones/Booth fan, so them talking about a possibility of them being together made me all giddy.
And I giggled like a school girl when Booth threw the peas at Sweets.
Again, you all know me...

With the whole Wendell/Hogdins/Angela dynamic, I love that they can be so close, because I really like Wendell.
And let me tell you, when TJ cried, I was almost in tears.

I LOVED the makeshift xray. It was so amazing.


Okay, sorry, I'm all over the place. the epi really excited me. What can I say?

As far as the case went, I enjoyed it, and was thoroughly worried for Booth when that man fell on him. :?
Made me nervous. I don't need Seeley getting sick...

I feel like there was more, and I might have to come back and write more, but it's 2am. I should be sleeping. c:
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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by Rain »

Okay so I think this actually my first time talking about an episode. Even though it was a little while ago there are some things I wanted to say. It's not going to be a nice laid out review like all of yours were though.

I really enjoyed this episode (though I usually enjoy most of them) I thought it was slightly unique and fun (except for the sad baby news...more on that in a minute).

First off....TJ. I was so incredibly happy that he was given this opportunity to show his extreme talent. I thought he was amazing. I loved that Jack was so believing most of the episode that everything would turn out. He was there for Angela and made you believe that it would be okay.

(Side note I know that because this is a TV show with a large fan base you need to make shows slightly dramatic and that not usually is everything rose petals and rainbows in tv shows or life :P. Understandably there would have to be a hiccup. I've watched A LOT of TV shows over the years and I want to congratulate the Bones team for this one. I know that sounds kind of weird....why am I congratulating someone on the storyline of giving an unborn child a chance of a sickness. I hope I am explaining myself right because I don't mean it in that sense but in the sense that since they were bound to make something bad happen they picked something somewhat unknown...not that ICA is not serious but it was something I personally had never heard of. It was something not as common as a heart defect or cancer. It made me rewind and then open the internet to do some research. I just thought creatively as a storyline for a baby from 2 very visual parents it was quite interesting)

When TJ gets the phone call, the acting broke my heart. It brought me back to Aliens in a Spaceship (too long of a gap in between for acting enriched story lines for TJ I think). TJ has something special. Wonderful acting. Of course I cried a long with him watching him try to grasp the news. The quietness of that scene with him and Wendell was special.

I thought the extreme science was fantastic, the tape electricity making!

Now I know a lot of you aren't a huge fan of Sweets but I kinda do. However in this episode I LOVED him. I close my eyes and I see him in that hat. HAHA! Every time he came back he had something new from the neighbor....too funny! But at the same time there were some serious moments. The look on his face when Booth yelled at him but then didn't even need an apology afterward. I think Sweets has a large part in the Booth/Bones relationship. Thinking back to when he first entered the show a lot of trust and openness has been giving to him from Booth.

I think that's most of my thoughts. They are kind of all over the place but I'm going off my one viewing of this episode.

I hope to be more of an active episode poster.


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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by TNPrincess14 »

To me the whole epi just kind of fell short of my expectations. It was still a good episode but I think I expected more after seeing the previews. I was all geared up for a MAJOR breakthrough for B&B and to me it was more of a baby step.

I was not prepared for the Hodgins and Angela storyline but that was the part of the episode was amazing to me. As always, the emotions you can read on Hodgins face just floored me!

I also liked that Wendell was with H & A during this one - I HATED when Wendell was dating Angela but since their break up he has grown so much as friend to Hodgins. For me, he greys out the big black hole that was left in the chemistry between the squids when Zack left.
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Re: Bones 6.16 The Blackout in the Blizzard

Post by ThyneAlone »

Hmm, still prefer Vincent. I'm probably just biased towards the English squint. The Squenglint.
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