Bones 6.18 The Truth in The Myth

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Bones 6.18 The Truth in The Myth

Post by llamalah »

Woah. I dont think Ive started a topic before.

I have decided that JFD should join the writing team on a permanent basis.. I was cracking up laughing all the way through the ep.

I loved Brennan trying to tell a joke in the car (and the moon jokes were funny) and Booth is being all serious 'dont wanna drive the car off the road' and then as soon as she looks away he is grinning to himself and look at her like she is the most adorable thing he has even seen.
AND that last scene, by the taxi.
"we dont make sense" :-D

Hodgela-ness was nice. HAAHAA on Hodgins indadvertedly calling Ange fat.. oops. I was expecting him to fall out of the tree..

VNM was great.. stealing coupons.. tisk tisk.. though Brennan laughing at him was a little mean.. but awesome that she acknowledged it and apologise. Some nice growth there.

Also: Panda eyes. Nice one hodgins.

thats all for now. I need to watch it again before I can make comments that are less squee-ing and more thought provoking.
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Re: Bones 6.18 The Truth in The Myth

Post by ThyneAlone »

I think what I liked about this was that it had a proper theme, albeit a somewhat heavy-handed one which was shoved in your face all the time! It was all about truth and lies and the grey bits in between (and the way the truth of corruption can be covered up by pretty fictions – like butterflies on a corpse). The point about truth is that it is the entire raison d’être of the Jeffersonian team. The point about myth is that it does have some roots in reality – as Brennan demonstrated when she came up with a viable explanation for Booth’s ‘yeti’ experience. Only to find, to her surprise, that he has told her a lie. Admittedly it was a lie of illustration to show her that things are not always as clear cut as she would have it in the aspirationally straightforward world she would prefer to inhabit. It’s a sign of the distance she has come (belying her social faux pas of last week) that she took this without seeing it as a breach of trust; she understood where he was coming from.

And even the case of the week wasn’t clear cut. At first it looks, impossibly, to be a killing by some mythical creature; then it’s someone trying to fake a mythical killing; then it turns out to be an accident! Talking about mythical creatures btw, I didn’t quite see why someone as keen as Hodgins always to get at the truth would juggle with, even entertain, the idea of such a beastie – and then I remembered how playfully excited he was about the pirate myth, way back, and thought – maybe not so odd after all.

Things I find a bit odd: 1)how come they can conjure up so many images at the drop of the hat? Is it really just Google? 2) What's with the girl still being around on her bike when her mate has just drained a body of blood and elaborately faked an animal killing - that must have taken a while and she must have been pretty freaked?

I still can’t quite swallow that Vincent (another instance of lying) is a recovering alcoholic. I guess he is an obsessive and defensive personality with a self-esteem problem, and all that chimes well with addiction. But peeing in aquariums and puking into hats? Not convinced. He doesn’t strike me as that kind of addict. I am not surprised, however, that he would go round telling the lie that he has slept with all the beautiful women he works with – I don’t think you’d need to be drunk to aim for that kind of personal boost! I was glad that while the others gave him the acceptance he was clearly courting, Brennan astonished and humiliated him by finding the whole business too hilarious for words. Good on you, Temperance!

As ever, some lovely light touches. I did like Angela and Hodgins’ conversation out in the woods (“are you calling me fat?” –perhaps the moment for the elusive white lie?) and the emphasis one more time on Hodgins’ risk taking; he is always climbing things! And of course he gambles emotionally as well as physically, so that is a firmly established part of his personality which I love to be reminded of. I too revelled in the panda eyes, Ange – simple but very effective revenge!

So we always and instinctively seek truth, but it is not always straightforward or objective.
Fair point there. Can you tell I'm a 'Lie To Me' fan?
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Re: Bones 6.18 The Truth in The Myth

Post by skftex »

I only half watched this one, so can't say much. I do remember thinking I saw Sweets a lot and that always makes it not so great to me. But I need to watch it again, because while I saw Hodgins going up the tree I think I missed part of that scene.

Best part of it to me was that Jo Anne Worley was on it. :mrgreen:
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Re: Bones 6.18 The Truth in The Myth

Post by jade.stormcloud »

I was nearly as excited as Hodgins about the cryptozoological content. :) I don't think it's at all at odds to be both a scientist & truth-seeker and still be excited by the prospect of studying or uncovering a new or unproved creature. As Vincent pointed out, there are weird creatures out there, & new ones are still being discovered all the time.

Here's a few of my favorites from National Geographic's "Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010: Editors' Picks."

The "Ninja" Slug that shoots hormone-spiked darts at its mate

An all-female species of lizard that reproduces through cloning

the icky Squidworm

& the creepy Pink Handfish that uses its fins for walking instead of swimming

Anyway, I was actually kinda disappointed that they didn't give us a little of that "maybe it exists, maybe it doesn't" vaguery that we got in "Headless Witch in the Woods." Maybe they could have had a sound on the tape that Angela couldn't identify or something, just for the heck of it. :D

I'm still finding Brennan kinda annoying lately. When she makes her forced & doomed attempts at jokes, I don't find it cute or amusing. I just find it rather sad, & catch myself thinking how dumb she seems. :(

Vincent's apologies were slightly amusing, as was Hodgins' trick with the microscope. Although it did seem more in keeping with a random silly prank, rather than an attempt at subtle vengeance.

I have to say that I suspected the cabin owner right away as the one most likely to have mimicked a chupacabra attack. The fact that he did so after someone else's accidental shooting was an interesting surprise, though.

I found myself a little annoyed with Booth's lie. I fail to see what he was trying to prove.
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