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Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:47 pm
by Geishawannab
Okay, so how big is this sofa anyway? I think I'll perch on the arm if no one's occupying that spot for now. Sorry to do this but I'll have to skip the preceeding posts for fear I'll never catch up otherwise! But don't worry, I'm not rude, I intend to go back to read them, promise!

My name's Marie-Claude and I'm French Canadian/Quebecer (depending on your political standpoint, but that's a long story best left unexplained to anyone outside of Canada/Quebec who may not be familiar with this long debate) I live in Montreal with my husband of 3 years and our 3 cats (no, we're not collecting one for each year otherwise we'd have to get divorced soon! lol)

I'm a pretty mellow person with simple tastes and interests. I just turned 32, (last Monday, I'm a Pisces like TJ :) ) and I don't understand why everyone who turns 30 is so depressed: it's a wonderful decade! I am finally an adult but young enough to enjoy it. Besides, I don't believe in age really: you are as young or as old as you want to be.

Aside from watching Bones, I've also adopted a few of my husband's sci-fi tv shows but my main preference is drama. Myth Busters is also on our winning list. Cuddling up on the couch with one of our furry babies on my lap is pretty much heaven (if such a place exists at all).

Speaking of the devine, I'm agnostic. I believe there's a spiritual and mysterious underbelly to the reality we're all aware of but I find it rather presumptuous to explain this through one system of beliefs and disregard all other explanations. Each faith is beautiful in its own right, but religion itself is the source of much discord in this world.

So now to share with you the reason why I became a fan of Bones and thus of TJ as well. I was flipping channels one night while enjoying my seafood chowder and I happened on Bones. It turned out to be none other than the classic "Aliens in a Spaceship". As soon as I discovered the two characters were trapped in a car underground, I turned it off. I'm claustrophobic and when I see something like that it's too much for me.

But for some reason, I couldn't put it out of my head, so I tuned back in. I was mesmerized from start to finish and couldn't get enough of the character Jack. So there you are, that's how I became a fan. And to think I had missed the first season completely just because I deigned to think it was just another crime show!

Well I'm off to read now...ciao for now

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:40 pm
by Jude40
Hi Marie-Claude

Welcome. I totally agree with what you say about age, I have to say I've never been unhappy with any decade of my life and I'm into my fifth, I'm 41. I'm also agnostic. As you can see I'm from Liverpool, England.

You're part of the world is cool, I came over to Quebec and Montreal on a tour with friends a few years back. I can't remember the name of it but I remember a really cool little street in Quebec with loads of craft shops where I brought the Dreamcatcher I have hanging on the wall. In Montreal I remember having a tour of all the stuff that's underground for when the weather gets really cold.

It's funny the way certain things remind me of different cities we visited, in New York (apart from the usual stuff) it was Strawberry Fields in Central Park 'cos I live about ten minutes away from the original. Also the giant object statues on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum. In Boston it was meeting on old sailor, who used to spend time in Liverpool , running a stall in Fenueil Marketplace. In Toronto it was eating nachos in the skydome and of course walking on the glass floor in the CN Tower and in Washington (aside from the usual stuff) it was the ruby slippers and Oscar the grouch at the Musuem of American history. I have to say I think my fave bit of the whole trip was Niagara, just the noise in itself was awesome. Anyway, suffice to say I was very impressed with all the places we visited, it would be cool to come back over some day.

Other than travelling I love socialising, football (Liverpool FC) and of course all things Bones which I came to really late but have caught up with via DVD.

Anyway hi again

Catch you later

Jude x

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:14 am
by Geishawannab
Hi Jude,

Nice to meet you here. Your post made me reminisce about my own travels. I know what you mean about remembering the small things that stick in your head the most.

I think I know what street you're talking about in Quebec, but I don't remember the name either! I had a few relatives way back when who lived there but we don't visit very often anymore. But I know what you mean about Niagara, very impressive! I didn't even mind the water misting over me (although I could have done without the stinky rubber raincoats they provided for the passengers) Did you go on the boat as well to get up close to the falls? I think it's called "The Maiden", but I could be wrong, I was only 16 at the time.

In Montreal, did you happen to go to the old Port? That's one of the places tourists often see. But my favorite is St. Denis street, on Le Plateau, not far from the Mont Royal. It's full of eccentric shops, craft and jewelry boutiques, designer clothing stores, second-hand clothing stores and restaurants with every ethnic food you can think of.

I've never been to Liverpool, the closest I got was Paris! lol Aside from there I also went to Italy for a month, living in Florence for a month and visiting other cities on the week-ends. I took Italian classes during the week as part of my BA (not part of my degree though). Of all the things I remember about Italy, it was the small stuff: a violin street performer playing every night, the strawberry ice cream (!), grocery shopping on Fridays and bumping into a painter, watching his work progress every week. Those are the things that really stick with you.

The best and coolest thing about that trip in Europe was on the way home though: My friend and I had stand-by tickets to and fro and coming back to Canada was trickier than leaving. So as we waited to find out if any seats would be empty, some stewardess comes up to us and asked us if we were bilingual (we were). We boarded but not into the plane, into the cockpit! (this was July 2001, approx. 2 months before 9/11) We travelled the whole way and even listened in on the flight lingo they used. It was the experience of a lifetime!

So tell me about Liverpool? what's the best thing about your city?

Well, it was nice chatting, see you later.

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 8:02 am
by Consuelo
Hi everyone my name is Consuelo :)

I love tj and I work with children :D I enjoy working with them they are between 5 and 10 year olds :D

Consuelo xXx

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 8:13 am
by ThyneAlone
It's so nice to find out more about you, Consuelo. I am a teacher, so what you say about working with children is something I can relate to. Except mine, of course, are secondary school pupils, so I watch them grow up from 11 to 18!

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:43 pm
by begolden
A big "Welcome" to both Consuela and Marie-Claude. This is definitely the place to meet interesting and wonderful TJ Fans from all parts of the world. Hope you stay and chat with us! :greetings-wavegreen:

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:47 pm
by begolden
Hi Sherry,

Sorry to hear about your Grandma, but it sounds like she is managing--she has a loving granddaughter! For all the extra challenge an aging parent or grandparent can be, the time we have with them is so precious and so short. I am envious--no grandparents left around, and I was very close to my own Grammy. Now, my parents are in their 80's, so I know how it is to keep a close watch on them. Bless you for being such a wonderful granddaughter, even if sometimes you do just want to tear your hair out!

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:08 pm
by ThyneAlone
Yes, Sherry, I've been meaning to post my sympathy about your grandmother also. She has had such an awful three weeks or so. I hope things are turning the corner now. I was my grandmother's favourite, as the oldest grandchild, and we were incredibly close. I was devastated when she died at the early age of 72. So I know how precious yours must feel to you. Your idea of a bit of strength training for her sounds very sensible to me. Give her our love. And here's a big hug for you: ((((((HUG))))))

Take care now!

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:56 pm
by Sinkwriter72
As I was just telling Lauren over in the IM box, unfortunately my poor grandmother had a bit of an accident last night. She got up to the use the bathroom, slipped and fell, hitting the back of her head. :( Very upsetting. My aunts took her to get checked out, make sure she hadn't hurt herself seriously. Thankfully, the CAT scan showed she was fine. Just has a nasty bump on the back of her head, which she is currently icing. My aunt and I made supper tonight, and we've been taking turns getting her up and moving around throughout the day, just to strengthen her legs a bit more. I think because she's been sick for the past two weeks, she's spent too much time lying in bed or sitting in her arm chair, rather than doing the things she normally does (making supper, going up and down the basement stairs to do laundry), so her muscles are getting weak. Because she's been having such trouble, we're trying to get her moving again, so she can get stronger and get back to do the things she loves -- like going on her trips with her senior group or doing all the reading she likes to do during the day. She has a trip coming up at the end of March, and she's been afraid that she won't feel like going, so tonight at dinner we tried to nudge her a little bit, give her some confidence in trying to shoot for that trip as a physical goal, something to look forward to and try to get well for (rather than dread that she won't be able to go). I really hope she's able to go because I think it would make her feel so much better to get out of the house, take in some fresh air, see some of her friends, and feel that positive energy around her, you know?

I will say that one good thing about me losing my job and coming to stay with my grandmother for these past few months is that it has given me an opportunity to spend time with her that I normally wouldn't be able to have. Some days we both do our own things, but some days we sit, just she and I, and she tells me stories that make me want to cry or laugh really hard. Sad stuff from long ago, but also some entertaining tales from when she was in her 20's. One particular story she told me involved her going to a dance with some guy, and she wanted to go talk to some of her friends across the room (including another man she fancied!) so she told her date she'd be right back and in the meantime instructed him to 'Hold my gloves.'"

HOLD MY GLOVES. :lol: How ballsy. And doesn't that phrase just transport you to a totally different era? Back when women were ladies and wore 'proper' clothing like gloves? When she said that, I just started laughing with delight. It put a picture in my head of what it must have been like, back then. Wow.

Anyway, thanks so much, Steph and Rebecca, for your kind words and warm hugs. I'm trying to help out where I can. She's the only grandparent I have left, so I really want her to stick around as long as she can.

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:01 am
by Geishawannab
Okay, three things:
first of all, my crappy laptop died on me during the week-end so I couldn't join the party (arggh!) I didn't even get to pitch in my own "Happy Birthday" on, I hate technology somtimes! That was really frustrating. :x

Secondly, Thank-you Rebecca for the warm welcome, I'm glad to be here!

And thirdly, Sherry, I just saw your post about your grandmother. It's heart-warming how close you are with your grandmother, I'm sure she appreciates having you close to her, especially now. The time you're sharing with her now is priceless, enjoy every minute. Although physically she might be ailing some, at least her spirit is intact! I hope she gets better soon for her trip later this month.

mc (hugs)

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 12:51 pm
by TJ4ever
Hi mc - hope it's ok to call you mc?! Welcome!

Sherry, sorry to hear that about your grandmother. Hope that everything turns out to be ok! Great that you help her wherever you can. She must be glad to have such a nice granddaughter!

See you!

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:07 pm
by Geishawannab
Hi Simone,

Sure, call me mc, I don't mind at all :) It's nice to meet you too.

I wonder how many members have joined recently...hmmm?


Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:44 pm
by skftex
Well...we've had 9 since the beginning of March and 30 since the beginning of the year. Not everyone who joins posts though, the numbers of those actually participating is always a fairly small percentage of those who join a message board-and that is true on ALL the message boards where I am a member anyway!


Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 2:20 pm
by Geishawannab
That's true, some people like to lurk and just enjoy the features of the site. I know I did. But it's nice when you can come in and already feel like part of the group because everyone is so friendly here. Some places I've joined, I didn't post much and when I did I received little or no feedback.

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be different here :) Already I think I'll be concentrating most of my posts on the Bones thread though 'cause I'm a big fan of the show...can't wait til Thursday, finally!

til then,

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:44 pm
by ThyneAlone
Yeah right, about time!! :) :)

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:47 am
by skftex
Hello everyone!

Just checking in..I'm at school and the chat box doesn't seem to be working so I'm not sure if it is something here at school or what.

Anyway, Sherry how is your grandmother? Hope she is improving and did you get her to do a few exercises?

My mother has recently begun to ride a stationery bicycle for a few minutes a day. She doesn't stay on it long but she rides it maybe for 5 to 10 minutes a couple of times a day. :) I probably should ride it too sometimes!! :roll:

And yes, FINALLY new Bones show tomorrow!

I have classes all day today and then two tomorrow and then spring break starts. WOO HOO Not that I go anywhere, I just get a chance to catch up on things I need to do at home, and also with some of my school work without having more piled on at the same time. :D

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:26 pm
by Hodgins
Hello everyone.

It's 01:25am over here in sunny England and I am STILL awake. I've been scanning the internet now for a ridiculously long time attempting to find tickets that are affordable and not ridiculously high for 'Kings of Leon' without success. :( Still looking now.

Worse still, I have to get out of bed at 6:45am tomorrow morning because my brother and sister want me to assist in trying to get Michael Jackson tickets........

Hope all are well, I'm still attempting to get hold of tickets so if anyone is of any help at any time. Just shout. Haha.

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:30 pm
by Sinkwriter72
May I just pop on for a second to appreciate you all? :D

I just came from visiting a Bones-themed 'discussion' where a few people posted in a cruel, hateful, hurtful manner, bashing anyone who didn't agree with them, and without getting into too much detail, I admit it... I'm feeling more than a little battered as a result. It took everything I had not to lash out or say anything defensively (in anger), especially when someone commented that she thought I only liked Hodgins on the show (not true), that I was probably someone who thought TJ could 'do no wrong' (!), and well, I won't even get into the really mean things she said about me personally.

I just... *shakes head* Even though one particularly argumentative poster over there probably won't ever really 'hear' what I had to say, I tried very hard to post respectfully in response. But I've honestly never felt so frustrated with someone online before. Like that person slapped me in the face and walked away. :(

Anyway, I was not feeling the love. ;) Which made me appreciate all of you SO much, because even when you've not agreed with what I had to say about the show or a direction a storyline has taken, you 'got' what I was saying, and didn't take it out of context or assume that I was somehow slamming anyone or anything. You've always responded with respect and kindness, and allowed me the space to say what I felt. I really love you for it. :romance-smileyheart:

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

And now... *lip quivering* I need hugs, stat! :mrgreen:

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:44 pm
by skftex
:romance-grouphug: :romance-grouphug: How is that??

Re: Offtopic Sofa Time

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:48 pm
by Sinkwriter72

Thank you, my friend! :D Keep 'em coming. I'm trying to suck it up, but I feel ridiculously fragile right now.

(Damn PMS. It's making me more emotional about it than I normally would be, I think. Um, TMI? Sorry! *GRIN*)