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Jules, it that you from Australia? If so I am getting very excited about the last four episodes of season 9 and what is in store for Bones and Booth, Jack and Angie. We have things up in the air with past storylines. Will we see Jack and Jeffery reunited? Will we be left with a tear jerker cliff hanger or a happy one? With David B directing he leaves cryptic messages on Twitter to freak us all out he has a lot of fun with his sense of humor. Jack's former friend was murdered we presume by The Ghost Killer and that is going to be dealt with we presume by season end. Will the guys sister be murdered too orr might she be The Ghost Killer. I am also speculating that The Ghost Killer will be the woman FBI agent who slept with Sweets, the blond one OR the FBI woman agent from season 4 who liked Booth, she was on three or four episodes and she took over when Booth was considered a suspect in episode Fire on the Ice when the hockey player was found murdered and his body dumped in the lake and iced over. Will Jack or Angela, Sweets, Caroline, Bones or Booth be on the killers list? Remember Palant said The Ghost Killer is a woman and she is a silent killer much worse then he and has been around a long time BTS.
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