David's interview-Now I'm confused!!

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David's interview-Now I'm confused!!

Post by Ellen »

Hello, I'm in a hurry tonight, and not sure if this has been covered somewhere else, if it has, I'm sorry.

I listened to a radio interview with David Boreanaz the other day, in which he basically confirmed that Booth has amnesia! Now, we know that this is NOT what Hart Hanson intended, so I'm wondering if David was joking around, or if he truly doesn't get Hart's idea either. It would be pretty shocking if even the lead actor (One of them anyway) didn't understand the concept of an episode! On the other hand, Dave is a joker, and could just be kidding around. Either way, I'm confused! Help!
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Re: David's interview-Now I'm confused!!

Post by ThyneAlone »

I know. So many ambivalent or contradictory comments. I think we are just going to have to wait until all is revealed here. Everyone seems to have different ideas and I personally am a little bit suspicious of the horse (Hart)'s mouth now. Like you, I'm confused and a wee bit fed up with all this misleading info. Maybe someone else can help?
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Re: David's interview-Now I'm confused!!

Post by TJ4ever »

I guess we just have to be patient! :?
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Re: David's interview-Now I'm confused!!

Post by Sinkwriter72 »

Sometimes I wonder if Hart knows that far ahead of time or if he's just messing with fans until he figures it out and decides how he's going to approach certain episodes. ;) I don't trust his interviews these days. :mrgreen: Like you all have said... we'll just have to wait and see what happens. *sigh*
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Re: David's interview-Now I'm confused!!

Post by Lorenith »

I think it's a mix of both, he probably knows what's on his mind for the story, but once he gets to it there will probably be a lot of major and minor tweaks to make it (hopefully) fit/work better.

Every writer I've ever gotten insight into seem to have habits of suddenly changing their minds on any given scenario/script, at the drop of a hat anyway lol.
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