Bones 11.12 Murder of the Meninist

Discussion of TJ's most popular venture to date!
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Bones 11.12 Murder of the Meninist

Post by omelette73 »

Oh...come on...I'm so mad at you can you finally have a great centric Hodgins story-line and not comment? It's outrageous!!! :laughing-rolling:

I'm loving SO MUCH this second part of the season, writers have really done a great job, and TJ is just outstanding. The initial hope, the loss of it, the rage... everything is so incredibly realistic. It's painful to watch him like that, and yet I wouldn't change a bit of the first 2 episodes we have seen, I love the way they completely reverse the roles between the Booth/Brennan & Hodgins/Angela couples, usually B&B were the emotional trigger in the show, while H&A were more stable, and now it's exactly the opposite. The way Hodgins was watching the Lab, at the life he is convinced he is not getting back, was heart-crushing. I loved the way everyone is trying to understand and help him too: Cam with her experiment he refuse to take part to, Angela becoming his personal pungi-ball, and Fuentes calling on his crap out loud. But nothing seams to work, he is so mad, he just doesn't care.
And it's not easy for his friends too, it's difficult to care about someone, and be sincerely worried, and not to make him feel as you pity his situation.

You know when you say that the people who really love someone are the last one who can help that person? I think this is going to be a huge problem with Hodgins, and I would love that, at a certain point, someone would have the gut to call him out on his behavior, and I would love even more if this someone was Booth for different reasons. First of all I always wanted the writers to develop the Hodgins/Booth relationship, and then because Booth knows enough about PTSD as former soldier to (maybe) help him, but to understand him for sure. Plus Booth was always an "enforcer", and I would love to see him snap at the way Hodgins is treating Angela at some point. I was also wondering if they could bring Hank Lutrell back, I don't know if you remember him from "The soldier on the grave", seaon 1? He was a friend of Booth on a wheel chair and, at the time, they seemed to have a strong bond, maybe he could help Hodgins too. Who knows?
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Re: Bones 11.12 Murder of the Meninist

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I'm sorry this is delayed....Bones comes on too early where I am and watching while my kids are awake is frustrating. :D Friday night after work is Bones day for me!

First...Guhhhhh. Poor Hodgins. I just want to hug him for trying to be so optimistic (How much has his character changed over the years, huh?) And then I want to smack him for how he's treating Angela. However, the way they are portraying this is all very believable. TJ is doing a PHENOMENAL job here, the scene where he told Angela to leave was just so perfectly heartbreaking.

Like Omelette mentioned, I too enjoyed how Cam tried to make an experiment to get Hodgins interested (and had a horrible time doing so :doh: ) I love what you said about Booth possibly being the one to set him straight. I've always loved watching them together.

The whole meninist theme of the show was just quite hilarious, and Brennan was extra hilarious/badass throughout the episode. My favorite line was when the meninist lady says "We love [our videos] to go viral" and Brennan's like "So do infectious diseases." :laughing-rolling:

Sorry not so great at the long reviews, but these last couple episodes have been the best in a very long time!!
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