Have Youself A TJ Christmas 2010

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Re: Have Youself A TJ Christmas 2010

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skftex wrote:I can't send cards based on the weather where I live Steph! LOL They'd look like I'm lost in the desert or on summer vacation one year and the next they'd be blowing away! ;) and the next a blizzard! :mrgreen:
I'm with Sharon on this one! This year we'd have nothing but flood waters and mud on our Christmas cards! I have to say though my family was lucky we still have our house the worst that happened was my car getting stuck in the mud.

I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas!
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Re: Have Youself A TJ Christmas 2010

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Ho, ho, ho everyone!

Well the last presents are wrapped and I'm curled up in my PJs watching festive TV so I thought I'd stop by and say HAPPY HOLIDAYS; I wish everyone love, peace and laughter and lots and lots of luck for 2011.

So cheers :occasion-xmas:, lets all raise a festive glass to friendship.

Love Jude

One more thing, total festive goodness...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g4lY8Y3eoo
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Re: Have Youself A TJ Christmas 2010

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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you here, and to TJ, of course, who brought us all together! I love this site! What would I do without you all! Thank you for your friendship!
:text-merryxmas: :occasion-santa:

P.S.: Jude, thanks for the link! This is my favourite Christmas-song!
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Re: Have Youself A TJ Christmas 2010

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TJ4ever wrote:P.S.: Jude, thanks for the link! This is my favourite Christmas-song!
and, please note, the original, untouched by later Bowdlerisers. Without wishing to stir up too much controversy, the absolutely worst version of this I have ever heard is the one in 'the Man In The Fallout Shelter' - Tori Amos is it?
I got up at 11.30 this 'morning' folks! Been watching far too much Christmas telly you see, what with the Doctor Who special and Narnia and all (the snow feels really familiar now!). The boys' snowman is still standing. Well, actually it is now leaning over heavily to the left, but with no sign of actually falling over, sort of like the leaning tower of Pisa!
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