A message to all of you, from the management team

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A message to all of you, from the management team

Post by managementteam »

To everyone on this site,
THANK YOU for being here!

We too are fans of TJ,
and have the incredible honor of working with him.

We have been wanting to write to you all for quite some time and we apologize for the tardiness of this "welcome note/thank you Letter." We truly adore you all, and thank you for being genuine fans of Tj's.

Few things you can help us with:

First, please know that TJ is truly touched by your dedication to his work, and your sincere intrigue of him. Truly. TJ is easily our favorite actor we work with. He really is the nice guy he appears to be and always gets that genuine "aww shucks" blush when we pass on a piece of fan mail to him. He very much wants to send every person who has written to him a personal response and signed picture. Even though his schedule is insane and we tell him not to (sorry). But he won't listen to us on this. Why we like him so much! A genuine human being with a kind heart and lots of passion. This is the kind of actor in Hollywood we LOVE to work with! So know that he really appreciates you all very much.

Second, he wants to get back in touch with you. But (and we truly hope you understand this) we've asked him not to do that via email.
It's tough with his schedule and we know he'd sit up all night writing everyone back. So, the best way to contact him (and the greatest way for TJ,) is the ol'fashion way...write him a letter. And he LOVES getting mail, and he reads it all, and responds to it all (in due time). The best place to send TJ mail is to him directly at FOX. THe address is:

10201 West Pico Blvd.
Building 1
Los Angeles, CA. 90035

Please don't hestisate to write to him. It may take him a bit of time to reply, but he will, it's very important to him that he gets your letters and refuses to let anyone else respond for him. TJ feels that you take the time to write, and he wants to respond, so pull out that antiquated pen and paper and stick on a sticky stamp! Be sure to have a very clearly written return address. And that goes for all of you who have sent extremely kind emails to TJ through this website. Thank you for what you have already written him, and send him that letter directly, he'll love it.

Also, like you, we want TJ to have as much screen time on the show as possible. We like his work, a lot. And want to see more of him! So be sure and keep as many of those "WE LOVE TJ, WE LOVE HODGINS, MORE HODGINS" threads going over there at the FOX.com Bones Boards as you can.

Third, we need some help.
We created this site in order to have a place for people to go and talk tj,
and see some of his work. How can we make it better? What do you want to see on this site? What other sites out there do you like the format of or design, or information that we can peek at? We aren't web designers (and definately don't have the time to come on at a constant pace to keep up) but we want to try our best to incorporate what we can.
Know that we want your feedback (we can't promise we'll take it all, but we'll try to!).

Fourth, we need an administrator on these boards. One of YOU, who can help us to filter and keep pace with updates and the like. one of you who is a genuine fan, who has interest in mediating and organizing discussions and the like. Now, WE can't decide this for you, so we ask (should it be easy for you) that you all come up with the person you feel would be most appropriate. We'll try this out for a bit and see if it works! Someone who is a real fan of TJ's and can post ongoing updates and host this site for us (because, after all, our real job is to help TJ to get on more TV and Film, so you have more of him to see, so we have to focus on that, right?)

We will do our best to respond to your replies (but could really use that administrator to help us do that). It may take us a bit of time to make any grand changes and updates, but it's important to TJ that you all are happy with this site, so it's important to us!

Thanks Again for being here!
You'll be happy to know, TJ has just been booked on three film projects! We can't give any details at this time until it is locked for sure, we'll keep you posted!


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Post by ThyneAlone »

OK team. Thanks so much for letting us know you are aware of our needs and for advising us. I hope you won't object to me coming on board for a word with everybody too.

Rebecca has suggested me (though not only me, obviously) as a possible candidate for this supervisory job, and I am flattered by this. However, I'm not sure I have all the qualifications required. I moderate elsewhere, quietly and unobtrusively. What is required of me is to issue private warnings to troublemakers, move, edit, copy, link, delete and manage posts as required (though always asking permission from and explaining my reasons to the original poster), put out important info and announcements, create new topics to encourage board contributions, offer ideas for board improvements to the admins as suggested by members and mediate disagreements between members. All of this I can do and feel confident with.

However, I would not claim in any way to be capable of an admin type job. This confers power. An admin can do a mod's job, but the post additionally involves decisions as to whether to ban people, checking out the site when it is not functioning properly, changing the layout of the site, enabling or disabling certain codes or accesses etc. My Web knowledge is simply not up to it. Now I know that there are members out there who run and have created their own very good pages or sites. Would you be able to take on this kind of responsibility, possibly as part of a team including non-Net-savvy volunteers like me? Just a thought.

Consider it.
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Post by begolden »

As the Management Team suggested, I've started posting about TJ over on the FOX forum. I'm gldn1960 over there, if anyone wants to join me! Sadly, that forum is pretty much overrun with Booth and Brennan fans exclusively, so we need to show some solidarity. We did a pretty good job on TV.com, but it sounds like we have a better chance to be heard by TPTB on the FOX forum. Steph gave me the idea to post about the costumes on the Halloween Episode Countdown thread, and I've also posted on the Hodgins New Do thread.
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Post by sofilps »

aww this is great. It's nice to have a clear view of what is this all about and who is behind the site and all. ;)

I'm not much of a web designer yet but I' am looking forward to be one in the future, and I've done my things already. check out http://devoted-bones.net I made the layout, it's not such a big thing but it's something. I know about html codes and stuff so if you need a hand with the design of the site I would be more than happy and honored to help you.

just an idea. ;)
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Re: A message to all of you, from the management team

Post by ThyneAlone »

Another important message I've been asked to deliver:
themanagementteam wrote: We have been very bad about getting over to the talk boards as themanagementteam. So if people do want to talk to us, best to send from the CONTACT page, or direct email...for now. Once we have our feet under us, we have intent to come over there and actually participate in the talks.
AND, we haven't forgotten requests of possible live chats with TJ say once a month but we in the office don't want TJ to do that, yet. We really want to get membership on the site to be a legitimate 200 people or more before TJ will come over directly. That doesn't mean he won't read it, and doesn't mean he won't be interacting, he will (as he already has been). But we want to try to build incentive to get more actual members on the TALK Forum (and not just people creating double accounts). We've been working hard to get more membership through TJ writing fans on his MYSPACE and it seems to be working! Trickling in, but they are coming!
Well ok guys, there you have it, you want your live sessions, make it worthwhile, get out there and haul people in. And no cheating with double accounts!
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