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by English Al
Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:51 am
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Topic: Is T.J. Gay?
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Re: Is T.J. Gay?

Is it me or do most actors get the "is he gay" question thrown at him in some way? Reading the IMDB boards me and my wife try to play a game where we choose an actor and see how high up the thread about it is. It's daft because the thread is there even for some married actors like Brad Pitt :roll: Y...
by English Al
Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:48 am
Forum: Spoilers and Speculation
Topic: Spoiler Talk
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Re: Spoiler Talk

I hate reading spoilers on any show, but yet still find myself reading snippits now and then. A little taster keeps me interested. I cant wait to see the episode in London. I live in Yorkshire but my family is originally from the capital. I hope they dont make the English characters too cockney, bec...
by English Al
Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:45 am
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Topic: The Introduce Yourself Thread - Hello everyone!
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Hiya Folks

Hiya everyone, Let me introduce myself and how I came to be on the site. My name is Alan, I live in England and I'm big fan of Bones (looking forward to the book release based on the series). I found the site and emailed to say how great TJ is and to ask for an autograph. Got a reply today asking if...