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Pilot Episode

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 2:04 am
by English Al
Rewatched the Pilot ep yesterday. I didn't remember the first scene where Ang shows her boobs at the desk. That's very unlike me. Didn't really remember the episode until the stalker came into it.

There wasn't much about "the bug and slime guy" but his hair looked very short.

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:30 am
by jordle
I watched the Pilot again last night (for the third time in a couple of weeks!). I think it did a good job of setting things up.

I think given the time frame they gave us a good cross section of all the characters. I do enjoy it later when Jack starts getting to go out on the field though.

Now that I've seen him with short hair (and I love him with short hair! I think he looks gorgeous) I sometimes have trouble watching the older eps :P

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:04 pm
by Violaine
Season 1 arrived today from Here we go! FYI: I don't write whole-story recaps; my thoughts are best expressed as if I were liveblogging a recap.

Victim: Cleo Eller.
This storyline reminded me a lot of the Chandra Levy case.

Out in the field, Zack seems to have a lot more of a 'personable', social demeanor than he does in later episodes. It's almost startling to see.

The gardens of the Jeffersonian are gorgeous. I wonder where that exterior shot is filmed.

How weird is it to see Angela talking about how she'd like to 'tap that ass' about Booth?!

Bones vs the ex-boyfriend, Peter. I really feel like he made a very sweeping characterization of Bones when he said that she was "cold and distant". That perception of her has stuck with me through the remaining seasons that I've seen.

The Angelator! We don't see this nearly enough, I feel. It's neat.

We hear Bones say "I don't know what that means" quite a lot in this episode. When I first watched the pilot, I assumed her personality was a lot like Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. I was quite wrong.

Angela's sage advice to Bones: "Offer up a little bit of yourself every once in awhile. Just tell somebody something you're not completely certain you want them to know." Translated: Take a risk. Share a little of yourself.

Insider science tidbit: When Bones collects the gum for DNA evidence, it appears that she puts it inside a tissue. This is fortunate, in a sense (provided it wasn't a used tissue!) - specimens that are to be submitted for DNA analysis cannot be collected in plastic bags as the moisture that can be trapped within can compromise the integrity of the sample. (See also: ... collection) However, she really should've been wearing gloves - her DNA will be all over that tissue, more than likely. We discover later that there "wasn't enough DNA" on the gum to run, but that's not necessarily true. With current methods of analysis, DNA has even been extracted from a sample taken from the side of a car that had been run through a carwash. Beat that!

Minimal TJ this episode, but it's plenty enough. Very understated as Jack, all technical, some charisma lurking under the surface, but we know that comes later. :)

This is the first episode where Booth refers to Bones as his partner.

Haha, drinking from beakers with glass stirring rods! I love it!

And as (almost) always, the murderer is caught.

I remember when I first saw the episode, and realized that I fell in love with it around the time diatoms were mentioned. Diatoms are pretty nifty, and they are very pretty under a microscope. Do a Google image search - you'll see what I mean!

Songs in this episode:
"Broken Bridge" by Daughter Darling
"Gone" by Thirteen Senses

There is an untitled song around 22:05 that my Google-fu is unable to dig up (pun fully intended). Anyone? There's been some speculation about this song online, but no one has been able to find it, as far as I can tell.

I'd read somewhere that a song by Massive Attack was featured in this episode, but sometimes songs change from TV broadcast to DVD release, due to licensing issues.

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:02 pm
by AmyLynn
So I decided to go back (since I am continuously rewatching seasons 1-6 lol) and see what others had to say about the early episodes and add my own thoughts.

I loved Angela's 'attention getter'. It is so her.
I do have a few questions about the continuity in the story lines over the years.

My first thought is (as we find out later) that Brennan and Booth worked one case together a year earlier, so why does she say that she helps the FBI if it was only one case a year before? (I realize that they didn't know where they'd be going with the story later on, continuity is just one of those things I look for when looking back over the episodes.)

The gum thing... now, if he threw it in the trash, it would be garbage. You don't need a warrent for garbage.

I do find Booth kind of a SOB at times early on in the series. What was up with that.

Love Hodgins, but hate his appearence for the most part during seasons 1&2. So glad he went with the shorter hair and cleaner beard.

Love the fact that Brennan shot Ken in the leg and what she said to Oliver on his appearence in the room, (but would like to note that they mess the continuity up later on with Oliver in a future episode with his ability to handle blood.)

I did like the Pilot, the characters were strong right from day one and have remained strong throughout the life of the series and though all the characters have grown and changed in expected ranges to the growth, each actor/actress had made the role theirs from the beginning and been consistant with who their character was. The casting director did a great job.

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 9:11 pm
by skftex
Okay here I go with my posting on older episodes. I am not sure if I’ll post on all of them or just those I hadn’t posted before but I think I’m going to try to get through all 9 seasons before season 10 starts. So starting with the Pilot. I’m going to watch and type things as I watch because it is easier that way than trying to remember things.

Dulles Airport. I’ve been there. :D

And there is Angela. She’s late, which doesn’t surprise me for season 1 Angela. Interesting how different she looks, a lot less polished as she looks in later seasons. Angela flashing the guy at the counter cracks me up.

I like when Brennan attacks the Homeland Security guy that Angela beats him with her purse. HAHA
“BOO!” there is a head in her bag! I wonder why she was bringing that particular head home.
Booth is sneaky, setting her up so he could get her to the crime scene. So did Angela go home and leave Brennan at the airport? Or did Booth and Brennan just leave her at the airport waiting? LOL
Booth is condescending according to Brennan. “Spit in my hand. We’re Scully and Mulder.” You know, I don’t think I have ever noticed that line before when I watched the pilot. And I’ve seen the pilot at least 4 times before I think? Sherry is gonna be disappointed in me! HAHA

Why are they walking so far at Arlington? I’m sure they could get a cart to take them if there was a body found in a lake/pond at the cemetery. They have them, I’ve been there and seen them.
ZACK!!! Saying kind of creepy things to Brennan. I wonder if maybe Eric Millegan also thought he would be in love with Brennan and they wrote it that way because that was an odd geeky flirty he was doing there.

Oh! Music and Brennan looking at the body! Haven’t had that in a long time. I’m going to have to pay attention and see when they stopped doing that.

HAHAHA I crack up when Zack tells Booth his suit would outlast his body by decades. Hey! Why is Brennan giving the FBI forensic team the chicken wire and plastic? I’m sure that Hodgins won’t appreciate that, that is his kind of stuff!

Dr. Goodman gives her to the FBI. I love Dr. Goodman’s voice. I liked him, I wonder why he really left. I like Cam too though. Brennan already made a deal with Booth so why is she complaining to Dr. Goodman about being loaned out to the FBI? I think she is playing him!

HODGINS! I hear Hodgins talking, don’t see him yet…and there he is, finally almost 9 minutes into the episode. Yay! :happy-cheerleaderkid: I really like his hair in this one all those little tight curls. It was like that the first time I saw him in little curls like that it just wasn't quite that long, but was shorter the second time so no little tight curls. :( They gave TJ hard stuff to say right off didn’t they? “You really think I’m lusty?” Yes Hodgins, actually, I do. HAHA I like the way he says that too, all sly. He guesses “Rana Temporaria”. No guessing allowed! Brennan doesn’t like it, though she doesn’t say that to Hodgins at this point.

There is Angela lusting after Booth. Zack is in trouble, no soaker or crispy critters! Another scene with music playing and Brennan is reconstructing the skull. I like this because it gives you a sense of the time it takes, in the episodes now it seems like this gets done really quickly.

Deputy Director Cullen. I liked him too, I wish they’d kept him longer. Even though he doesn’t like the squints he allows it. Now Brennan is Booth’s responsibility.

I wish Brennan had hit the ex-boyfriend with the bat rather than the TV. What a jerk. Then he wants to split the cost of the TV. Why didn’t he take the TV with him when he left? Idiot.

The Angelator! I LOVE THE ANGELATOR. So much cooler than anything else they’ve done since. I understand it was due to budget that they had to cut it but I still wish it was around. Booth knows it is Cleo Louise Eller. Good memory. Hodgins is kind of snotty about finding her though…”In that case congratulations on your success.” I don’t like him being snotty. I like him being paranoid though. He uses the word “boinking” HAHAHA And one of the funniest lines paranoid Hodgins ever got to say, “Is it paranoia that Monica Lewinsky was a KGB trained sex agent mole?” Uhmmm yes, I do believe that would be a bit on the paranoid side, but what an imagination the person that came up with that has! HAHAHAHA

Now Booth is trying to back out of his deal. Not quite as honorable in his word in the beginning is he? Brennan blackmails him, which is awesome. So Cleo had a boyfriend and was having an affair with the Senator AND also had a stalker? Wow.

Cement and Diatomaceous earth. Is it cement or is it concrete? Hmmm. I guess if Hodgins identified it, then it is cement, Hodgins would know wouldn’t he? Or they haven’t become as snotty about the difference yet. ;)

Bronze stars are a bit heavy to be wearing around your neck. My father had one and it would be fairly heavy on a chain like they describe…

See, Hodgins shouldn’t have guessed about Rana Temporaria, he was wrong! It is the ear bones of a baby. Cleo was pregnant and taking quite a few drugs though, I know pregnant women get nauseous but do they usually take things like that for it? Now Hodgins is being all paranoid again about the FBI and “dark powers”, yikes! I wonder who the dark powers are?

Angela wants to go drink. GLUG GLUG WOO HOO! I think I’ll start saying that, except I don’t drink alcohol, does it work for drinking Coke? HAHA Angela gives Brennan the same kind of advice Booth did about offering up something of herself, Angela just says it in a more kind way.

Why is the Senator chomping on gum like a cow? That guy is classy isn’t he? I guess that is why he was chomping on it, just so we knew he was chewing it so when he threw it out we’d understand what Brennan picked up. But ewww, picking up the gum like that. BLEH. She doesn’t need a warrant because it is trash and once you put it in the trash it is free game. I don’t understand why Cullen is upset about Brennan getting the DNA, I don’t think she did anything wrong other than not taking Booth with her I guess. But Hodgins was right; it is a Senator so now they are going to take Booth off the case, sounds like a cover up to me! They don’t want to know who killed Cleo if it takes offending a Senator. The guy they bring in for the “special unit” doesn’t really seem like he is going to really work hard to get into this case. Nice guy this Senator, he’s had sex with a dozen interns. At least he has never killed them. HA

Cleo was stabbed to death, and fought back. At least she fought back. The murderer tried to remove her finger pads? He didn’t know that if you find someone’s bones you can figure out who they are? The murderer planted evidence, but he tried to make it look like Cleo’s father AND Oliver did it? Wow this guy thinks that the cops aren’t very smart doesn’t he? As if Cleo’s father would have anything to do with that creepy stalker guy. Hodgins thinks the Senator did it but he would wouldn’t he? See, Brennan is right, Booth is condescending! The squints know nothing about the real world. I think they do! I think Brennan who just got back from identifying victims of genocide has a pretty good idea about the real world. I also think Hodgins and Angela have an idea about the real world, Hodgins maybe a privileged real world but still he understands how it works.

Booth thinks homicides aren’t solved by scientists yet he brought in Brennan because he needed to know who this person was, I guess scientists and cops solve murders. I guess that is sort of the whole point of the pilot though. Booth was trying to shoot the target in the eyeball? You’d think if they wanted to show his marksmanship it’d have been right in the middle of the head.

That Ken guy is really cocky! Earlier Oliver says that his flight instinct is stronger than his fight instinct but he didn’t seem to want to run away when Brennan tells him she’ll kick his ass if he stalks her! He should be really scared because she can definitely do that! They didn’t find all three things, so this is not good.

Wow, Hodgins actually believes the hammer will allow them to arrest the Senator? That doesn’t quite fit in with his usual skepticism about the FBI and dark powers. FISH! I like it when Brennan yells fish then she doesn’t actually tell them where she is going, but I guess Booth figures it out because he shows up. See I think there is actually concrete under that linoleum because no one would have a cement subflooring. See Oliver doesn’t have a strong flight instinct because he didn’t run when Brennan turned a gun on him! Motive was he wanted to save his job.

Hmm I think Hodgins and Zack could have dressed a little better for the funeral. And that is really, really nasty of Zack to say that to Booth about giving people warning before he sniped them, there I agree with Booth that Zack has no filters. I don’t like that because no one has any idea what soldiers have to do unless they’ve been there. Thankfully I’ve never been there. So I hope that there is some sort of cosmic balance sheet for him. But I do think by season 9 they’ve caught more murderers than people he killed as a sniper.


This is really long! Do I get an honorary Sherry award? HAHAHA I hope some more people will post on the older threads, I think this was a really cool idea that Steph started. It is also interesting to watch them 9 years out because I think it definitely changes the way we view all the characters and events in the episodes.


Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 3:43 am
by HanaTheAwesomeOne
This isn't going to be long but I LOVE Watching the Pilot, I've seen it SO Many times. It's krak up going back and watching it now after 9yrs, SO MUCH Has changed since this.

I remember in an Interview HH said that Michaela Conlin didn't want to flash her Boobs but HH Promised her that she'll NEVER Have to do anything like that again :) haha.

Yeah I liked how kinda 'Ruggard' (I guess you could say?) They used to dress. Like it was Real! Lol. Yeah I think sometimes they're a tad bit too polished now lol. But they do have Good Clothes ;) haha.

OH MUSIC!!! Yes!!! When Bren is putting together the skull pieces when it aired on TV the Song was Howie Day's Song: Collide but on the DVD they changed it lol.

Yeah I miss them showing Bren putting together the skull&stuff. Sometimes I think they rush through too much now lol.

This was such a Good Pilot, it set up so much♥

YES!! Hodgin's and his Conspiracy Theory :) HAHA.


Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 4:35 pm
by Sinkwriter72
Sharon, you get ALL the awards! :D I love your super long post! Heeheeheeee.

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:14 am
by TJ4ever
I re-watched the pilot yesterday, because there was nothing good on TV. Can't remember it all but I like the pilot. I like the B&B interaction in the early episodes!

The beginning where Angela wants to pick up Brennan from the airport where she shows her boobs to the clerk to get information about the flight was funny. Brennan saying: "Tell me you tried "Excuse Me" first" made me laugh! Had to think of this scene a bit later again where Angela shows up at the lab where the others examine the "body" and Angela claims to be the only normal person in the room! I thought is it normal showing your boobs to a person to get flight information??? It's a big airport. They must have other employees to ask. Well, that's not for me to decide! ;-) :icon-lol: :icon-mrgreen:

I just love Brennan being so direct and honest with no fear about what could happen. When she was arrested she says to the security officer: "I'm sorry if I embarressed you in front of your friends!" Made me laugh. I would be scared in such a situation. But I wouldn't start a fight with the guy I think. :-?

When Booth comes to pick her up Brennan says my favorite line of hers: "Don't call me Bones!" Had to smile when she says it during the episode. In later eps she accepted that nickname. Or can anyone think of an ep where she says it to Booth again?

Later when Booth wants her to work with him on a case and Brennan gives him her terms he said my favorite line of his: "We're Scully and Mulder!" Brennans reaction made me laugh: "I don't know what that means!" So funny! I miss that in the newer eps!

Definition of Squints was funny, too. Booth means it snidely and Brennan shuts him up with her definition: "People with very high IQs and basic reasoning skills." :icon-razz: :smile:

OK from now I stopped making notes so I cannot be this detailed. ;-)

I liked the case. Find it fascinating that people like Brennan can tell from a skeleton so much. Even their favorite sport sometimes. Makes me hate my job even more and makes me feel a bit stupid! What did I do? I put some numbers in a computer. This what Brennan does really means something! I envy people who likes/loves their jobs!

Well, no other thoughts at the moment. Maybe something will come to mind again later!

:sci-fi-grayalien: :sci-fi-beamup:

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:25 am
by TJ4ever
Oh, one thing already came to mind. Don't hate me 'cause I LOVE Hodgins' hair in this episode! Curly and short - not so much beard! Just love it!!! :-D :romance-admire:

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:28 pm
by Sinkwriter72
Look at all these wonderful, insightful posts! I love it.

Our fearless leader Sharon and I have decided to try to re-watch the entire series. I'm not sure we'll make it to the final episode of this past season that just finished, not before the new season starts this fall, but we're going to try! If anyone would like to join in and watch episodes and post comments in the episode threads here, please do! The more, the merrier.

Okay, so I won't have time to write super lengthy posts like I used to, but I'll at least do my best to write up something for each episode. And I vow to focus on each episode as its own entity, comparing it only to the episodes that came before it, not AFTER it. (Because the ones that come after it wouldn't have existed yet, so I shouldn't bitch about something I didn't like later because it has nothing to do with the current episode I'm commenting about and hasn't technically existed yet in the Bones canon. I'll try, anyway. There's no guarantee when Sweets comes aboard or the dreaded Pelant. LOL.)

In regard to the Pilot, though, I would like to point out that it took me a few episodes to fully connect and commit to the show as a fan.

The first four episodes of Season 1 had moments of amusement and curiosity, establishing personalities and tidbits of back history for each character, but didn't really grab me in an overall sense. Though I will admit that Brennan's stories about each victim and what she could learn about them based on their bones fascinated me, and Hodgins' "I am the warrior" speech in 1x04 still gets me giggling, it wasn't until episode five that I knew I wanted to keep watching this show and that I was invested in each and every one of these characters.

I was already in love with the lab "squints" -- Jack, Zack and Angela -- whose characters were vivid and surprisingly well-established, given that they were considered secondary roles and not all shows provide much texture to their sidekicks. So that added depth was astonishing and impressive to me.

However, while I was charmed by David Boreanaz in his lead role as Special Agent Seeley Booth, I admit I wasn't immediately enthralled by the titular character Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, try as I might to appreciate her brashness, fierce independence and awkward social manner. I felt like the first four episodes tried to force me to like her, over-explaining her issues and her backstory, rather than showing me why I should be impressed by and empathetic to her as a lead character. And the writers kept including traits that I think they meant to be cute or funny, but I happened to find irritating.

Example: when in the field, she often ignored Booth's instructions, plowing into danger with no demonstrative regard for her safety or his, jumping into the fray simply because she felt she could handle herself. That pissed me off, because there's being brave and capable, and then there's being foolish and dismissing the abilities and experience of her partner, an FBI agent and former soldier. When he says, "Stay back," you should stay the hell back and let him go in first. It's not an affront to your feminist capabilities or your intelligence; it has everything to do with the fact that you're a scientist from a lab while he's a trained federal agent.

At any rate, my views of Brennan changed drastically when I saw episode five, "The Boy in the Bush." But more on that when I re-watch that episode.

In this episode, I liked the story. I liked the case, and I really liked the squints. They were funny and had great personalities, and Hodgins especially caught my eye (can you blame me?) with TJ's handsome face and beautiful blue eyes and his hilariously snarky behavior.

What I didn't like was the overall storytelling approach by the writers in this episode. I felt that there was too much telling and not enough showing. For example, they hit us over the head with info about Brennan. Like Booth telling her she has to give up something about herself, and then Angela tells her that too, and the ex-boyfriend also talks about her being "cold" and "aloof" and not giving of herself. I'm like, come ON. My head hurts from you beating me with that stick, writers!

I think it would have been much more effective if they'd said it ONCE. If Booth had told Brennan (as he did in the episode) that he wasn't going to share things with her unless she was willing and able to do the same, as his new partner. That people share things with one another, that's how they connect and get closer and get to know one another.

If he'd said it once, and she struggled with it (as she did throughout the episode) and then at the end we finally hear her open up by telling the story about her parents going missing, then it would have been a powerful moment between the two lead characters and demonstrated that she doesn't express her emotions easily and that she has reason for it.

So I wish Angela hadn't talked about Brennan's parents earlier in the episode, because then the end conversation between Booth and Brennan would have had more emotional impact. We'd be finding out about it from Brennan, in the moment, seeing her share with Booth something very important to her.

Instead, they beat us over the head with the story about her parents all throughout the episode, so none of it was a surprise or a meaningful revelation for us as audience members. By the time Brennan talked about it with Booth, we'd already heard about it at least twice, so it was kind of like, yeah, yeah, we got it already.

The writers didn't allow that conversation between Booth and Brennan to be a revelation of her character. They'd already spent too much time telling us, which has much less impact.

So that's my problem with the pilot episode. I remember back then when I first saw the episode, feeling like the writers didn't trust us as audience members to "get" it, you know? I felt a little insulted, like they were dumbing it down for us.

Which was frustrating because I felt like all the other aspects of the show were strong -- they had two strong lead characters with strong contrasting points of view (Booth the cop who trusts in his gut, Brennan the forensic anthropologist who trusts in science and what the bones reveal to her); they had a gorgeous set (I still love those jaw-dropping shots of all the lit-up bone drawers that go from floor to high ceiling); they had fun sidekick characters in Zack, Angela and Jack; they established nicely a divide between FBI and Jeffersonian processes and how that could cause conflicts for the characters; they showed an interesting case where a lot could be learned from the bones; they showed a terrific montage where Brennan pieces together the victim's bones like a puzzle and a scene where Booth worries over the details of the case in his office; they showed that Brennan and Booth each cared about the victim (Booth, because he'd met the family and worked the case and vowed to find her remains, and Brennan, because she feels it's important to help identify bodies that have been missing and may have families wanting to know where they are, based on her own personal experiences with such loss), and they showed a hint of what was to come -- these characters growing and developing and connecting with each other, becoming a well-oiled machine of an investigative team and, more importantly, how they all become an odd yet marvelous sort of family.


Side thoughts from my instant message conversation with Sharon as we watched the episode together, from our separate corners of the world (LOL):

I miss Brennan's "eco-warrior" look. I felt it was unique and set her apart from all the "glammed up" lead females on TV. I liked that she looked no-nonsense and ready to travel the world, but also decorated like she had purchased things from all over the world in remembrance of where she'd been and what she'd experienced (like her ethnic-looking necklace in that one scene where she's wearing a tank top).

I still chuckle at Booth's comment: "What, do you want me to spit in my hand? We’re Scully and Mulder." Heee. :D

I love Goodman and Cullen and miss them in the later seasons. (I know that's "future episode" talk, but I felt it was important to say. I do miss them!) :)

I know the powers that be probably don't think stuff like that Brennan work montage matters, but I like seeing her process, putting stuff together that was in so many pieces.

As pointed out above, I hated that scene with her boyfriend. It felt like they were doing too much telling, to try to tell us about Brennan's childhood and personality instead of letting us learn it by watching her interact as a person throughout the episode. (Plus, that ex-boyfriend was a total tool. LOL.)

I love snarky Hodgins a lot, and I love his conspiracy theory cracks like "Is it paranoia that Monica Lewinsky was a KGB trained sex agent mole? " or (when Booth tells them all to keep it quiet about the senator) "Ha! Cover up!" Hodgins is very funny. But I did think he was pretty hard on Booth in this episode when Booth said it was his job to find Cleo Eller and Hodgins sarcastically says "Well, in that case, congratulations on your success." (Because they'd just uncovered the girl's body.) Pretty harsh to a guy that already seemed to be feeling guilty that he hadn't done enough. Then again, Booth wasn't very nice to the squints later in the episode, either. He even calls them all "touchy," when in that moment he was the one being rude. LOL. So they all had a bit of attitude going around. But I like that, because it showed none of them are perfect characters. They all have their moments, good and bad.

I like that Booth interrupted so Brennan wouldn't tell those poor people that their daughter suffered. She hadn't yet learned to be gentler with her words. She as a person finds comfort in the facts; she couldn't see that her description of the victim's skull being bashed in would be upsetting.

I love this exchange:

HODGINS: Anxious, depressed and nauseous.
BRENDAN: Take a sick day.
HODGINS: Not me...


And I love the exchange between Booth and Brennan where he says, "You know, homicides, they’re not solved by scientists. They’re solved by guys like me asking a thousand questions a thousand times, catching people telling lies every time. You’re great at what you do, Bones, but you don’t solve murders, cops do." and she says, "...prove it. Be a cop."

It's a great exchange because it establishes clearly the line drawn between them, that Booth goes by his gut and Brennan goes by her science. It shows us that they each have their strong suits and the challenge will be in how these two different people will learn to work well with one another.

That's it for me! I guess I wrote more than I planned. I probably won't be able to do this with every episode, but this one is all about the pilot which establishes everything so I wanted to give it a good focus. :D On to episode 2!

What does everyone else think? Please chime in with any of your thoughts. They are all welcome here, as Sharon and Steph will tell you.

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:47 pm
by skftex
Sinkwriter72 wrote:Okay, so I won't have time to write super lengthy posts like I used to
:laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

Sherry and I have watched 3 episodes so far. I probably won't be posting much on those that I just posted on last year, but that comment cracks me up Sherry because I saw that then scrolled, and scrolled to see the end of your comment. :romance-smileyheart: It has been really fun watching and chatting with each other while watching. If anyone is interested I can actually play the episodes in tinychat but I have no idea how that would work out for everyone-not knowing how the pixilation and the sound issues are for those on the other end. But we can try it if someone wants to do it!

As far as Brennan rushing in and doing things that are dangerous, I understand why you don't like it Sherry but I think it was their attempts to show that Brennan is tough. The thing is, she's supposed to be smart too so you'd think she'd know rushing into things isn't smart.

I mostly like the pilot though, I like the way the characters are introduced and how much they seem to fit already, which is good, like they've been working together forever. :)

Re: Pilot Episode

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:18 pm
by Sinkwriter72
skftex wrote:
Sinkwriter72 wrote:Okay, so I won't have time to write super lengthy posts like I used to
Sherry and I have watched 3 episodes so far. I probably won't be posting much on those that I just posted on last year, but that comment cracks me up Sherry because I saw that then scrolled, and scrolled to see the end of your comment. :romance-smileyheart:
Yeah, LOL, I really should not say that again, because once I get going, I keep finding things to say. Not always, but for these early season episodes, definitely. So I should give up the idea that I'm not going to be wordy. It's just not me. ;)
skftex wrote:It has been really fun watching and chatting with each other while watching.
Absolutely! It's a lot of fun to get other people's reactions while you're watching. Though oftentimes Sharon and I will end up commenting on the same things! :D Because we both love them or find them funny. Especially when it comes to Hodgins.
skftex wrote:As far as Brennan rushing in and doing things that are dangerous, I understand why you don't like it Sherry but I think it was their attempts to show that Brennan is tough. The thing is, she's supposed to be smart too so you'd think she'd know rushing into things isn't smart.
That's my issue, I think. They already showed her earlier in the episode, flipping the Homeland Security guy and taking a baseball bat to the TV in protection of herself from what she thought was a home intruder (but was actually her jerk ex-boyfriend), so in my mind they already showed that she's tough. What they should show is that she's tough and smart, not tough and foolish, which is what she is when she rushes past Booth like he's entering a dangerous situation too slowly for her taste. That drives me nuts! It's like, you know, Brennan, you don't have a gun, you can't dodge a bullet, and you're putting your partner Booth at risk too because he's not in position to help you or himself if things go sour because of your not thinking before you dive in. I just think they went overboard (once again, trying to hit us over the head with the information) that she's Tough Girl instead of thinking about presenting it within the scope of her actual character. She's logical and smart, and she doesn't have a death wish. So why do they write her like that?